is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Kimmy Goes To A Play (Or Two)

Erma gurd!  

The last week has been full of adventure and heartache and insomnia and lovely music and theatre.

I reconnected with an old beau, that went well.  I went to see a fabulous show, Harold & Maude at Farish Theatre in the downtown Library.  The play was marvelous, but at the play, I came face to face with someone who once tried to kill me, who has called me an old, fat lady whose panties she had to pick up when she was screwing Kevin, the man who invited me to live with him after he burned my kitchen up on a crack binge about 10 years ago.

So, I loved the play; hated that skank.  I made my opinion of her known to her -- it was the FIRST encounter I have had with her since she tried to run me over with her station wagon.  

Here's the weirdest part of all.  Somehow the theatre has made that skank their ARTISTIC DIRECTOR!  Oy to the vey.  I left as soon as the cast took their bow.  Three days later, I was asked if I indeed called Rachel a bitch and flipped her the rod.  I was asked by someone quite dear to me, so I forgive him for that...but...


Second issue of the week arose at God's Pantry on Friday afternoon, when some lady started cussing and griping about GETTING FREE FOOD! We did have to wait for hours as the City has decided not to help fund God's Pantry and there is a petition for people to sign.  However, that meant nothing, this entitled gal was loud and obnoxious and I told her to pipe down, in so many words.  All the other God's Pantry 'receivers' waiting in the room with us cheered the fact that I had the gonads to make her shut up.  She threatened me, got up in my grill; it was not a shining moment for either of us, but I stood firm in my belief that we ought to be grateful for free food, and not gripe about it.

I am glad I did.  And I'm glad I got the opportunity to see a wonderful play, with wonderful actors directed by a wonderful director.

OH OH OH!  and then I went to see Vanya Sonia Masha & Spike at Studio Players just a few nights ago, wherein my pal Allie Darden played an unusual role for her and KILLED it, as did the rest of the cast and crew.  Fred Zegelian was fabulous as Vanya and Jenny Christian did a splendid job directing.

My next article for Ace Weekly is about a production that will involve 70 young people on-stage for the performance of their lives.  Accordingly, my entire weekend was spent writing, which is apparently the safest place for me to be.  

 Finally, I had the opportunity to have Fireball with Nick, prayer with my brother Ad, and hugs from Tom, who is the best.  

Remember those who served our country and kept us free.  It is memorial day, God Bless America!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

AMERICAN PHARAOH: Will his fast workouts lead him to Churchill?

American Pharoah wins the 2014 FrontRunner.

AMERICAN PHAROAH LOVE IN THE RUINSCalled "freaky good" and has "superstar potential," AMERICAN PHARAOH must combine his running skills along with pulling from his prestigious pedigree to beat the tenacious but erratic Mr. Z in the Arkansas Derby.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Derby Blogs Begin as Mint Juleps Bloom


Don’t be intimidated by ITSAKNOCKOUT or OCHO OCHO OCHO and his WAR STORY.  

Can you believe there is a horse that may possibly be a Derby contender (albeit number 61 on current list) named Danny Boy?  

Who wouldn't love a sweet horse named Carpe Diem?  

Who should you bet on for the Derby and Oaks and what should you drink and where can you get the best juleps?  

Oh, I'll let you know ALLLL about that, trust me, an out of work bartender who just got laid off from a constipation call center.  What better requirements could you want for racing advice?  :)

I may have fallen behind in my blogging of late, but when the mint starts falling into the julep cups, it's time to get out the Derby part of my brain and start blogging about Churchill hopefuls.  

So, you have been warned. I will be seeking out pix and posts from the experts who are also longtime friends of mine to divulge only the most interesting details about these fantastic creatures that are so powerful yet so fragile.  I will record Run for the Roses and post my video here if my computer will allow me to do so.  I will tell you things that have absolutely nothing 'official' to do with handicapping.  I have ridiculous reasoning for betting horses and I swear they work for me; the question is, will they work for you, too, lambsies?  I hope so! 
For all those drinking hatorade instead of juleps, I do have some Thoroughbred experience, I have written a weekly column for The Thoroughbred Record, worked for equine photographer Enzina Mastrippolito at several Derbys, and currently happily write for Ace Weekly and Hamburg Journal -- so grab a copy of one of those magazines, and brag that ya know me! lollyKimmy


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are there lilac trees, in the heart of town?

Today is a dear friend's birthday; and it is also the same day my father passed away in 1997.

Happy Birthday to my doppleganger girlcrush Allie
My friend was born a little bit before 1997, but this date is always a tug on my heart. It is a tug on my heart because my family is splintered, my parents are gone, 3 of my siblings have died,

I am left with two sisters who for some reason have excommunicated me from their family love. I am no longer invited to any family event that they are concerned with, and if I attend a play my sister accompanies, she acts if she does not know me. If I try to help my sister who is not in good health, it is a struggle between my love for her and her love for opiates. Today is the perfect example of how we -- and when I say 'we' I mean ''me'LOL – – need to let go of the past, hold onto the things that are precious, and love one another.   

My brother who has come to live in Lexington in the last six months has been away for over 20 years. He was happy in Hickory, North Carolina, but he was convinced to come here and try to reunite with his teenage son. When when that did not happen as it was supposed to, Addison was thrown out on the street, and told to go to the Hope Center, where he lived for a few weeks until we found him a living situation. He's now working, happy again and on his way to a better life.

As it turns out, I am now his advocate. As it turns out, now I am the one given the opportunity to help him and give him a hand up. As Fate would have it, somehow the good Lord has brought both Addison and I through this terrible storm in our family in the last year since my brother Tom died. I am so grateful.

Thanks be to God for giving me a backbone; it bugs a lotta people;
it has fortified my belief  in kindness, justice and truth.

Peace y'all and thanks for reading all this...and Happy Birthday to Allie!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Turn On Cawood!

Remember when Cawood Ledford was the radio announcer for UK sports?  He died more than ten years ago, but I still want to hear his voice. 

I still think if the Cats are not doing so well, I can simply turn on the radio, and Cawood's calming voice will coax the team into making its free throws and avoid fouling.  I thought I was the only one, foolish me.  I've discovered that this a common thread that further binds the Big Blue Nation (#BBN) together.  My sister used to have an array of sox, UK memorabilia and a pork chop bone (!) she displayed on top of the television to bring home the victories.

The ladies in my senior living complex all shout "miss it!" whenever the opposing team shoots a free throw...they yell it at the TV, knowing it's not going to be heard.  If someone moves around during the game, the community room goes wild with objections if the Cats are ahead, and, do not even THINK of moving around if they're in a tight battle. Your Fritos will be taken away, and you shall have no more of the crowd's community pizza.  
A little Easter humor '=)

My friend Daniel (remember him?) asked me to watch the game with him this past Saturday afternoon.  I'd forgotten about the 'last' game we 'watched' together.  He is too nervous and cannot stand to watch OR listen to the game if the score gets tied up. If UK isn't ahead by 15, he has to turn it all off and go shopping somewhere. He claims that if he listens or watches, they may lose. (Coz, that's worked all season, hasn't it?)  God love his heart, I had to ask him to take me home after we shopped at Sqecial Media and got a $1 ice cream cone at MacDonalds near the UK campus.  lol

The Cats are undefeated at 36-0.  They are going to the Sweet Sixteen and play West Virginia tomorrow night.  I am NOT going to 'watch' the game with Daniel. I am going to the CCA Community Room early in the game, sneak in a bladder of wine and some cheese to get me through.  I know many other of the #BBN will be doing the same or similar thing.

I just hope my sis still has that pork chop bone...

Go Cats!
Love and peace and mint juleps,
I want this on MY sidewalk ... except I'd draw longer arms on Willie lol.

Monday, March 16, 2015

"Hollerin Contest" coming to all the way from Watauga to the DAC by BCTC!!

Look out and listen up, folks, Tim X Davis and his Bluegrass Community & Technical College cast and crew are about to present another wonderful play for your viewing pleasure.

"'The Greater Watauga County Annex’s 17th Annual
Hollerin’ Contest - Sponsored by Mabel Meriwether’s
Blackberry Jam" by Jonathan Fitts

March 26-28th at 7:30 pm
March 29th at 2pm

Downtown Arts Center
141 E. Main Street
Tickets $12 for students/ $14 General admission
Tickets available at 257-4929 or
on sale March 12th!

Young Jack Hamish is ready to defend his title of Junior
Division Hollerin’ Champion at the annual Watauga County hollerin' contest, but that could all be threatened by a mysterious young lady named Jill, The greatest hollerer this side of Highway 81! As Jack and his pals try to save his upcoming town record, the Mayor and his stalwart associate Teddy Roosevelt (NOT that one) try to save the town from a rampaging bear! Be there as BCTC presents the world premiere of Jon Fitts wild comedy!

* We will also be having a reception and talkback with playwright Jonathan Fitts during the run. Details TBA!


It's a world premiere written by Jonathan Fitts, who was in the Burning Coal company Professor Davis performed with in London back in November. 

Davis says, "Fitts is a young man who got his MFA in play writing at NYU and has a lot of great stuff going on right now. He's a TREMENDOUS writer."

Some really cool stuff in the show. Musical number, puppets, hilarious comedy...good stuff. We are also going to bring Jon in to do a play writing workshop and to hold a talk-back during the weekend of the show (March 26-29)
And Davis says he is "bringing in my good friend (and former student from the Gulf Coast), Carrie Fergusson Belew, to design the show for us again". 

With Natalie Cummins doing costumes, Eric Seale working on a secret "special project," this should be a really fantastic show!

Should be really killer!

see you at the show,

On A Winning Streak

I know you've heard it a million times, but you really have to let 'bad' things go in order to let the 'good' stuff into your life.

I finally gave up on all the men in my life, except Tom Bragg, who is the only friend who showed up for me on my 60th birthday.  Tom turned 50 this past weekend; I was invited AT THE LAST MINUTE to a party a longtime mutual friend was throwing for him, but I wisely decided to stay home -- ran his framed Pug with Water Lilies over & dropped it off -- after all, an invitation two hours before the shindig kinda sucks, now, doesn't it? 

So back to that whole idea about giving up the bad and keeping only the good.  My sisters have turned their backs on me, so I am feng shui-ing them right on down the stream to better pastures. 

(Same goes for my 'good friends' who left me out of the birthday party plans.)  

at least Daniel plays with snakes and not my heart :(
My sisters for some reason think it is ridiculous for me to love my nephew, who through no fault of his own, was lost from us for 18 years.  They for some reason think it is foolish for me to cling to the love of a child whose family -- MY family -- more or less abandoned him for most of his life.  They would rather concentrate on trying to 'reform' my brother Addison, who suffers from PTSD among other ailments, has undergone chemotherapy, is struggling physically and emotionally and cannot possibly suddenly become what they want him to become.  They've kicked Addison out on the street, he is now homeless.

Expectations lambchops.  Expectations can cause all sorts of problems.  

I did not expect it, but I had some pleasant surprises last week: a job offer from a fine law firm, a bonus from a friend, an unexpected "thank you" from someone near and dear, and having jam sessions with my brother who is a veteran, now another homeless veteran.  I try to feed him and care for him as much as I can, but it is not easy.  We are all getting older and are less and less resourceful every day.  

Another great event this past weekend (apart from the CATS WINNING THE SEC TOURNAMENT AND GOING UNDEFEATED!) was seeing The Great Gatsby at the Opera House with Erin, a sweet gal at my current job who is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known.  Feng shui, indeed.

It is time to move ahead, for all of us. If my sisters are going to continue their bullying, well, I am not going to be a part of it.  I resign.  I am no longer sister to anyone who excludes someone else in the family, whether they're too fat, too thin, too mean, too kind, or too kin to someone we don't like -- too bad!  Family is family, whether you like em or not.

So I'm proceeding with my law firm 'career,' and meanwhile, I am not answering any texts having to do with 'wanna hang' or other such silly offerings.

thanks for reading all that.
love and peace,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WoodSongs Welcomes John Berry & 10 String Symphony this Monday!


Monday, Michael Johnathon and his all-volunteer WoodSongs crew will present two great artists at the Lyric Theatre!
Here are all the details:
March 16, 2015 
General Public: $10  
Students: $5  
Please be seated by 6:45PM

JOHN BERRY has one of the finest voices in country music. 20 years ago he had his first #1 Billboard song "Your Love Amazes Me". He has recorded more than twenty studio albums, including one platinum album and two gold albums. His new book 'Songs and Stories' is a collection of short stories about songs he has written or recorded.  

10 STRING SYMPHONY is a Nashville duo combining world-class skilled instrumentalists with an incredible amount of soul and a love of crafting song. Rachel Baiman and Christian Sedelmyer (Jerry Douglas Band) met in Nashville, and realized a mutual love for the range and depth of the 5-String fiddle.   
and ....

WoodSongs 800th Broadcast Special event
Monday March 23, 2015 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Way? The Bats!

From Missy:

Hi, Batfans!

Normally we like to hear we’re getting 14” of something, but today is an exception.  This is 14” of ridiculous!
Why can’t we have 14” of summer sausage,  or  14” of chocolate, or  14” of a nice Bordeaux? 
The white stuff outside is choking our gutters, swallowing our dogs, weighing down our boxwoods, and making our feet feel like cold little bricks.  Enough, enough, enough already!

Okay, weather rant over.  Kinda.

Let’s think about more pleasant things, like dinner and a show.  With us! On Saturday, March 28!  At Natasha’s Bar and Bistro!  Now, doesn’t that sound like more fun than shoveling your walk, bursting a pipe, or finding snow in places you didn’t know it could go?  You betcha it does!

Here are the deets:  THE BATS at Natasha’s, 8:00 on March 28; reservations at859-259-2754; $10 cover.

Join us, please.  We should even be able to see the ground by then.  And mittens will be a thing of the past.

Hating our mukluks,
on Facebook:  thebatsky
www.thebats.netbut who even looks at web sites anymore?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Harmonic Monday's WoodSongs: Fairfield Four & McCrary Sisters!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Madness: Murder and Mayhem in the Big Blue Nation! (a romantic comedy by Donna Ison?)

Group Hoops 3

The late Solomon Silver's estate is worth millions but the most sought after in the entire will are his University of Kentucky basketball season tickets. Vying for the valuable prize is his new trophy wife KiKi, his estranged son Sterling and rowdy daughter Rosebud. Add to the game a boring lawyer and a mysterious mourner and you have an unstoppable team...especially when it comes to killing off the competition. Soon Solomon isn't the only one who's dead in this hysterical comedy by Donna Ison and starring Jeff Roberts, Fred Zegelien, Dana L. Edison, Martha Campbell and Macreena Groody.
VENUES/DATES:March 14th - Lexington Dinner Train Train leaves at 5pm. $109.95 for adults $69.95 for kids includes a 4 course meal, show and train ride. Go to for tickets.

March 15th - Columbia's Downtown, Lexington. Show begins at 6pm. $29.99 includes a 3 course meal and show. Gratuity not included. $5 raffle benefiting Gods Pantry Food Bank. Winner receives their ticket money ($29.99) back for that nights show. Call (859)494-2877 for tickets.

March 20th - Spindletop Hall, Lexington. Members call (859)255-2777

March 28th - My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, Bardstown. Train leaves at 5pm. $109.95 for adults $69.95 for kids includes a 4 course meal, show and train ride. Go to for tickets.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wanna Hang?

What does "wanna hang?" mean?

When a male friend asks me that, I turn my phone on silent, wash two glasses and wait for his arrival.

When he has been at my house for over an hour, I reckon by then, it is a half-ass date, right? Wouldn't you think so?

Nah.  It usually ends up with me having heartache because I have a crush and he has a crush, but mine is on him and his is on ANY other woman but me.  Ew.

What does 'wanna hang' mean?

I'm pretty sure that means, "I wanna sit and talk to you and not let you say anything while I rail on all opinions that are diverse from mine...oh, and don't expect sex, ok?"


Thursday, February 26, 2015

WoodSongs March 2: T Graham Brown and Rev Payton's Big Damn Band!


a) Monday March 2 country crooner T GRAHAM BROWNb) Our 800th Broadcast Celebration

Troubadour Concert Series
Bluegrass Supergroup HOT RIZE May 29 Lyric Theatre
MICHAEL McDONALD June 16 Opera House

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WoodSongs Crew for winning the Community Service Award!


Make reservations now: 859-252-8888

Mon March 2, 2015 / General Public: $10 Students: $5 WS Partners: FREE
is a legendary voice of country music, journeyman and songwriter who has recorded over thirteen studio albums and charted more than twenty singles on the Billboard charts. Three of these singles reached Number One and eight more reached the Top Ten. Brown's latest album, 'Forever Changed', is his first release in 9 years. It was just nominated for a Grammy and features guest appearances by industry giants like Leon Russell, The Oak Ridge Boys and more.
is funky, rootsy, full of groove and powerfully unexpected. The band has always been playing music that blends blues, ragtime, folk, country and other traditional styles with the sleek modern energy of do-it-yourself, homespun, punk fueled rock. 'So Delicious' is their 5th album.
If you can't make it to the theater, watch the show LIVE-AS-IT-HAPPENS on (a one time only $5.95 subscription fee applies, after that you can watch WoodSongs every week for free plus engage a global community of songwriters, artists, poets and fans)

Our 800th Broadcast Special event
Monday March 23, 2015
WoodSongs Special Event ... our 800th Broadcast
Tickets - Public $30 / WS Partners $20

is the legendary Austin based 9-time Grammy winning Band led by the dynamic Ray Benson. For over 40 years Asleep at the Wheel have been caretakers of Western swing, carrying the traditions of BOB WILLS into the 21st century. The band latest CD is a spectacular tribute to the legacy of Bob Wills, called 'Still The King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys"

TICKET INFORMATION: WS Show 800 is a fundraiser for our national education project "WoodSongs In The Classroom" Tickets are $30 public and only $20 for WS Partners. GET TICKETS AT THIE LYRIC THEATRE. Call the box office 859-280-2218 after 1PM or visit are excited and proud that Asleep at the Wheel will be the featured guests as we celebrate the astounding 800th broadcast of our show.
just $95 per couple you come to over 40 WoodSongs shows per year FREE; $150 for a family of four; $199 for a family of six. Call 859-255-5700 10am - 5PM M-F EDT or visit

Become a 2015 WoodSongs Partner and enjoy nearly 40 shows this coming year for FREE ... It's the best deal ever! Easy online ordering:
or call us 859-255-5700

Watch WoodSongs LIVE-AS-IT HAPPENS every Monday at 7PM EDT via
Hear WoodSongs on WEKU 88.9 FM
Sat at 8PM


Coming May 17 at the Opera House
Tix on sale NOW


Tix for Michael McDonald on sale tomorrow at the Rupp Box office 859-233-3535 or