is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

With the arrival of Autumn, when school re-begins and choirs begin preparing for Advent, I get excited.  It means my theatre friends will be throwing great costume parties and I can pretend I like football for a few months until basketball returns to Rupp Arena, just four blocks to the west of me. 

This Fall, I have promised myself to forgive my siblings and myself for all the Thomas infighting that has gone on the past year since baby brother Tom died.  I have promised to focus on the good and let go of the bad.

With each leaf that tumbles to the ground, I pray that I too may be able to retire my soul someday in such a whirling but gentle way.  I pray that my death will be quick and painless, that I won't linger and burden anyone.  I pray that my life will be remembered as one of a peacemaker.  Yes, I do pray with each leaf that falls.  It is that often that I need to pray; I am not perfect, and although I am in the most beautiful of Seasons, my life-cycle isn't always a pretty scene. It is filled with storms and tornadoes and the rising and falling of streams of luck -- both good and bad -- and yet every day, the sun sets more gorgeously as the day before.  The sunsets are lovely reminders that every day is a new day and blessed are those who fall asleep in hope of resurrection. 

A very dear and sweet friend gave birth to twins earlier in the week and today I grieve the loss of one of those precious babies from This Life; and I pray for baby's twin sister to take a turn for the better soon.  No matter how bad my life is, no matter how poor I am, no matter how badly my heart breaks because I fell in love with the wrong guy (again), nothing is as sad as the suffering of children.  I know God is watching and is keeping my friend in His embrace, I know God will give us all strength, and I know God forgives me for being a less than perfect Kimmy. 

Today is World Communion Sunday, and as I listened to worship earlier, I realized that thousands of people are remembering their baptisms today, remembering their first communions, remembering that Jesus came to save us, not to condemn us.  That is my hope and prayer, at least. 

Pray for peace, people everywhere!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


From our good bat-friend, MISSY JOHNSTON, comes this important message!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Night's Alright...

It has been over a month since I discovered a stress fracture in my ankle.  I went to various doctors, xrays were taken, and I even had an MRI on my foot. 

The doc put me in an aircast, told me to stay off my foot, and so I stayed home and did a lot of thinking.  I have decided that thinking can sometimes lead to bad actions.  I think if I can temper my thinking with prayer, things may turn out a bit nicer in the long run. 

Tonight is Friday, though, and I haven't been out on a Friday in a long, long while. I met a cute guy online, but he is taking his sweet time getting to know me, and that's just fine with me.  I'd rather find out if he's a fool or genius before meeting him face to face anyway.  The cool part is he gets my jokes, and he likes to DANCE!  Yee to the haw.  Finally met a guy who likes to dance. Now if I can just get my foot well enough to waltz...

So what's a mother to do?  I am cooking myself a nice vindaloo dinner, spackling on a pretty face, and taking the trolley to CCI to hear my friends play lovely music. I might even play a game of pinball! (gasp)  I am ignoring the lady down the hallway who writes notes and puts them under my door -- pages and pages of notes -- about the Bible and how she KNOWS her Bible. Well, ladybug, I really don't give a rat's ass if you know the Bible.  I really care, though, about how you treat others.  I care if you are judgmental.  I care if you know that God loves us all -- even you, who are so judgmental.  I care if you don't try to kill me with legalistics.  Legalism is what killed Jesus.  We have to stop cherry picking the Bible and declaring that only what we believe is what is right. 

I know I am going to stop doing that.  I know that the overriding themes of the new testament are that a) God loves us b) He loves us so much he sent his Son to save us and c) we are not worthy, but God forgives us and loves us anyway. 

As the Pope says, "Who am I to judge?"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WoodSongs: Autumn Front Porch Gathering at Museum of Appalachia This Friday & Saturday in Knoxville!

From Michael Johnathon and his crew of volunteers who bring us the best music to  EVERY week:

The WFPA (WoodSongs Front Porch Association) is having our first annual WoodSongs Music Festival and Member Gathering at the rustic log cabin village of the Museum of Appalachia this Friday and Saturday Sept 25 and 26 near Knoxville TN. The weather will be great this weekend, so load up the family and take a beautiful autumn drive to exit 122 off I-75.

Bring your instruments, perform on stage, enjoy concerts, workshops, films and more. Great hotels and KOA Camping next door. Our WFPA members get FREE TICKETS to both days. Call 859-255-5700 or visit for more info
A "Song Farmer" is an artist who uses home made music to make their families, their hometowns, their careers better. Your membership helps students, teachers and home school families explore the amazing world of roots music via the WoodSongs CLASSROOM project.

Join the 
WoodSongs Front Porch Association today (only $25 a year for family/band up to 5 members), and get FREE tickets to our first WoodSongs Gathering Music Festival at the Museum of Appalachia Sept 25 and 26 where
you and your kids can get on stage and perform.

One of the highlights of the WoodSongs Gathering will be a great performance stage for kids we call "The Seedling Stage." Bring your family, if your kids like to play and perform we want them here. Our Seedling Stage will be a festival highlight!

Enjoy concerts by the great MINTON SPARKS, national hammered
dulcimer champion TED YODER, 14 year old guitar champion PARKER HASTINGS, banjo whiz kid VICTOR FURTADO, workshops on native American flute playing,  banjo, mandolin, shape note singing ... a play performance of Si Kahn's play PRECIOUS MEMORIES by SUE MASSEK, films and more.  

Workshops on shape note singing, banjo playing, songwriting and more. Plus a workshop on  "How does FREE work for my career?"

Become a member, get your FREE Tickets! Visit,
or call us now at 859-255-5700

  The WoodSongs Gathering is held at the incredible MUSEUM OF APPALACHIA, over 11 rolling acres of log cabins, and wonderful garden-to-table cafe, a museum of Appalachian history, stages, theatres and more. Right down I-75 on the Kentucky/TN border, exit 122 with plenty of hotels and a spectacular KOA campground right next to the festival. Details and hotel discounts on 

If you are an artist or painter come to the WoodSongs Gathering with your easel! There is so much to explore, draw and paint.

NOTE: joining the WFPA is different than becoming a WoodSongs Partner. Information about becoming a WS Partner is available here: 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kathy Hobbs Talks About TEN Years of Theatre - "Putting Laughter Into Manslaughter!"

As I told y'all last week, Fantastical Theatricals is celebrating their TENTH year in dinner-murder-theatre show biz in September!  Founder, director, and actor Kathy Hobbs tells me their first show was all about something near and dear to most Kentuckians -- bourbon! 

Hobbs says, "Our first show was named Bitter Bourbon Blues, which was about young new bourbon CEO, wanting to come up with 'The Next Big Thing' in Bourbon. It was written for the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven Kentucky. The cast included, Greg and Kathy Jones, Tamara Bentley Caudill, Rich Foley and Kathy Hobbs."

Covering theatre by shadowing rehearsals the last seven years or so for Ace Weekly and Hamburg Journal has given me a dollop of insight into show productions. To me, the most fascinating part is about the enormous task of getting all the lines learned must be followed by at least six weeks of rehearsal.  These folks are dedicated! 

I asked Hobbs to tell me more about the unusual happenstances in the page-to-stage process. "The funniest thing ever to happen in any rehearsal process had to come during 'The Altos,' which is a parody of The Sopranos. I cannot tell you this day what happened to crack up us, but we laugh a lot in rehearsals anyway. During this particular rehearsal, something got Bill Barto tickled and he couldn't stop laughing. I mean he couldn't stop at all. Finally I had to continue with the rehearsal and he had to speak his lines in a falsetto squeak for about half a scene."  Anyone who has ever talked to Barto knows he is never at a loss for words; no wonder everyone got the giggles! 

Apparently, the actors themselves provide most of the hilarity in rehearsals. "Whether it's from a completely over the top but still entirely appropriate delivery or from getting the timing down on a particular piece of comedy, they make me laugh, long after rehearsal is over," Hobbs adds.

Fantastical Theatricals performs at dinner venues like The Chop House and Natasha's (which is where I saw one of her plays and it was a fabulous stage for her particular brand of theatre.  She also recognizes how important it is to give back to the community you entertain.  Hobbs is a mentor and friend to most everyone who has walked onstage in the Lexington area -- some of my very favorites have been guided by Hobbs' direction and encouragement. "Every time we are a part of a successful fundraiser, that is a proud moment for us. When one of the shows I have written myself proves to be particularly funny, I'm often proud of that. But on a personal level, on two separate occasions, young ladies (who shall remain nameless) who had graduated from SCAPA for different arts confided to me, "This is where I became an actress." And that completely blew me away."
Kathy Hobbs has mentored some of the finest young actors in Lexington!

The only drawback? "When you do as many parodies as I do, it may be a while before you can use a favorite actor again, but there are very few actors who would not be welcomed back to Fantastical Theatricals under the right circumstances and for the right role."

Hear that, Lexington Theatre Community?  Get thee to the Chop House to see Hobbs' crew's next show, "Murder On The Oriental Rug."  To read more about Hobbs and her murderous casts of killers (and to see one of the young ladies she refers to above), clicky-click here at this linky-link:

Got that?  Any more questions, just go to

Show Dates:

September 4, 5, 18 & 19 and October 3, 9 & 14

Admission: $15.00 plus menu ordering

Seating for dinner service begins at 6:30pm
Tickets available online at
For more information call 859-229-2518

Saturday, August 29, 2015

You're So Vain...You Probably Think This Blog Is About You...

There are certain joys that come with being a writer. There is relief one gets from letting steam escape from their brain in the form of words on a page, there is the recognition from friends and family for being published, and then, there is this sheer method of exposure of folks and their ego.

Every now and then, when I write something that is personal about my life and what I want to do in the future, or if I express a feeling about something - - I usually have one or two readers that become upset somehow. They feel as if I am pointing the finger at them, writing about our past\future together, or making fun of the fact that they take themselves too seriously, all of which I am certainly guilty, of corset.

Knowing this, every now and then I play a little trick. When someone has insulted me in a subtle way, thinking I didn't notice, I will write something that will strike a chord in their self centered brain as they read my blog and wonder what the hell I am talking about. To wait for the reactions is fun. I know exactly who I am targeting and precisely who will approach me about what I have said. Then in a roundabout way, they will show their colors -- make a comment; tweet a word or two in review, or they may have a friend find out what the scoop really is.

Well that has occurred several times now, and I'm happy to say it happened this week again. Yes I do plan to visit my friend in Florida, but I do not plan to marry him, or even romance him. If you are reading this, Billy, please know I'm only coming to enjoy the sea and sand dollars ...not your gold dubloons! Lol

If you are any other friend of mine who likes to tell me about my ex husbands, please keep your mouth shut and leave me alone. Oh and yas -- this blog is about you.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twats and Technology

I don't think it's cute for women to not know things on purpose.  For example, just learn how to smash that bug in your house, change your own oil, tires and door hinges.  When you are single mom, you have to know the ways to maneuver the obstacles in life.  Even if you don't know how to do those major life tasks, please, if you're getting a gadget, learn how to use it!  It's not cute...

I am not a big do it yourselfer, scrap-booker, housecleaner or anything that even sounds domestic, but sheesh...if you buy an iPhone or another smartass phone, LEARN HOW TO USE IT!

Lordy, I borrowed my neighbor's phone to quench my social media update thirst last week, and this morning she came to my door, hotter than a two-peckered puppy, and was telling me how pissed off she was that I "put something like that" on her phone! 

I was amused; I sat on the sofa with her and tried to calm her down but she kept hollering and telling me how boring my Facebook page was, and how in the hell could I possibly think that was funny? lollylaugh --  I relayed to her that I didn't blame her for being upset; however she couldn't get OUT of my Facebook because the chick had never read the instruction booklet or even figured out how to "google" something.  She considers me using the term "google" is condescending.  Oh lollylordy.  She is 77.  She is artistic and fun and smart as a whip; but she does not know how to sign out of Facebook, even though I swear I signed out of it when I used her phone last week -- and apart from all that, she was enraged about me messing up her phone (she used the eff word but I don't feel like typin it right now).  Welp, I FINALLY got her out of my Facebook, and told her I would never ask to borrow her phone again; she huffed out the door, still saying how pissed she was at me. 

Lovely way to start the morning, and it was while DANIEL BOONE WAS ON!  How dare she?  lol

There really is no point to this blog except to release a few emotions before I put on my headphones and hit the electronic keyboard with songs from the 1970s, like You Light Up My Life and such.  Hehehe. I know people who cringe at just that title.  (She is probably reading this right now, so no worries, Flossie; I won't ever make you endure me performing that song '-)

It is time for Advent music to be presented to my choir - this year it is being written by Johnie Dean, who has written two Easter pieces for the Chancel cherubs already. 

I hope to make it to many rehearsals and soak up the joy of his composition, even if I have to work that Sunday. 

After being fitted with a boot yesterday and being told to stay off my heel for six weeks, I am ready to make a pilgrimage once a week two blocks over to my church to learn the music and enjoy worship. 
Paula has a birthday today - hope it's as fun as she is!

Glad to find out the MRI revealed no cat-o-nine-tails and there will be no surgery!  In six weeks, I should be better and ready to return to part-time work.  Happy about that.  Happy the weather is turning more pleasant; so is my attitude.

I am on a lifelong quest to bring back the semi-colon; can't ya tell?


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Transformational Tuesdays

Gosh, Tuesdays can be traumatic, can't they?  For a day after Monday, it ought to be the easiest day of the week to endure, yet sometimes it takes me until Tuesday night to wake up and see what is really going on.

With me, what is really going on is I am trying to make enough income to last through my social security eligibility in about 16 months or so.  I am amused by friends who proudly proclaim how they plan to work until they are "at least 75," and I tell them that I feel I will be blessed if I am still around to gripe about Al Roker and the price of coffee at 75.  My Mother died at 62, my oldest sister and baby brother at 45, and I just don't think I am slated for running any marathons in the next 40 years or so.  I want to gently say goodbye to the work woes and take my soul on to the vistas that await my in my creative and spiritual life. 

So what do I do?  I applied for -- and was offered a job as lead bartender at Red Mile, an old racetrack that is being repurposed like no other entity in Kentucky has ever been transformed.  75,000 square feet of new 'casino-like' space is being added to the track; it will also be a sophisticated music venue by the end of it all.  While I am excited for this new bustling business just off campus and a token's throw from Rupp Arena, I am also sorry I applied for a full time job, standing on my poor sixty-year-old feet.  My boss says I have to work full time; the podiatrist says that is a no-no, and he took an MRI yesterday to find out why the old Rest Ice Compression Elevation is not relieving my heel spur pain. 

Tomorrow, we will decide on what course to take and I will get the results of the half-hour imaging of my foot that took place yesterday. So tonight I am having a PBR and listening to my neighbor cough up a lung in the community room while eating ribs she just had delivered.  Live entertainment!  for at least another few minutes...

I am not nervous about the MRI results, but I am anxious about what will become of me in the next 18 months or so.  I have worked for over 45 years now, so I deserve my itty bitty retirement when it comes.  Apparently, all of my exes are now millionaires and are either married or in love -- but they somehow still SAY they love me.  Most of them do, anyway.  Oy to the veh.  Lest you think I seek out this information, or that I call em up and ask them, please know they have 'found' me lately for some reason, and seems every day someone tells me about Tommy or Tim or Kevin or Bunxgeorge and how they are rolling in the dough now and happily living with 'her.' 

Yeah, if you are my Friend, don't tell me any of that shite, okay?  I do not really want to hear it.  I truly do not. 

On a lighter note --- my good ol' friend Billy lives in Gulf Shores, and says I can visit anytime I like.  He lives 2 miles from the beach and golly, the sun sure is setting a lot sooner these days, eh?  I guess after I find out what the doctor says tomorrow, I will decide how soon I can join Billy on the shores and quite possibly watch the sun set on the ocean for the rest of my old lady days.  I will have to work and save and work and save, but I am setting my goals and taking action to make my life better.  It's the American way, ya know.  lol

Another note of gratitude -- it's been great seeing sister Kelli again lately, and writing for Ace and here in Kimmyville, where the weather is always a little cloudy but my smile is ever sunny. I always cry when I write, and crying seems to cleanse the soul, as it is said.

love to all of you and thanks for reading all this.
pray for peace,

Fantastical Theatricals Celebrates TEN YEARS of Putting Laughter in Manslaughter with Agatha Christie Spoof

Fantastical Theatricals Presents Murder on the Oriental Rug!

It is hard to believe that Kathy Hobbs and her murderous Fantastical Theatricals will celebrate the company's 10th year in September!

Celebration of the troupe's decade in show biz will begin September 4 and riddled with an Agatha Christie salute in the form of  "Murder on the Oriental Rug," at The Chop House, located at 2640 Richmond Road in Lexington for selected dates between September4 through October 14, and featuring Mary Brouse, Sasha Halvorsen, Scott Turner, Marc Roland and Kathy Hobbs.

Drama Mama and founder Hobbs is excited to begin a new era. Over the years they have thrilled fans of Doctor Who, The Sopranos, Golden Girls, and the list goes on and on -- each show is carefully prepared by Hobbs, who knows how to charm and slay an audience herself.  "Fantastical Theatricals is proud to perform Murder on the Oriental Rug to celebrate the beginning of our tenth season of producing quality interactive theatre for the Central Kentucky area."

Show Dates:

September 4, 5, 18 & 19 and October 3, 9 & 14

Admission: $15.00 plus menu ordering

Seating for dinner service begins at 6:30pm
Tickets available online at
For more information call 859-229-2518

Hobbs tells me the usual suspects are a motley crew of would-be murderers.  "When half the cast of Murder on the Oriental Rug bails out, the remaining performers are stuck playing all the roles. During the first act, you’ll meet a Shakespearean actor with a drinking problem, a washed-up former child star, a bimbo with a short memory, and a hapless costumer who finds herself onstage -- playing a man."

Kathy adds that during the “play within a play,” you’ll visit the exclusive clinic of Dr. Charles Ovary, renowned hot flash specialist who’s secretly treating a famous actress trying desperately to regain her youth. "You’ll get to know the doctor’s devoted but clueless wife, his passionate female protégé, the actress’s hunky husband, a flighty French maid, a shifty handyman, and an inspector investigating the dead body on the Oriental rug."

Before the evening’s over, someone else will be ruthlessly murdered, and it’s up to the audience to solve the crime. Prizes will be awarded to the best answers for murderer and motive.

Rightfully so, Hobbs is enthusiastic about the talent she brings to local stages.  "Fantastical Theatricals is a traveling interactive theater, based in Lexington Kentucky.  We are now celebrating our TENTH Anniversary!  We specialize in murder mystery theatre, but we’re certainly not limited to just that.  Extemporary performances, where there is a general plotline to follow, but the actors improvise their lines in the moment, and musical cabarets are also part of our repertoire!"

For more information:

Fantastical Theatricals
Kathy Hobbs

If you have the chance to catch one of these shows, get yourself to the Chop house ... or else!   Fantastical Theatricals is an experience like no other - go see these 'kids' do what they do best:  act like killers.  They are quite good at it.  It's scary; but it's not. 


Monday, July 20, 2015

Sundays With Kelli

It's a great feeling to talk to my sister Kelli. From time to time we get upset with  each other, but for most all her 50 years, I've been her protector and advocate. She has been my muse and singing partner; and today she is my Life coach and self proclaimed blog adviser. 

I'm proud of that. I may not be a Doctor or Lawyer or Something Fancy, but I have garnered some treasured friendships and relationships in my 60 years here on this great Earth. I've cared enough to keep the important ones nourished and growing. Despite my efforts, I've unfortunately had to separate the weeds from the chaps, as it were. Ain't easy, but with sisters like Kelli, you have to try. And try again. It's worth it. 

When we celebrated her birthday last night, we had an impromptu gospel sing -- even Nick and Kenny joined in --and drank some fabulous beer called Oculto. [ It tastes like a late harvest reisling beer.  Lol.  Blue agave infused er sumpin.  I don't know but honeylambs, if you wanti a new beer that isn't sour or red, ya must try it.] I made marmalade glazed ham and sweet potato casserole -- mmm mmm!

We had brownies for cake and though there were no candles, we still sang Happy Birthdsy to her in three part harmony. 

Kelli is like all of us, she has a good heart and is a child of God. She brings her old sister Kimmy flowers with each visit. She helps the elderly and disabled. She's just a good gal and deserves the same birthday celebration as anyone else: Family shows up. Food is served up with lots of love and silly laughter. We made a fantastic memory for my baby sister's birthday last night, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful. 

Today is also brother Marshall's birthday. That's the next page in the long ass hot as hellbaleena July calendar. We will also pause to remember the good times we had with my wild brother as we watched him crack football helmets in peewee league, get holes in one and accomplish other great athletic feats. He was a golden boy for sure, had everything a young man could want. His three kids are his quite stunning legacy; all fine and gorgeous adults blessed with goodness. He died so painfully a few years ago, but he is healthy now, in Heaven, and hopefully he is staying out of trouble. 

Thanks for listening. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bats n Belfries

I love Bat Signals from Missy Johnston. Below is her latest enticing Batifesto:


Hey! Batfans!


Have you noticed how, in texts and on Facebook, everybody uses so many exclamation points?!  We have to admit, we do it, too!  LOL!  And we’re gonna do it a lot in this email, because we have exciting (!) news about our gig atNatasha’s on August 1!   Guess who’s coming to dinner!  Bat emerita Susan Thomas, that’s who!!  And not just to dinner…she’s gonna be joining us onstage for some old and new favorites, wow!!   She’ll yodel!  She’ll sing!  She’ll rant!  It’s gonna be one heck of a good time!


Plus, Kim’s new songwill be ready for us to do, IF we get to rehearse it enough!  It involves quarterbacks (think Tom Brady), stock brokers, buckets, and George Clooney...what’s not to like?!?  You gotta be there for the debut!


So, get off your cutie patootie and call Natasha’s at 859-259-2754 for your reservations to the party!  Showtime is8:00, and the cover is a measly $10.

OMG, you can’t do a movie with fake butter-soaked popcorn for that kind of money!  We mean, really!!!  The Bats give you a ton of bang for your buck, for reals!


Come see us August 1, or you’ll have to wait until October 10to catch yourself some Bats!  That’s, like, a super long time to wait, yo.


Flying under and over our own radar,


On Facebook:  The Bats KY