is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

NYQUIST Is 2016 Favorite to Capture the Roses

As every Kentuckian worth the salt that goes in their Hot Brown knows, the most important thing to do on Derby Day, apart from scoring a kilo of some good homegrown mint for juleps of course, is to pick the right horse.  

NYQUIST seems to be the darling of the big oval experts, having won the Juvenile at the Breeders' Cup last October.  He has adjusted to the Kentucky air and atmosphere, and seems ready to win on the First Saturday in May!

He was feeling a lil puny when he got here, had a high white cell count for a few days, but that happens with these sensitive, fragile but powerful creatures we call Thoroughbreds.  That's right.  I capitalize 'Thoroughbreds,' just like I was taught at the Thoroughbred Record way back in 1984.  

I loved working at the Record.  We were in charge of producing the oldest weekly periodical in the nation - weekly!  It was great discipline and structure, which I needed. I was young and able to run up and down the steps to run film to Art Director Enzina "Z" Mastrippolito, or downstairs to the morgue downstairs (natch) or to the art room upstairs. We even saved the old film to have the silver squeezed out of it.  Of course, technology has advanced to digital now, but 'back in my day,' means in the hayday of the Thoroughbred economy, when Keeneland sales records were soaring, John Gaines was concocting the Breeders' Cup and Queen Elizabeth II even visited our little burg. The old publications from the 1800s were stacked on the shelves down there...along with the following years of issues.

When you must work like a team to accomplish a weekly goal, every ego (on staff lol) has to be tempered to make things run smoothly.  Since that is impossible, the deadline of every Wednesday loomed an threatened better than any boss or manager.  Ya just had to get your job done and ignore your cubicle mates' issues.  It was fun! Really, it was! 

So how did I get off on that tangent?  Oh probably because I haven't visited my little blogtown of KimmyVille for a while.  I'm at the lovely Library today, and able to post a few thoughts, and gosh I have a lot to get out, coz apparently, I am woefully bad at letting off steam any other way.  I wait until I am just a babbling idiot and angry with every one I see. It is not healthy, lambsies, don't do it!  Get yourself a blog, and be the sheriff of your own world.  It's a good place to rest your spurs.  


Here are his stats, pinched from Wikipedia, just for you.  :)

SireUncle Mo
GrandsireIndian Charlie
DamSeeking Gabrielle
CountryUnited States
BreederSummerhill Farm
OwnerJ. Paul Reddam, Reddam Racing
TrainerDoug O'Neill
Record7: 7-0-0
Major wins
Best Pal Stakes (2015)
Del Mar Futurity (2015)
FrontRunner Stakes (2015)
Breeders' Cup Juvenile (2015)
San Vicente Stakes (2016)
Florida Derby (2016)
American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse (2015)


Well, he was named after a hockey player, not the wonky theory about time of the same name. My grandmother was a hockey player, a goalie (!) -- so I must love that about him.  Detroit Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist never paid attention to horseracing – until NYQUIST won the $2 million Breeders' Cup Juvenile race. The Thoroughbred is owned by diehard Red Wings fan Paul Reddam, a Windsor native

*please know I am no expert on anything but making dumplings and singing alto. responsibly...and follow the BloodHorse too ;-)

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