is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Balagula's Getting Luckey Drinking in America

When the New York Times describes DRINKING IN AMERICA as "A breakneck, hair raising comic tour of the American psyche," well, that's all I need to know to get a ticket to see Balagula's first play of the Season!  

Add the enticement of watching Lexington's uber-talented Adam Luckey perform all 12 (!) monologues, in Balagula's new Farish home, with Jenny Christian in the director's chair, and you have a combination that is simply irresistible.  

In a world where many of us live in denial, or immerse our consciousness into fantasy games/books/movies, co-dependent relationships and/or drink and drugs, whatever 'devil' we may serve -- it will be fascinating to see if Adam Luckey's portrayal of the 'real' Walking Dead is as fantastic as his previous performances.  

The first time I saw Adam perform was with my nephew, Rubin, in MY WAY, a tribute to Frank Sinatra.  Adam easily crooned and swept the audience off their collective feet with his spot on Frank impressions; and to see him perform thereafter in JEKYLL & HYDE and several other Shakespeare shows at the Arboretum totally convinced me that indeed, we are lucky to have Adam as a key player in the theatre community here in the Bluegrass. 

Click this linky-link to read more posts about Adam Luckey:  

Jenny Christian will be bringing her director's eye the show, and no one is more excited than artistic director Natasha Williams, who tells me she and Balagula co-creator Ryan Case approached Jenny with a suggestion to direct a play for the Balagula Season. Jenny had just returned from studying in England and has worked with the Balagula brood before.  Natasha says, "The theatre in its eighth year has established a strong artistic presence in Lexington and developed its own artistic identity, style and approach to material."

"We feel that it is important to open the door for the new young directors to bring their talent to the Balagula stage, to diversify both actors' and audiences' experience and to grow artistically. Jenny, who we know and love, and who over the years worked with Balagula in various capacities, has recently returned from a two year study of directing in London and in Moscow, and has a lot to offer to the development of Lexington's Theatre scene." 

"We wanted her to choose the play she is interested to direct, because we believe that the inspiration and the drive to re-interpret material in his/her own individual way is the key to the successful production. When Jenny suggested 'Drinking in America" we loved the choice, thought it fits with the theatre's thematic direction, is socially relevant and artistically challenging," Natasha adds. 

more information about Balagula on Kimmyville here:

ThJenny Christian tells me she is proud to direct this play with "Adam Luckey performing all 12 of the monologues, and they are 12 different characters as well. He is working very hard and bringing a lot to each of these 'personalities' as he inhabits them and brings them to life. People coming to the play should expect to laugh, question their everyday perceptions of those around them, not just hear but listen to those they may not normally give any time to and have an experience that is unique."
Adam Luckey in one of this 12 roles in DRINKING IN AMERICA

"The play was written and first performed in the mid-80's. There are references to a lot of pop and some political culture from that time - which is fun for those of us that remember it - but what I find most interesting is that the issues and struggles that these 12 men are wrestling with are still common today, about 20 years later. This begs the question of 'what's changed?' in our society, our country. We hear a lot of talk of progress from the people that 'lead' our country but what does that really mean?"
Director Jenny Christian
Drinking in America by Eric Bogosian
Directed by Jenny Christian
Starring Adam Luckey
September 17-19, 23-25

Where? Farish Theater Lexington Public Library Central Branch / 140 East Main Street / Lex KY 40507
Curtains at 7:00 pm
Reservations: or 1-888-882-2014
Ticket Price: Adults $20/Students $15

“Drinking in America” looks at what turns people on – alcohol, drugs, sex, power – and savagely dissects their willing intoxication. The result is a blisteringly funny series of monologues, portraits of people who have gotten high on hedonism being peddled as the American dream. ''Drinking in America'' is a wild, nightmarish ride through an America where success can excuse a lot of faults. It's an unforgettable journey made all the more disturbing because of the laughter the audience encounters along the way.

Balagula Theatre will open its 2014-15 Season at Farish Theater with Eric Bogosian’s Drinking in America, starring Adam Luckey and directed by Jenny Christian, who recently returned to Lexington after working on her post-graduate studies in England and Russia.

The choice of a one-man show to open a season in Balagula’s new home is not accidental. “We have created this theatre with a mission to showcase artistic talent, and to spearhead and support artistic development of Lexington actors and directors,” says Ryan Case, the Balagula’s Co-Founder and Artistic Co-Director. “We are proud to present a show that requires the most accomplished ability of the physical and emotional plasticity from an actor – creating twelve diverse characters in an 90-minute show – and most incredible ingenuity from a director working within the limitations of the quick changes and a minimal set design. Both Adam Luckey, who has been working with Balagula from the inception of the theatre, and Jenny Christian, a distinguished “Balaguligan” who both acted, directed and produced with the theatre, are certainly up for the challenge.”

Drinking in America is also a perfect fit with Balagula’s tradition to tackle material rich with social content!

According to the play’s director Jenny Christian, the play still “is an intense study in angst that questions stereotypes as well as our own perceptions of addicts, winos, evangelists, and others gripped by vice and the ‘American Dream.’ Ironically, many of the inner monologues shared in the piece are not terribly different than our own internal rants and dialogues. We do not seek to answer any questions in this piece; rather it is the questioning of what we already believe or expect that we hope to cultivate. This is the ultimate people-watching opportunity, and through observation of these 12 men we might see things differently than before – even if slightly.”

"Bogosian's gallery of crazy drunks straddles the social gamut, from a wino lying in the gutter ... to a coked up Hollywood talent agent. What they all share is their pathetic need to be "special' ... and their reliance on drink and drugs to fool them into thinking that fantasy is real" ~ N.Y. Post 

"Cleverly written.... It sinks its teeth deep into American and gives us something to chew on" ~ N.Y. Magazine 

See you at the show! Peace, y'all!  Kimmy

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity: Actors Guild Puts the Figure-Four LegLock on Wrestling

Join Actors Guild of Lexington with its presentation of THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY

CHAD DEITY opens tomorrow night at AGL!

This 2010 Pulitzer Prize finalist is a drop-kicking, body-slamming, balls-out theatrical happening set in the larger-than-life world of professional wrestling. Mace is a great professional wrestler, but he’s no champion — that’s the impossibly charismatic Chad Deity. When Mace discovers a young Indian-American Brooklyn kid whose charisma rivals that of the champ, Mace decides to get him a job in the company. Only problem is, the boss has a very specific plan to put the duo onscreen as terrorists.

EVERETT K. OLSON "EKO" - Bob Singleton
CHAD DEITY - Whit Whitaker
THE BAD GUY - Billy Swanson

Directed by Eric Seale
August 28 - September 6
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 8pm
Sunday matinee begins at 2pm
Doors open 30 minutes before curtain.
Tickets at

$20 for Adults
$15 for seniors (65+) and students (with valid student ID)
$10 for military personel
Purchase Tix Online

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wait A Bat Minute, They'll Be Baaaackkk....

Lol - had to use this pic coz it's batty
Bats are pretty active this time of year. Sometimes they type out cool press releases and forward them to my ancient inbox at yahoo. Yahoo, being the antiquated mode of most folks like me who don't trust gmail, holds onto such messages and I get to read the news of everyone's favorite vampirical band...from leader and vocalist MISSY, here goes:

"Dang. Summer’s drawing to a close. While we were getting an ouchy Brazilian the other day, we were also waxing nostalgic about summer romances, dorm room bedspreads, and the end of white wine season…boo hoo hoo. But then we thought, “Well, the good news is, fall is coming! That means the kids are back in school, Keeneland’s starting any minute, Batfans will be coming home from their exotic vacays, and we don’t have to have another Brazilian for at least 6 months ‘cause the pools will all be closing. Winning! 

And then the nice girl with the demonic smile and hot sugar wax reminded us of this song: So while that sadistic wench (that we will never go back to!!) spent the next 20 minutes torturing us, we wrote our own version of “See You in September.” We were kinda screaming a little when we sang it at the salon, but it works equally well if you just want to sing it quietly to yourself.

Anyway, here it is:

Seems like so long since our July show

But there’s one soon, we thought you should know

Next month, the sixth, at 8

Next month, the sixth

See you in September

See you, now that summer’s through

Here we are, planning our show at Natasha’s (we’ll sing and we’ll play, we’ll sing and we’ll play)

We tweezed our mustashas (we’ll sing and, we’ll sing and)

So we’ll look good for you (we’ll sing and we’ll play)

It’s a good time

But remember,

There is danger if you don’t reserve your seats

Will we see you in September?

Or lose you to CSI repeee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eats?

Counting the days ‘til we’ll be with you

Counting the hours and the minutes too

We’ll sing and we’ll play

We’ll sing and we’ll play

We’ll sing and we’ll play (Next month, the sixth, at 8)

We’ll sing and we’ll play (Call soon, don’t wait)


Bring your best pals

And a D.D.

‘Cause we never want to see you drink and drive

Want to see us in September?

Call the number, it has some nines and fiiii—i-i-i-i-ives!

Seems like so long since our August show

But there’s one soon, we thought you should know

(Next month, the sixth, at 8, next month, the sixth, at 8…)

See you in September, we hope that we see you in September, Oh Batties we’ll see you in September….

Okay, so big deal, we couldn’t fit the reservation number into The Happenings’ limited lyric scheme, but we happened to be otherwise occupied with lidocaine ointment. 

Here it is: 859-259-2754; call Mon-Fri between 11:00 and 4:00, and moisturize frequently for optimal results.

See you in September! 
We should be fully recovered by then.


On Facebook: The Bats KY

WoodSongs Honors Jean Ritchie! THIS MONDAY!!!

My Mom was a coal miner's daughter. She grew up in Big Willard Holler.
Family tales grow tall these days -- the story now is that Mom and Jean were the same age; that they were 'best friends,' and so the legends grow.

Mom was born in a coal mining camp. She had four sisters, but she never told me she knew Jean Ritchie. That is the kind of lore that is borne of late night opiates.

At any rate, Jean Ritchie loves the mountains and respects the hilltops -- check out her family's tribute to her lifetime of music this Monday at WoodSongs!


a) Monday Aug 25 Tribute broadcast to JEAN RITCHIE
Michael and Melissa welcome the Twins

Troubadour Concert Series (info below)
LEO KOTTKE Oct 28 - Tix on sale now
BOZ SCAGGS Oct 28 Tix on sale now
TAJ MAHAL Sunday Nov 2 Opera House - Tix on sale now
KENNY LOGGINS and Blue Sky Riders Tues Dec 2 - Tix on sale now
TroubadourWEB WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour
WoodSongs tapes Monday's at 6:45 pm(EST) at theLyric Theatre, E 3rd and Elm Tree Lane in downtown Lexington. Over 250 FREE Parking
spaces: in lots across the street from the Lyric, across Elm Tree Lane in the UK Medical Offices, and FREE parking spots along the street

Tribute Broadcast to Jean Ritchie

Tickets just $10 ... FREE for WoodSongs Partners
Compass Records has released a new, multi-artist celebrating the songs of Jean Ritchie ... and many of those artists are coming to WoodSongs. CD Artists performing will be Jean Ritchie's son Jon Pickow, Ruth and Raymond McLain, Dan Schatz, Alice and Al White, the Ritchie neices ... plus a young 11-year old girl singing "Cool of the Day"

Children come on stage after the broadcast!

Show details at

Watch WoodSongs LIVE-AS-IT HAPPENS every Monday at 7PM EDT via

Hear WoodSongs on WEKU 88.9 FM
Sat at 8PM

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jenny Christian Returns As Carriage House Is Being Staged for The 10-Minute Playfest!

As most of you know, I have at least six jobs that I love and hate ... and then they love and hate me. One of those jobs that I love is being a standardized patient at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, where I meet cool actor types, and we spend our 'down' time catching up on their latest shows.

Last Fall, actor-director-producer Jenny Christian was one of those theatre folk with whom I worked, and we talked about her break from her studies and what she was producing. Well, Jenny went back to London and got her degree, and now Bob Singleton, Papa of 10-Minute Play Festivals, tells me she is directing one of the short plays that will be performed at the Carriage House this week.

I told Jenny that the last time I had seen her she was just back from England on break from East 15 Acting School, directing THE GUYS by Anne Nelson at centered on North Ashland. What's happened since? She tells me she returned to London, "and finished my studies toward my MFA in Directing for Theatre, after which I fit in a bit of travel and then returned to Lexington earlier this summer."

With the Carriage House as the venue of the upcoming playfest later this week, Christian advises she has been in the audience at the Carriage House (a charming theatre where there's not one bad seat in the house), "but this is the first time I've worked with Studio Players."

After years of studying over there ask? "The producers contacted me and asked if I was interested in participating in the 10 Minute Play Festival."She is directing a play called "How About Cannons? by David Vazdauskas.
Christian has worked with one of the main actors, veteran Lexington performer Chris Rose on stage before and is looking forward to directing him in this venture.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cave Concert brought to you by Troubadour!

Highbridge Springs Water
Bluegrass In The Mountain
Highbridge Cave in Wilmore
starring Kentucky's McLain Family Band
Sunday June 8 5PM
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour
Featuring the legendary McLAIN FAMILY BAND
Hey ... it's in a freakin' cave after all :)

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This is an all-ages family show held Sunday June 8th 5PM - Gates open at 4PM (please be in your seats by 4:50) inside the Highbridge Cave in Wilmore

TICKETS: are $20 adults/$10 students ... Your tickets will be waiting for you at the gate the day of the show and you can pay for them at that time, cash or check for the ticket payment (we're not all that high-tech ... yet)
ARTISTS: you will be welcomed by performing musicians along the parking areas and cave entrance, like 13 year old Parker Hastings. Our premier concert will be the legendary McLain Family Band, making bluegrass music worldwide for nearly 50 years.
IMPORTANT DETAILS TO KNOW: Bring your own lawn chair * Wear sneakers or sensible shoes, a warm shirt or sweater ... and a baseball cap (remember, this is inside a huge cave) * Plenty of FREE parking
EASY DIRECTIONS: The cave is located at 3830 High Bridge Rd Wilmore, KY, only a 20 minute scenic drive from Lexington, home of Asbury University and Highbridge Springs Water. From Lexington: take US 68 west (Harrodsburg Road/Broadway) to US 29 (by the Marathon Station), go LEFT, go through Wilmore and another 4.1 miles. The Highbridge entrance is clearly marked on your left. Parking is FREE.
FOOD AND DRINKS: There will be a concession stand selling hamburgers and soft drinks plus there will be plenty of Highbridge Spring Water. Please do NOT bring coolers.
Tickets are going fast so tell your friends to make reservations soon. If you can NOT keep your reservations please let us know as early as you can by email. Have a great time and we'll see you at the Highbridge Springs Water Cave!

MAKE A RESERVATION: email or call 859-225-4020.
For updates listen to Hank 96.1FM
Have fun!

Troubadour Concert Series
PO Box 200
Lexington, Kentucky 40588
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour


Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's Summer Schedule!

It's one last crazy night out on the town for Marion Haste before settling down in marital bliss with her doting fiance Scott Free and anything goes...even MURDER!!! So spend the night with Marion and her wacky cast of friends as they throw the bachelorette party of a lifetime in this hysterical new comedy by Leslie Kemp.

x_ART9192 2 JUNE 14TH - Lexington Dinner Train, Lexington. Tickets are $109.95 for adults, $69.95 for kids and includes a 4 course meal, show and train ride. Train leaves at 6pm. Go to for tickets.

JUNE 20TH - Boone Tavern, Berea. Tickets are $40 for a 3 course meal and show. Show begins at 7pm. Call (859)985-3700.

x_DSC1475-1 2JUNE 21ST - The First Vineyard, Nicholasville. Tickets are $37.50 for a 3 course meal & show. Show begins at 6:30pm. $5 wine tastings begin at 5:30pm. To purchase tickets call (859)421-8819.

x_DSC1498 3June 27th - Ilumine Restaurant, Versailles. Tickets are $59 and include a 4 course meal and show. Show begins at 7pm. Call (859)753-4967 or go to for tickets.

JUNE 28TH - My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, Bardstown. Tickets are $109.95 for adults, $69.95 for children and includes a 4 course meal, show and train ride. Train leaves at 5pm. Go to for tickets.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sticky Bats? No Pine Tar Here...Just Kickass Music!

From the stickiest Bat I know, Missy Johnston, comes this urgent message of mirth and music:

Hiya, Batfans!
You know, sometimes we just get stuck.  With a pin.  Or by a mosquito.  Or in an airport.   Or with a bad date, an earworm, or doing the dishes.  Or we get into a rut. (We won’t even go there, thank you very much, Mr. Ned Beatty and your purty mouth.)  
Sometimes we can extricate ourselves, but other times, we plainly need help.  This is one of those times.
We’ve been trying to come up with a clever theme for our GIG on Saturday, JUNE 7, at 8:00 PM at Natasha’s Bistro and Bar.   But we’re stuck in a rut.  Summer kickoff?  Beach?  Formal?  St. Patrick’s?  Xmas?  Polka dots? Long skirts? Mardi Gras?  Russian? Zombies?  Been all those theres, done all those thats.  See?  We’re getting as stale as the bread at the Rainbo Outlet Store.  We need help, y’all.   
Here’s what might be fun:  bring your own theme!  Decorate your table, or wear costumes, or paint your faces puce…anything goes!   We’re game.  We may even do something crazy ourselves, if we can climb out of this heap o’ banality in which we find ourselves mired.  (Ooh!  We just love it when we use proper grammar!)  Show us something new, something fresh, something va-va-voom to get our juices (and martinis) flowing like a chiffon skirt in front of a Big Ass Fan.
And speaking of things new and fresh, Natasha’s has a new chef and a new spring menu!  Check it out here:    The risotto sounds fab. 
Reservations for you and your crazy friends (pirates, southern belles, zebras, mushrooms, whatever) can be had at 859-259-2754.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a theme.  Not everybody gets into that sh*t.
Who’s Your Batty?  We are!
on the Facebook:  The Bats KY


*Sorry I can't post photos these days to my blogs...will have to download a new browser or something...LOVE ya tho! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grateful! Jermaine Brown Recital May 20th at CCC

My choir friend Jermaine Brown, Jr. will be bidding fond farewell to Lexington this Tuesday, May 20th at 6pm, at Central Christian Church, with a recital he calls "Grateful."  
Jermaine's talent is beyond compare, his spirit is irrepressible and his voice will make your heart smile.  Please join us and wish him well!  
Courtesy of the "Celebrate YOU!" series, here is my essay about Jermaine for our Choir's celebration last year.  I hope you enjoy learning more about this up and coming star!  See you Tuesday!


“For the past two years I’ve began to really invest my time and energy into my relationship with Jesus and I’ve decided to get re-baptized here at Central Christian! I chose this church because I can feel the love in the atmosphere and every time I walk through the door my spirit is overwhelmed in the love. I’m so happy and excited to join Central Christian Church and to be a step closer to God. I love being in this choir. ….” – Jermaine Brown
Although he joined us last Spring, it feels like Jermaine Brown has been with us all along, doesn’t it?  With his easy going attitude and standout voice, he fits quite naturally in, sitting on the cusp of the bass/tenor sectional divide.  Jermaine has quite a story to tell, and he testifies so well, in this case it is best to simply listen to our choir friend as he witnesses to us..
“Well, I’m from Louisville, Kentucky - born and raised!! I went to a total of 8 different schools!!  For High school, I went to DuPont Manual Magnet High School and the Youth Performing Arts school as a vocal performance major (YPAS). YPAS is one of the 5 majors at Manual.”

“Why am I at UK?! Good question!  I actually was supposed to be at the Boston Conservatory.  It was senior year and audition season. I really wanted to move out of town and attend a conservatory.  I got a chance to visit and audition the Boston Conservatory for 4 days and I LOVED it.  I was absolutely set on going to this specific conservatory.  I got in, and received a big scholarship! But, the scholarship wasn’t enough.  1 year at the Boston Conservatory is around 60,000. But, I was so set on attending; I decided to look into loans.  My parents told me they were NOT co-signing for the loans, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t take out the loans.  Now, just to take a few steps back, I had already auditioned for UK’s voice program.  I was admitted into the school and was invited to compete in the Alltech Opera Competition.  I received 2nd place which covers tuition, plus a stipend (thanks be to God!).  I didn’t want to stay in the state, so I rejected the offer.  I eventually realized that I couldn’t afford Boston and I made the final decision to attend UK.  And honestly, this has been the best decision for my career, thus far!  After graduating from UK I plan on going to a graduate program. Where?  I can’t answer that question. Wherever God wants me to go.  At first, I didn’t want to attend UK, but this is what he wanted for me and I appreciate and accept that. Now, all I can do is wait for him to tell me where to go, next. I know that this prospective school/ program will be just for me.  God is amazing, and being guided by Him is like no other."
“The first song I ever sang and LOVED was ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’. I don’t know why, but I absolutely adored this song!  My entire family knew I loved the song and would ask me to sing it at every family gathering.  I would even make my own rendition from time to time!"

Jermaine tells us he actually didn’t learn how to play any other instruments, “my voice is the only instrument I can ‘play.’  I really wanted to play the piano, but alas, I began taking voice lessons once I came to college (at the age of 18, 2 years ago). I wanted to take lessons in high school but I couldn’t afford them. But, once I came to college and received free lessons, I told myself to take advantage of EVERY lesson, because once upon a time they were not free  -- and soon to come, they will not be free.”

He names his favorite spiritual “is probably Watch and Pray by Moses Hogan. The reason why I love this spiritual is because of how simple, yet sad and expressive the song is.  There’s one melody and it’s repeated throughout the song.  This child, born in slavery, is doing the only thing a child can do - watch. The child asks the mom several questions in the song, “Momma, Is master gonna sell us tomorrow?”  “Is he a gonna send us down to Georgia” and “Oh momma, don’t you grieve after me?” Could you imagine having to face and ask these very questions to your own child, knowing that these very things will happen?  A sad fact about the second question: the deeper south the slaves went, the worse they were treated.  All the mother could do and say is ‘watch and pray’. This piece makes me appreciate my freedom and individuality as an artist and as an African American.  This piece is very dear to me.”

“One of the most special things about singing in the choir is being surround by the choir members.  Everyone is so loving, accepting and nice! I really feel like I have a church family - something I’ve not legitimately ever had.  I joined the choir in the spring of last year and I was a little nervous about trying to fit in (story of my life), but everyone made me feel welcomed.  It was amazing, you guys are amazing and I love singing with you all and I would not want to sing anywhere else!”

“My mom is married to a minister and my grandmother always took me to church as a child; I was baptized at a very early age.  I didn’t have a clear understanding of who Jesus is/was and what he meant to me in my life.  For the past two years I’ve began to really invest my time and energy into my relationship with Jesus and I’ve decided to get re-baptized here at Central Christian!  I chose this church because I can feel the love in the atmosphere and every time I walk through the door my spirit is overwhelmed in the love.  I’m so happy and excited to join Central Christian Church and to be a step closer to God.  I love being in this choir.  You guys make me so happy and warm, as a member. I love you all!!

As said before, it seems as if Jermaine has been in the choir all along.  He’s part of the family now, and apart from having the pleasure of singing with him, we also will get to watch as he comes to the water once again.  How many times have we had a chancel choir member baptized?  What a way to start off the year, Jermaine, God bless you!
Kim Thomas

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have a Nice Spring!!

my winter, like yours, 
was brutal. 

may the next season be the 
least brutal possible. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

A.J. Croce and The Grahams on WoodSongs Monday!

Items In This Newsletter:
a) Who's on the show this Monday
b) Troubadour Concert Series:
C) MELISSA ETHERIDGE concert ticket info
  LYRICLOGO WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour
WoodSongs tapes Monday's at 6:45 pm(EST) at theLyric Theatre, E 3rd and Elm Tree Lane in downtown Lexington. Over 250 FREE Parking spaces: in lots across the street from the Lyric, across Elm Tree Lane in the UK Medical Offices, and FREE parking spots along the street 
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Kids come up on stage after the broadcast taping for the encores! 
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Troubadour Concert info at

BB King 
Lexington Opera House
Tues Apr 8 - 7:30PM
Almost sold out!

Lexington Opera House
Tues Apr 1 - 7:30PM

Acoustic Show - April 21
On Sale 1PM Friday
Lyric Theatre

"This is ME: SOLO" Tour
April 19 EKU Center for the Arts
Call 859-622-7469 or online:

BUY LINK for her Apr 19 concert at EKU: