is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Is Near Here

When I think of Summer, I don't always consider it will be filled with being out in the sun, getting a tan and enjoying the outdoors.  I like to be inside, where the air conditioning provides breathable air and I can sit by my window and count the yellow cars that pass below at the intersection of Vine & rose.

I like the cold water in the swimming pool, the shady porches whereupon sit swings and ice cool lemonade.  The hot days of the year make me melancholy for the summers of my youth; since they cannot be re-found, I have to enjoy what I can out of the heated asphalt and concrete outside my little apartment.

If you don't wanna know, skip to below because this is a little rant:

My little apartment is located just where I want it to be, at the corner of Confused and Dangerous.  My 90-100 year old neighbors cannot drive, but they do.  They are not supposed to use oxygen and smoke; but ... oh yeah, they do.  Before you go thinking we're all a bunch of rowdy rulebreakers, just let me tell you, well, hell yeah, that's what we are.  All of us.  I'm the worst of all -- I even use a few flights of the [emergency] STAIRS occasionally!  (don't tell, they'll take away my access to the computers that never work!)

After Christ Church Apartments were bought last year, we all thought it would be just the same but of course, it is not.  The new owners are  not the least bit interested in keeping the seniors in the building, they've raised rent, late notices are in your door the very second 5 o'clock arrives but ya can't get the dangerous automatic doors for the handicapped fixed -- they are more keen on citing people for 'dog' violations.  There is no parking for anyone other than those who pay for a space.  If you visit?  Tough shitski.  Okay?  You're gonna get towed and besides, there are no spaces.  Also, one fellow asked for a Section 8 apartment a year ago when his income was fixed; a YEAR AGO and they keep telling him he's still on the waiting list.  Why?  Landlady doesn't like his DOG.  I'm not kitten...

oy vey, I better hush now about that.

So back to what I like about Summer. I like memories of when all my family was still around, and everyone was still healthy.  We had strawberries and mint growing all 'round the house from April to October; Marshall, Ad and I would climb the cherry trees to the very top (!) and Mom never knew. Or did she?  heh

We had a garden and though I hated picking beans, I loved canning them, along with tomatoes and all the other goodies we grew.  Summer was the time to play softball in the backyard, or swim at the pool, and eat cold watermelon on the swing while the sunset.

Now I just eat my cubed watermelon, today from Shorty's Market (which is closing today, sadly). I paint with watercolors and listen to music from the 40s. I don't go out anymore because I fall in love with musicians and that's a bad thing.  Musicians and actors.  Stay away from them, lambchops.  They'll break your heart. 

My hobby these days is refining my attitude when I reflect upon the past. I like to recall the great moments of a wonderful childhood as often as I can because I find that over time, they are all that remain, our memories.  My sister Karen is back in the hospital, I understand. Although she has told me she does not want a relationship with me, I still love and pray for her, every day. 

Fill my cup with kindness.

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