is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wring Around the Rosary

If you have been reading this blog for any while, you know I am a spiritual, religious kind of gal. 

I am not perfect, but I do love to sing in my choir, pray with people when they ask it, and I'm not afraid to assert myself in cases where I feel as if I am on the television show, "What Would YOU Do?" -- keeping in mind the story of Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple. 

I am very fortunate that I grew up in a liberal Christian church. I say I am fortunate, because many of my friends who grew up with restricted spirituality have been confused and conflicted over recent decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States, amongst many other issues. Many have left God behind and declared their agnosticism. 

When I was terribly conflicted and heartbroken a few years ago, I remembered finding comfort in the Holy Rosary several times while on Stephen Ministers retreat at the Sisters of Charity convent in Bardstown. There is a wonderful domed building there, which has scads of plastic rosaries along with instructions for folks (like me who had no idea what ito do) to kneel and say the rosary and put it back OR take it if you want. I did not take one, but I did purchase one eventually, and learn to pray the rosary.

Eventually, I found a recording by John Edward the popular mentalist, where he, as well as Roma Downey, say the rosary. He uses the Rosary to center his mind and has a method of praying each of the 5 decades of Hail Marys for a particular purpose. I loved that he had taken a different path to utilize this tool for prayer. I downloaded the recordings and listen to them when I cannot kneel and pray...which happens a lot these days. Hehe

So here we are, halfway through the year.  John Lennon would ask, " ... and what have you done?"

I have survived six months of shingles and panic attacks -- and a broken heart. I've written some fantastic arts stories and seek to create even more as the holidays approach. That's right, I'm already thinking about Christmas. Lol. 

I survived and live to write. That's my legacy, y'all. I'm not trying to be a martyr, that's for others to be. I do somehow continue to bounce back, despite obstacles I put up to my own happiness, though. 

Oh, my Jesus! 
Peace to all,


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Liver Lover

got these chicken livers today at Short Street Cafe. When I was there, I had asked only for a soda pop and was paying for it, when the owner realized I was there to pick up food from GOD's PANTRY.  He had asked me why I'd been a stranger, how I was doing, and I told him I was looking for a job; he could see I'm kind of having a hard time. So he went over and put this big heap of chicken livers in a to go box for me. 

As I sat in the waiting room, I saw was number 28 in line. Therefore, I listened to the conversations going on -- rather loudly --  throughout the waiting room for over two hours. It was a busy day at the pantry. 

There was the guy who kept talking about guns, hatin on gays, having been a Marine, and how he was going to make sure that nobody went ahead of anybody, but when a crack ho biscuit came in, he somehow made sure she went ahead of everyone else. I was there to get free food, thanks be to God, so I sat and read my book. I heard a lot of disturbing words in that waiting room today, but I didn't tell them to shut up. Last time, I did. It wasn't pretty.  I was feeling very ninja that day. Today, well hell, I had livers waiting!  I waited with patience, got my salt pork, ham and chicken along with some real coffee and beans, and went home happy. 

Gratefully babbling about nothing important tonight. Sorry. Well, no, I'm not sorry lol, but thanks for reading all this. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's In An iPhone?

A few years ago, my friend, Joe Peacock chided me for not having a an iPhone. I had a lovely purple BlackBerry, and he was more than happy to make fun of it. Eventually I got an iPhone, because the purple BlackBerry's little mouse button thing stopped working.

However because I chose Sprint to provide my telephone access, I fell for gimmick, over and over, because my phone is "throttled" by Sprint halfway through each contract. (There are lawsuits against AT&T currently in court regarding the same issue.) It gets very slow, and frustrating, and I can't operate it so I go and upgrade to the next iPhone out of desperation to get that ease and efficiency back. 

Well, played, cell phone giant. Well played. However, I am tired of paying a big company such a great fee every month to provide my iPhone service. I can no longer do that, so I am switching to an Obamaphone. That's right, i said it. It's a TracFone that was Fed Exed to me, and every month I get free text & minutes. Yay! 

Accordingly, it's not easy. It's like camping with words. I have to relearn how to text without a keyboard. No more videos and camera for Instagram or Snapchat. No rosary app. Gee, I guess I'll have to get the beads back out. Oh, and Candy Crush? That last level just wore me out. I no longer have a crush on candy crush. (Yay)

Sure, I will miss the convenience of the iPhone, but I will probably get out more, see more people, do more goodness, and rock my world a little bit. That's probably the best thing I can do for myself anyway.

Oh, and it took me four years to figure out how to download blogger  so that I can post a blog from my phone, but what the heck, I can do without that as well. I will just have to go to the computer more often and sit down and write. It was good enough for Dickens. 

So! If you need my new number, just ask and I'll send it to ya. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

July is Family Month at WoodSongs!


"WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour" lands national time slot on DISH TV and American Forces Radio Network

The live audience roots music program "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour" has been added to DISH TV and American Forces Radio Network, adding to the show's already robust following.

Starting July 1st, the "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour," already broadcast nationwide on PBS TV stations, will be airing in an additional 14 million U.S. TV homes on the BlueHighways channel 73 on DISH TV. Airtimes are Friday at 7PM and 10PM EDT, plus Sundays at 1PM and Tuesday 12noon EDT. This is a basic channel available to all DISH subscribers. BlueHighways TV celebrates America through original family-friendly shows and rural lifestyle programming that showcase the nation's great music, including bluegrass, folk, traditional country and western. 

"It is exciting for the artists and the volunteer crew to partner with BlueHighways on DISH," says Johnathon. This is a wonderful complement to our public television and public radio broadcast base and will help this front porch music reach so many more people."

The "WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour," already the biggest folk music broadcast in media history, is broadening its radio presence worldwide as well with additions to the American Forces Radio Network. The show is already being broadcast on their prime channel, The Voice in 173 nations plus all military bases, US Naval ships and coast guard vessels.  

About WoodSongs 
Folksinger Michael Johnathon started the all-volunteer WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour twelve years ago as a way to celebrate grassroots music on a global level.  The program, broadcasting each Monday from the historic Lyric Theatre in Lexington KY, airs on over 500 radio stations around the world, the American Forces Radio Network, public television coast-to-coast in USA and online. Artists as diverse as Billy Bragg, Imelda May, Tommy Emmanuel, Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Nora Jones, Brandi Carlisle, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band have been on the show. The show's website is
For more information; 

Become a WS Partner 


 Legends at the Lyric!  

same night, same stage, same ticket  


June 29, 2015 General Public: $10  Students: $5    WS Partners: Free

Lyric Theatre 300 E 3rd St, Lexington, KY 40508


You can watch this broadcast taping live-as-it-happens online on 



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Watch WoodSongs LIVE-AS-IT HAPPENS everyMonday at 7PM EDTvia



Hear WoodSongs on WEKU88.9 FM 
Sat at 8PM 


Robert Earl Keen ON SALE NOW
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friday: Bats Are The New Black!

We interrupt your blog day with this important message from the uberBat, Missy Johnston!

Helloooo, Batfans!


We know this Batmail is going out much closer to our gig than usual, but suffice it to say that our schedule has been crammed with craziness, packed with a preponderance of problems, and overflowing with other odious oddities.


BUT, we do want you to know that we’ll all be chipper as chipmunks by this Friday, June 26, at 8:00, for our show at Natasha’s!   (Bats and chipmunks are sorta related, right?  Maybe?) 


Good seats still remain (we just checked), so pick up that Galaxy iphone MotoX HTC1M9 LGG4 XperiaZ3 and speed dial yourcellmates.  Then call859-259-2754 to reserve your table for an evening of fun, frolic, and festivities with us!  It’s our first show of the summer, and who knows what will happen?  Will Kim wear her new bikini?  Will Marilyn reprise her songs from Grand Night for Singing?  Will Marianne and Harold make out backstage?  Will Jim and Craig reveal their heretofore secret handshake?  Find out all this and more when you join us this Friday, June 26 (yes, it bears repeating) at 8:00


Bats are the new black,


The Bats

On Facebook:  The Bats KY


Friday, June 5, 2015

Start spreadin the news...

Well, well, well. The Belmont is back. The possibility of a Triple Crown winner is once again scratching at our backs like monkey mosquitos that return year after year, especially when a horse has won the first TWO thorns ... Um... legs of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness.

Like everyone else who loves horse racing, I want American Pharoah to win tomorrow. After all, I live in the Bluegrass!  Thoroughbred racing needs a Triple Crown winner...even with all the dirty play that is associated with racing, horse racing has been around for several millennia. It won't end any time soon. Hur that, Ben?

For Derby, Preakness and Belmont runnings of olde, my family gathered around my television, grandkids all with black olives on the ends of their fingers as that is a form of celebration in the Thomas household for some reason LOL, put a quarter in the hat, and we all raised a mint julep no matter what the race, and enjoyed the spectacle of horse racing at its best.

It has been at least 15 years since I have been with my son and his family during Derby 'season.' I would absolutely forgo any across-the-board bet on American pharaoh or a great pay off on 5-1 exacta, just to see my son and his family again on Belmont day. I would play my old Kentucky home, throw a quarter in the hat, draw horses, we would bet, sing and be merry.

Start spreadin the news...I miss my family. After all, Derbys are holidays, too.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Strike When The Iron Is Cold" good advice when disciplining kids

For the last year, since my brother Tom died, I have had a series of panic attacks that prevent me from doing a lot of the things I enjoy.  I cannot sit in a crowd for very long. I cannot sit with my lovely choir and sing on Sunday mornings. I can from time to time enjoy these things when I am calm and stress is not a daily part of my life.

Since my last living brother came to Lexington in August, I have tried to find ways to help him go from being homeless to bring to having a place to call home and having a domicile of his own. That is my prayer anyway.  He's had jobs but nothing permanent. He has PTSD and simply cannot focus and that keeps him not working.   So I worry about him.

The past few months have been filled with many blessings and hurdles in that regard but to make. a long story even longer ... I've raised one son and four husbands. I'm tired. I am, grateful, however that we can listen to worship every Sunday morning, and every Sunday morning there is a message that speaks to both me and my brother. Today it was about discipline and love -- that to discipline a child and to love them at the same time must be balanced; you can't have one without the other.

"Strike when the iron is cold," means to take a while before you punish her children especially if your iron is hot. Cooldown let them think about it before you cut punishment. That is so smart, so wise, so Christian.

We laughed, and it was a remembrance time tempered with the humor of the ridiculousness of the situation because one thing Addison and I agree upon is that we were over disciplined as children. Switches. Tomato stakes. Hot wheels tracks.

I am so grateful for radio ministry. Thank you for reading all this, praise the Lord and pass the coffee pot, because it's going to be a long day. Enjoy the sunset!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bluegrass Boutique Theatre Presentations Are Stylish But Comfy

Sometimes art has to diversify in order to grow, me thinks.
When Dana Edison (right) & I finally got to meet Brian Hampton!

It pleases me to know there are small groups producing small productions adn charging small prices -- with plenty of small priced parking nearby!  

Knowing there will be plays above Shakespeare & Company on the corner of Broadway and Short is exciting.  

BCTC productions are always excellent; and easy on the wallet!
Hearing about the Much Ado performance within the stately architecture of the our downtown sentry, Central Christian Church last year was exhilarating; then being able to cover the Smoke On the Mountain production for ace weekly last month was a true honor. 

When I walked in the door of Heritage Baptist Church, I saw my article posted on a board above the 'ticket window!'  Plus I received Mother's Day cards from my sweet Waltermire girls...that was the best Mom's day I could've ever had.  

Jenny Christian, Lonesome Girl Productions
My friends Dana Edison (Bluegrass Mystery Theatre) and Kathy Hobbs (Fantastical Theatricals) bring mysteries written by local artists like Donna Ison, and 
David Senatore, and Hobbs herself! They cater -- literally at Columbia's and other fine steakhouses -- to people who like to eat and be entertained, with plots concerning Kentucky versus Louisville fans or Star Wars v Star Trek fans...they've become quite good at holding their finger on the pulse of the carotid arteries of many a theatregoer, even fans of Doctor Who!!

Jenny Christian is back in town and directing like the genius she is. It will be interesting to see what her Lonesome Girl Productions presents this year :)
Jenny Fitzpatrick's Blackbirdies open 6/4 at Woodford in CATS!!!  Check out the article in ace weekly, on stands this Wednesday '-)

So many opportunities are arising for the boutique artists involved in these projects. I say kudos to them for having the wherewithall to get the play from page to stage - schedules, rehearsal places, weather permitting, all sorts of dedication going on all around Lexington, we should be proud of those who bring us such productions as the Off Main Actors Group who performed at Heritage Baptist to resounding applause on Mother's Day, and to those who perform at every level of stage presentations.

Thanks to all who give me heads up to these fabulous folks' efforts so I can write about them!  Watch for my next ace weekly article about SEVENTY students working with a local choreographer performing a classic -- on stage!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Kimmy Goes To A Play (Or Two)

Erma gurd!  

The last week has been full of adventure and heartache and insomnia and lovely music and theatre.

I reconnected with an old beau, that went well.  I went to see a fabulous show, Harold & Maude at Farish Theatre in the downtown Library.  The play was marvelous, but at the play, I came face to face with someone who once tried to kill me, who has called me an old, fat lady whose panties she had to pick up when she was screwing Kevin, the man who invited me to live with him after he burned my kitchen up on a crack binge about 10 years ago.

So, I loved the play; hated that skank.  I made my opinion of her known to her -- it was the FIRST encounter I have had with her since she tried to run me over with her station wagon.  

Here's the weirdest part of all.  Somehow the theatre has made that skank their ARTISTIC DIRECTOR!  Oy to the vey.  I left as soon as the cast took their bow.  Three days later, I was asked if I indeed called Rachel a bitch and flipped her the rod.  I was asked by someone quite dear to me, so I forgive him for that...but...


Second issue of the week arose at God's Pantry on Friday afternoon, when some lady started cussing and griping about GETTING FREE FOOD! We did have to wait for hours as the City has decided not to help fund God's Pantry and there is a petition for people to sign.  However, that meant nothing, this entitled gal was loud and obnoxious and I told her to pipe down, in so many words.  All the other God's Pantry 'receivers' waiting in the room with us cheered the fact that I had the gonads to make her shut up.  She threatened me, got up in my grill; it was not a shining moment for either of us, but I stood firm in my belief that we ought to be grateful for free food, and not gripe about it.

I am glad I did.  And I'm glad I got the opportunity to see a wonderful play, with wonderful actors directed by a wonderful director.

OH OH OH!  and then I went to see Vanya Sonia Masha & Spike at Studio Players just a few nights ago, wherein my pal Allie Darden played an unusual role for her and KILLED it, as did the rest of the cast and crew.  Fred Zegelian was fabulous as Vanya and Jenny Christian did a splendid job directing.

My next article for Ace Weekly is about a production that will involve 70 young people on-stage for the performance of their lives.  Accordingly, my entire weekend was spent writing, which is apparently the safest place for me to be.  

 Finally, I had the opportunity to have Fireball with Nick, prayer with my brother Ad, and hugs from Tom, who is the best.  

Remember those who served our country and kept us free.  It is memorial day, God Bless America!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

AMERICAN PHARAOH: Will his fast workouts lead him to Churchill?

American Pharoah wins the 2014 FrontRunner.

AMERICAN PHAROAH LOVE IN THE RUINSCalled "freaky good" and has "superstar potential," AMERICAN PHARAOH must combine his running skills along with pulling from his prestigious pedigree to beat the tenacious but erratic Mr. Z in the Arkansas Derby.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Derby Blogs Begin as Mint Juleps Bloom


Don’t be intimidated by ITSAKNOCKOUT or OCHO OCHO OCHO and his WAR STORY.  

Can you believe there is a horse that may possibly be a Derby contender (albeit number 61 on current list) named Danny Boy?  

Who wouldn't love a sweet horse named Carpe Diem?  

Who should you bet on for the Derby and Oaks and what should you drink and where can you get the best juleps?  

Oh, I'll let you know ALLLL about that, trust me, an out of work bartender who just got laid off from a constipation call center.  What better requirements could you want for racing advice?  :)

I may have fallen behind in my blogging of late, but when the mint starts falling into the julep cups, it's time to get out the Derby part of my brain and start blogging about Churchill hopefuls.  

So, you have been warned. I will be seeking out pix and posts from the experts who are also longtime friends of mine to divulge only the most interesting details about these fantastic creatures that are so powerful yet so fragile.  I will record Run for the Roses and post my video here if my computer will allow me to do so.  I will tell you things that have absolutely nothing 'official' to do with handicapping.  I have ridiculous reasoning for betting horses and I swear they work for me; the question is, will they work for you, too, lambsies?  I hope so! 
For all those drinking hatorade instead of juleps, I do have some Thoroughbred experience, I have written a weekly column for The Thoroughbred Record, worked for equine photographer Enzina Mastrippolito at several Derbys, and currently happily write for Ace Weekly and Hamburg Journal -- so grab a copy of one of those magazines, and brag that ya know me! lollyKimmy


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are there lilac trees, in the heart of town?

Today is a dear friend's birthday; and it is also the same day my father passed away in 1997.

Happy Birthday to my doppleganger girlcrush Allie
My friend was born a little bit before 1997, but this date is always a tug on my heart. It is a tug on my heart because my family is splintered, my parents are gone, 3 of my siblings have died,

I am left with two sisters who for some reason have excommunicated me from their family love. I am no longer invited to any family event that they are concerned with, and if I attend a play my sister accompanies, she acts if she does not know me. If I try to help my sister who is not in good health, it is a struggle between my love for her and her love for opiates. Today is the perfect example of how we -- and when I say 'we' I mean ''me'LOL – – need to let go of the past, hold onto the things that are precious, and love one another.   

My brother who has come to live in Lexington in the last six months has been away for over 20 years. He was happy in Hickory, North Carolina, but he was convinced to come here and try to reunite with his teenage son. When when that did not happen as it was supposed to, Addison was thrown out on the street, and told to go to the Hope Center, where he lived for a few weeks until we found him a living situation. He's now working, happy again and on his way to a better life.

As it turns out, I am now his advocate. As it turns out, now I am the one given the opportunity to help him and give him a hand up. As Fate would have it, somehow the good Lord has brought both Addison and I through this terrible storm in our family in the last year since my brother Tom died. I am so grateful.

Thanks be to God for giving me a backbone; it bugs a lotta people;
it has fortified my belief  in kindness, justice and truth.

Peace y'all and thanks for reading all this...and Happy Birthday to Allie!