is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bela Fleck, Leo Kottke, Keb Mo, Taj Majal & Boz Scaggs Coming Soon to WoodSongs & Troubadour!

Fall always brings change.  Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not so good.  I have learned over my nearly 60 years that although change is not easy, if I can stand with the turning tide and its shifting sands, I can stand through just about anything.  My youngest brother passed in July; my middle brother moved to Lexington and is reuniting with his son; and my youngest brother's son has been in contact, and we have a cool relationship, one unlike any other I have experienced.  

Fall may make some folks shiver with the cold weather it brings; it might cause folks who are otherwise sensible to shriek, moo, meow and howl at the moon.  It may cause guys to go into football watching comas until the New Year rushes its bad self in.  However, for me, Fall will always be a reminder of a new school semester, time to find my socks and shoes and get moving to prepare for Advent, a season full of aromas and warmth as we all attempt to raise our fur and huddle closer together.  Perhaps that's the way it is meant to be.  I don't know ... but what I do know is that no matter what time of year, Michael Johnathon and his volunteer crew serve up the best concerts in Lexington.  Praise be to them!  Today I learned about a few WoodSongs Special Events and some Troubadour news.  Check it out:


November 10

a) This Monday Oct 20: Fifteen time IBMA Dobro Player of the Year ROB ICKES plus the incredible 10 yr old EmiSUNSHINE - plus WOODSONGS KIDS
Troubadour SUPER TUESDAY (more info below)
LEO KOTTKE Oct 28 - Tix on sale now
BOZ SCAGGS Oct 28 Tix on sale now

 TroubadourWEB WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour
WoodSongs tapes Monday's at 6:45 pm(EST) at theLyric Theatre, E 3rd and Elm Tree Lane in downtown Lexington. Over 250 FREE Parking
spaces: in lots across the street from the Lyric, across Elm Tree Lane in the UK Medical Offices, and FREE parking spots along the street 

Check the schedule page at for future shows
Advance Notice for this SPECIAL EVENT
with Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn

Tickets for this show just $20 ... $10 for WoodSongs Partners 
Available ONLY at the Lyric Theatre 859-280-2218 

Béla is a banjo icon with more multi-category GRAMMY wins than any other artist. Abigail gained fame with the band Uncle Earl with triumphs in songwriting, theater, and even Chinese diplomacy by way of banjo. Together they toured the world with The Sparrow Quartet. They come to WoodSongs to celebrate their new CD ... a front porch album of originals, Appalachian ballads, chamber and blues.


To have your youngster (ages 6-16, any style) submit to be on a broadcast see details at 

just $95 per couple (you come to over 35 WoodSongs shows per year FREE)  $150 for a family of four; $199 for a family of six. Call 859-255-5700 10am - 5PM M-F EDT or visit 
Children come on stage after the broadcast!    
Show details at  

Upcoming WoodSongs Shows
Nov 17 New Orlands Suspects plus the Sultans of Strings 
Nov 24 US NAVY BLUEGRASS BAND (this is a FREE show; WS PARTNERS can have FOUR extra tickets to invite friends and guests; make reservations early) 


Watch WoodSongs LIVE-AS-IT HAPPENS every Monday at 7PM EDT via
Hear WoodSongs on WEKU 88.9 FM
Sat at 8PM
Martin Guitar Logo
Martin Guitar's are the official guitars the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour 

Tuesday October 28 8PM
Tickets on sale NOW Opera House
859-233-3535 or

Sunday Nov 2 Opera House 7PM
Tickets on sale now for Taj Mahal
859-233-3535 or

Sunday Nov 9 Opera House 7PM
Tickets on sale now for Lucinda Williams
opening act The Kenneth Brian Band
859-233-3535 or

Tuesday Nov 11 Opera House 7PM

  Tickets on sale now
Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders
Lyric Theatre 280-2218

KEB MO Cometh!
Wed January 28 Opera House 7PM
Tickets on sale now

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ditch Mitch. Please!

Well it is October in the breezy Bluegrass, the sky is overcast, the colts and fillies are being groomed and saddled and Keeneland's Fall Race Meet of 2014 has begun.  I am not slinging drinks to the legions of fans out there this Season, I am bartending at the Marriott instead, and hopefully will be there for the rest of my life.

I'm too cantankerous to serve thousands of people a day like the crowds at Keeneland.  I'm much too much of an adult to enjoy the loud skanks with their too-blue eyeshadow, Sharpie-marker-eyeliner, and heels that are made to create ACL injuries.  With no-hosiery legs strapped to a pair of what 20 years ago would have been likened to the shoes the Chinese put on their women to bind their feet, many a lovely young-un takes a tumble on the pavement in the paddock.  It's actually quite hilarious, though I know it is sinful for me to laugh when I see those gals carrying their shoes a half-hour later in 39 degree weather '-) Sorry, but I've been through too many closings of the Brass Ass or Brewery or Cheapside or Bananas (et al's bar) to be entertained by drunken hordes of people swaying together - showing their ass - and smoking cigars.  Ew.  Then screaming in my ear they want a Lemon if.

Accordingly, it ought not be a surprise that I shall not and will not put up with uber-snobby-wealthy men treating me like a piece of dung and throwing quarters at me. 

If I'd wanted to have men throw money at me, I would've become a stripper like the chicks my ex-boyfriends always dated (cough...dealt to).  Funny how guys love to tell ya they dated a stripper, is it not?  Only once, is seems; then that changes to another story, that they sold an exotic dancer a gram of coke at Cowboys once; or they didn't really date her, but their dealer did...whatever, I am not impressed by anything more than how you treat me and if you are good to and for me.  Thus it is that to have men throw anything at me for a living sickens me.  

So ... back to the people who cater the turf folks and they way they let me go after I came in shift after shift and dutifully completed my tasks, kept a tight inventory and my money was always right on the penny. One of the bartenders asked me recently why I was 'teacher's pet,' more or less, as a newbie, why did I "rank" enough to work the September Select Sales?  Well that pissed in my porridge, let me tellya.  Then a few days later, the people who cater the turf folks CALLED and told me they could not put me on the schedule for the Fall Meet.  Complaints -- complaints I never heard about heretofore.  OUCH.  Am I wrong for being hurt at this fickle notion that I am simply a drone that pours drinks and never has an independent thought?  I guess I was more upset that this happened a week before the Meet.  I was simply let go.  Don't worry about paying your rent, Kimmy.  Don't worry about that phone bill - it'll pay itself.  Oy to the vey.  
Sorry I am being such a venter, a ranter, a beeotcher today. I am grateful, believe me. There is a lot of good news in my life, and I shall celebrate each bit of it.  Firstly, I have the pleasure of the visits from a friend of mine a few nights a week now, as we enjoy tequila sunrises over long conversations about the mysteries of life.  I have known Nick for over ten years; we have been to different planets since I first met him, but thankfully we are close and now the good neighbors that we always wanted to be.  That is a very very cool part of my life right now.

Life with my family is going well.  My granddaughter Shelby wants to see me, introduce me to her boyfriend.  That is huge news!  I cannot wait to meet him!  Shelby is now living on her own and is a young lady now with a mind of her own. That is cooler than cool.  I get to see my granddaughters now!  Weee haw!  Melody is still in Florida at the Disney Institute.  She is a smarty pants and is there for an internship before she returns to college at U of L.  My grandsons are tearing up both sides of the scrimmage line in peewee football, Cooper is a wall of defense; and Sammy is a talented quarterback.  My son is handsome, his wife is beautiful.  My brother Addison is back in Lexington, cooking up a storm at Columbia's Steakhouse on Second and Limestone.  My sister Kelli is beautiful and I love her visits as well. 

Also, arts-wise, my life is full right now, with my article in Ace Weekly being published (and now on big red ACE stands everywhere'-), as my favorite charity, Central Music Academy is celebrating their 10th year giving free private music lessons to underprivileged kids in 'the heart of Lexington.'  

My special family, the Chancel Choir is preparing Rutter's Magnificat and my buddy Nick fixed my computer so I can practice the alto part along with the CD that my spiritual musical  guru, M. Rintamaa made for my section.  I wrote a sweet piece about a play at Balagula a few weeks ago, and the joy that comes from writing is almost as sweet as lobster & butter.  It is as delightful as little old ladies laughing at my jokes.  It is as satisfying as ... well, nah, it's not as satisfying as, say, dancing the polka, but it does bring quite the sense of contentment and accomplishment comparable to that which our carnal accomplishments do.  (That last sentence is a trainwreck, sorry)


The title of this post is Ditch Mitch, but all I've done so far is bitch-bitch...I figure I otter go ahead and name my reasons why we ought to do such an unusual thing here in Kentucky, the state that is bound to re-elect him after 30 years of his selfish, childish behavior.  Kentucky will always cut off its nose to spite its face - and that is LITERALLY what we are doing when we cut of the tops of mountains to get to coal.  Save our mountains - ditch Mitch, who protects Big Coal companies who are obligated to make reclaimation upon the land they poison.  Mitch wants to do away with those pesky rules that keep the water clean.

I too cannot fathom voting for someone who is not a UK fan, and if Mitch doesn't know a Duke basketball team from a Kentucky basketball team, then that is reason enough to have him thrown out of every state in the union.  lol  He's a Louisville fecker - we all know that.  #DITCHMITCH

Also, my grandpa died in the coal mines when a roof fell in on him.  If that coal mine had been regulated (cough...also known as THE WAR ON COAL), my Grandfather might be alive today to tell me why the coal industry should survive.  Coz he didn't.  #DITCHMITCH

Mitch has been absent on many a vote count, he has put up obstacles to keep bills from being voted upon, he has voted against our students, our veterans and he will not raise the minimum wage!  I have made minimum wage and worse - and I have nearly died over the years that Mitch has been in office because I did not have sufficient health care.  Is health care really only for the rich, Mitch? Is your senatorial insurance package what paid for your wife's obvious collagen injections?  The double standard has just gotta stop.  #DITCHMITCH

Ditch Mitch.

and thanks for listening.