is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sundays With Kelli

It's a great feeling to talk to my sister Kelli. From time to time we get upset with  each other, but for most all her 50 years, I've been her protector and advocate. She has been my muse and singing partner; and today she is my Life coach and self proclaimed blog adviser. 

I'm proud of that. I may not be a Doctor or Lawyer or Something Fancy, but I have garnered some treasured friendships and relationships in my 60 years here on this great Earth. I've cared enough to keep the important ones nourished and growing. Despite my efforts, I've unfortunately had to separate the weeds from the chaps, as it were. Ain't easy, but with sisters like Kelli, you have to try. And try again. It's worth it. 

When we celebrated her birthday last night, we had an impromptu gospel sing -- even Nick and Kenny joined in --and drank some fabulous beer called Oculto. [ It tastes like a late harvest reisling beer.  Lol.  Blue agave infused er sumpin.  I don't know but honeylambs, if you wanti a new beer that isn't sour or red, ya must try it.] I made marmalade glazed ham and sweet potato casserole -- mmm mmm!

We had brownies for cake and though there were no candles, we still sang Happy Birthdsy to her in three part harmony. 

Kelli is like all of us, she has a good heart and is a child of God. She brings her old sister Kimmy flowers with each visit. She helps the elderly and disabled. She's just a good gal and deserves the same birthday celebration as anyone else: Family shows up. Food is served up with lots of love and silly laughter. We made a fantastic memory for my baby sister's birthday last night, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful. 

Today is also brother Marshall's birthday. That's the next page in the long ass hot as hellbaleena July calendar. We will also pause to remember the good times we had with my wild brother as we watched him crack football helmets in peewee league, get holes in one and accomplish other great athletic feats. He was a golden boy for sure, had everything a young man could want. His three kids are his quite stunning legacy; all fine and gorgeous adults blessed with goodness. He died so painfully a few years ago, but he is healthy now, in Heaven, and hopefully he is staying out of trouble. 

Thanks for listening. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bats n Belfries

I love Bat Signals from Missy Johnston. Below is her latest enticing Batifesto:


Hey! Batfans!


Have you noticed how, in texts and on Facebook, everybody uses so many exclamation points?!  We have to admit, we do it, too!  LOL!  And we’re gonna do it a lot in this email, because we have exciting (!) news about our gig atNatasha’s on August 1!   Guess who’s coming to dinner!  Bat emerita Susan Thomas, that’s who!!  And not just to dinner…she’s gonna be joining us onstage for some old and new favorites, wow!!   She’ll yodel!  She’ll sing!  She’ll rant!  It’s gonna be one heck of a good time!


Plus, Kim’s new songwill be ready for us to do, IF we get to rehearse it enough!  It involves quarterbacks (think Tom Brady), stock brokers, buckets, and George Clooney...what’s not to like?!?  You gotta be there for the debut!


So, get off your cutie patootie and call Natasha’s at 859-259-2754 for your reservations to the party!  Showtime is8:00, and the cover is a measly $10.

OMG, you can’t do a movie with fake butter-soaked popcorn for that kind of money!  We mean, really!!!  The Bats give you a ton of bang for your buck, for reals!


Come see us August 1, or you’ll have to wait until October 10to catch yourself some Bats!  That’s, like, a super long time to wait, yo.


Flying under and over our own radar,


On Facebook:  The Bats KY


Friday, July 17, 2015

Now, For My Next Trick...

Does anybody remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? I always loved the commercial bit when Bullwinkle would try to pull a rabbit out of a hat. When it didn't work he would say, "no doubt about it, I got to get a new hat!"

Maybe he's on to something with this whole "new hat" business. My physical health is improving, I've lost enough weight to need a whole new wardrobe, but my grey matter needs a new hat. I know it's not normal to have trouble sleeping, to be frightened of groups of loving people, it's not right for me to shut myself away from everyone, but it's my only effective mechanism for dealing with the terror I carry "under my cap."

I stay home to keep myself calm. I prefer to be alone so I don't embarrass myself in front of friends. I'm isolated because, quite simply, I'm a bit of a "Debbie Downer," the SNL character created by Rachel Dratch. Yes I want move on, but first let me tell you about how my ex broke my ribs...

Panic attacks are awful, but I refuse to be defined by them. I shall search for a way to fasten a bonnet of faith upon my furrowed brow, and carry on. No, I'm not "soup" yet, but I'm a-simmerin. 

Happy Sunshine
Peace, y'all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Is An Old Friend

Oh July, you are not fooling me;
You used to be the month when we rolled out the pretzels and beer, when men were landing on the moon, and The Flintstones were having their baby daughter, Pebbles. In the July of my youth, television was full of summertime replacements for the Andy Williams show, and showcased talents of people like Roger Miller, Ray Stevens and Glenn Campbell. What a treat it was to watch those summertime replacement shows. Can you imagine if television had variety shows like that today? I would watch, that's  for sure. 

So, back to my babbling ... yeah, every July I have to pretend that I'm happy. I love the Fourth of July, it brings back fond memories of my childhood, but the rest of July's story is full of ghosts of calendars past, seared with pain, as I recall the death of my mother, my brother, and the birthday of my other brother who has passed. 

July is full of emotional hills and valleys. I cannot forget that July morning my father called me to mother's bedside. She had collapsed, could not speak, could not walk, and yet no one had taken her to the hospital, they were waiting for me to awaken. I recall thinking, "Why? Why me? I'm the middle kid who knows nothing, remember?" My father was a courageous genius who saved many lives in WWII. Why had he not yet called 911 that morning? So, heck, glad I was there to tell everyone what to do...but Gawds, death is awful. It brings out the best and worst in everyone. 

The moments that followed at 7 AM that day in July, are a blur of memories. I remember Dad and Tom taking her to the hospital; the hospital folks intubated her immediately and she never spoke another word. Three days later, Dad asked me to sing Country Roads to her as she drifted off into the coma caused by sepsis. 

Death sucks. July doesn't. I know that yet cannot wait for it to get here; and I cannot wait for it to be over. Halfway home now; just a few weeks and it's over.  Soon August will take over the calendar references and this seventh month of emotional fireworks will fizzle out ... until next year. 

C'mon, Christmas!! Choir retreat in August starts the rehearsal season for Advent. Yee to the haw!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sleep Is Precious

I miss the restorative powers of sleep. 

I long for a dream, be it sad or glad. 

Dreams involve a release of my conscious self. 

My awake face doesn't dream. It smiles and nods approval despite the frown that furrows beneath my brow. 

In my dreams, I don't worry. It's all about sheer happiness or complete terror, for which there is no time for worry. 

I hope tomorrow is good. For all of us. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EXILE In Concert 9/27 • Wilmore

in the MOUNTAIN!
A Concert by EXILE inside the  
Highbridge Cave in Wilmore, KY
Sun Sept 27 5PM  Gates open at 4PM

Advance tickets ON SALE NOW and being sold by the Lyric Theatre on behalf of the cave concert event ... For tickets call 859-280-2218 after 1PM or

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Show Me!

"Don't talk of stars, burning above; make me no undying vow... if you're in love, show me! Show me...NOW!" -- Liza Doolittle 

This weekend, I have talked and counseled a former beau. We've remained friends, though he moved on much quicker than I. He now has had his heart broken, and needs a shoulder to cry on, and I am more than happy to provide that shoulder. Why? Because our friendship is worth more than the pain I get from hearing about him being with another lady, who apparently confused him by letting him go suddenly.  

He was never one to say "I love you," not when we were dating, but recently, he has been telling me he loves me. I know it is not in a romantic way, but those words hurt. They sting nearly as much as when the lady told him she didn't want to see him any more. Sadly, "I love you" doesn't mean what it did in the past. 
I have always related to Liza Doolittle.  After all, I'm a flower girl. Im told I became friends with the flowers in my mother's garden before I became friends with anyone else. I also love to fall for men who want to improve me, make me be my best Kimmy I can be; then dump me.  

At any rate, I want what Liza -- and all of us -- want: love. No frills, I don't need a high profile fella. I just want a cuddle and a goodnight. That's not asking for much. Is it? 

SHOW ME! Just as Liza demanded of Freddie, words mean nothing if your actions tell a different story. Don't say you love me if you don't, don't keep furthering the lie, it only hurts more in the end. Be honest. Check on my welfare and help me if I need it. Hold my hand when I'm frightened. Spend time with me. Show me. 
Kthanks '-)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Grandkids Grow Up

A few years ago I started wondering why I did not see my grandchildren more often. I would get a ride to N Ky to visit, and borrow my friend the generous and kind Diana's car, drive to my son's home in Hebron ... but nobody would answer the phone, return texts, or open the door. As it turned out, my daughter-in-law had gotten angry with me over something -- I had no idea what it was -- yet after a bit of investigation, I saw that "somehow" I'd deleted/blocked her from my Facebook. Of course, I did NOT do that, but I do know someone who knows all the answers to my password-revealing "secret questions." That is my older sister, who has bullied me all my life and after 60 years, I figure it's time for that to stop. After her treatment of me the last few years, I'm resigned to the fact that she will never change; I have left that relationship behind. It's for the best. 

Kasey still isn't speaking to me, but I have also accepted that circumstance. Until I realized my Facebook was hacked, I wondered what I had done wrong, and why I was living the life I was living-- alone, wanting to see my grandchildren, yet never getting to see them.

Maybe Kasey was still pissed off that I got a divorce from my beloved last husband. Perhaps she's miffed because I couldn't get to Florence to see her and family after her fourth childbirth. You see, when my youngest grandson was born 11 years ago, I was living with The Addict. 

During that time, I was not allowed to see my family or go out anywhere, unless it was to get Kevin beer or cigarettes. If I got a job, I had to bring the money directly home, so he could order crack from his dealer. If I challenged him, I had table and chairs shoved into my ribs until they broke. 

I would be forced to live upstairs in the attic when the ribs fractured -- would have to stay there until I could breathe and sneeze without wincing -- in the attic, yes, where there was no air conditioning or heat. It was four years of Hell on Earth. 

I finally found help at UK, put together a plan, and got out. Praise be to UK School of Dentistry and the placards placed in the ladies room by some kind folk who act to stop domestic violence. 

I seem to always set myself up with people who bully me. Perhaps bullies seek out people like me, who will do anything you say as long as you still love them. I have been told I am a people pleaser, that I want attention, I want to be noticed. Well, yeah! Who doesn't? Hello, middle child calling from the middle of the seven-child pack here, just want a pat on the head! Lol

So, why am I babbling on and on about all of this? I do have a point to this blog, and that is that no matter what you do with your children, they grow up. They fall in love, grow their own opinions, have children, disagree with you, and find ways to point the finger for faults they have. Whether they are your child or your son's child, they (hopefully) grow up. Just as my mother, who beat us with Hot Wheels tracks learned, when kids like me grow up, they stop talking to their parents who have abused them. We get pregnant and leave home ASAP. Then we live our lives out, always seeking the love and understanding we didn't get as a child. 

Well, lambchops, my granddaughters are now out of high school, and the boys are 13 and 11. They are able now to let me be their Facebook friend and my granddaughters are old enough to confide in me and ask me for advice, and that, my dears, is priceless. 

Give time to Time.  It indeed heals all wounds. 

Peace, love, and grandkids. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wring Around the Rosary

If you have been reading this blog for any while, you know I am a spiritual, religious kind of gal. 

I am not perfect, but I do love to sing in my choir, pray with people when they ask it, and I'm not afraid to assert myself in cases where I feel as if I am on the television show, "What Would YOU Do?" -- keeping in mind the story of Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple. 

I am very fortunate that I grew up in a liberal Christian church. I say I am fortunate, because many of my friends who grew up with restricted spirituality have been confused and conflicted over recent decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States, amongst many other issues. Many have left God behind and declared their agnosticism. 

When I was terribly conflicted and heartbroken a few years ago, I remembered finding comfort in the Holy Rosary several times while on Stephen Ministers retreat at the Sisters of Charity convent in Bardstown. There is a wonderful domed building there, which has scads of plastic rosaries along with instructions for folks (like me who had no idea what ito do) to kneel and say the rosary and put it back OR take it if you want. I did not take one, but I did purchase one eventually, and learn to pray the rosary.

Eventually, I found a recording by John Edward the popular mentalist, where he, as well as Roma Downey, say the rosary. He uses the Rosary to center his mind and has a method of praying each of the 5 decades of Hail Marys for a particular purpose. I loved that he had taken a different path to utilize this tool for prayer. I downloaded the recordings and listen to them when I cannot kneel and pray...which happens a lot these days. Hehe

So here we are, halfway through the year.  John Lennon would ask, " ... and what have you done?"

I have survived six months of shingles and panic attacks -- and a broken heart. I've written some fantastic arts stories and seek to create even more as the holidays approach. That's right, I'm already thinking about Christmas. Lol. 

I survived and live to write. That's my legacy, y'all. I'm not trying to be a martyr, that's for others to be. I do somehow continue to bounce back, despite obstacles I put up to my own happiness, though. 

Oh, my Jesus! 
Peace to all,


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Liver Lover

got these chicken livers today at Short Street Cafe. When I was there, I had asked only for a soda pop and was paying for it, when the owner realized I was there to pick up food from GOD's PANTRY.  He had asked me why I'd been a stranger, how I was doing, and I told him I was looking for a job; he could see I'm kind of having a hard time. So he went over and put this big heap of chicken livers in a to go box for me. 

As I sat in the waiting room, I saw was number 28 in line. Therefore, I listened to the conversations going on -- rather loudly --  throughout the waiting room for over two hours. It was a busy day at the pantry. 

There was the guy who kept talking about guns, hatin on gays, having been a Marine, and how he was going to make sure that nobody went ahead of anybody, but when a crack ho biscuit came in, he somehow made sure she went ahead of everyone else. I was there to get free food, thanks be to God, so I sat and read my book. I heard a lot of disturbing words in that waiting room today, but I didn't tell them to shut up. Last time, I did. It wasn't pretty.  I was feeling very ninja that day. Today, well hell, I had livers waiting!  I waited with patience, got my salt pork, ham and chicken along with some real coffee and beans, and went home happy. 

Gratefully babbling about nothing important tonight. Sorry. Well, no, I'm not sorry lol, but thanks for reading all this. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's In An iPhone?

A few years ago, my friend, Joe Peacock chided me for not having a an iPhone. I had a lovely purple BlackBerry, and he was more than happy to make fun of it. Eventually I got an iPhone, because the purple BlackBerry's little mouse button thing stopped working.

However because I chose Sprint to provide my telephone access, I fell for gimmick, over and over, because my phone is "throttled" by Sprint halfway through each contract. (There are lawsuits against AT&T currently in court regarding the same issue.) It gets very slow, and frustrating, and I can't operate it so I go and upgrade to the next iPhone out of desperation to get that ease and efficiency back. 

Well, played, cell phone giant. Well played. However, I am tired of paying a big company such a great fee every month to provide my iPhone service. I can no longer do that, so I am switching to an Obamaphone. That's right, i said it. It's a TracFone that was Fed Exed to me, and every month I get free text & minutes. Yay! 

Accordingly, it's not easy. It's like camping with words. I have to relearn how to text without a keyboard. No more videos and camera for Instagram or Snapchat. No rosary app. Gee, I guess I'll have to get the beads back out. Oh, and Candy Crush? That last level just wore me out. I no longer have a crush on candy crush. (Yay)

Sure, I will miss the convenience of the iPhone, but I will probably get out more, see more people, do more goodness, and rock my world a little bit. That's probably the best thing I can do for myself anyway.

Oh, and it took me four years to figure out how to download blogger  so that I can post a blog from my phone, but what the heck, I can do without that as well. I will just have to go to the computer more often and sit down and write. It was good enough for Dickens. 

So! If you need my new number, just ask and I'll send it to ya. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

July is Family Month at WoodSongs!


"WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour" lands national time slot on DISH TV and American Forces Radio Network

The live audience roots music program "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour" has been added to DISH TV and American Forces Radio Network, adding to the show's already robust following.

Starting July 1st, the "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour," already broadcast nationwide on PBS TV stations, will be airing in an additional 14 million U.S. TV homes on the BlueHighways channel 73 on DISH TV. Airtimes are Friday at 7PM and 10PM EDT, plus Sundays at 1PM and Tuesday 12noon EDT. This is a basic channel available to all DISH subscribers. BlueHighways TV celebrates America through original family-friendly shows and rural lifestyle programming that showcase the nation's great music, including bluegrass, folk, traditional country and western. 

"It is exciting for the artists and the volunteer crew to partner with BlueHighways on DISH," says Johnathon. This is a wonderful complement to our public television and public radio broadcast base and will help this front porch music reach so many more people."

The "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour," already the biggest folk music broadcast in media history, is broadening its radio presence worldwide as well with additions to the American Forces Radio Network. The show is already being broadcast on their prime channel, The Voice in 173 nations plus all military bases, US Naval ships and coast guard vessels.  

About WoodSongs 
Folksinger Michael Johnathon started the all-volunteer WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour twelve years ago as a way to celebrate grassroots music on a global level.  The program, broadcasting each Monday from the historic Lyric Theatre in Lexington KY, airs on over 500 radio stations around the world, the American Forces Radio Network, public television coast-to-coast in USA and online. Artists as diverse as Billy Bragg, Imelda May, Tommy Emmanuel, Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Nora Jones, Brandi Carlisle, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band have been on the show. The show's website is
For more information; 

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