is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Princess Bride's Tim Hull Goes From Curley To Surly

You have seen him on the KU commercials with EllIE Clark. You know him fron the Clark Funeral Home ads...or SumnerFest. Timothy Hull is someone whose face you will recognize the moment you see him. It is no surprise he has agreed to be part of The Princess Bride. He tells me,"I am playing the part of Vizzini in The Princess Bride.  The last role I played was Curley in the Woodford Theatre production of Of Mice and Men, which just finished up February 7th (Princess Bride director Courtney Waltermire played my wife Mrs. Curley [aka Evelyn], and it also starred Princess Bride actor  Walter Tunis as Lennie).  Up next is Calendar Girls, also at Woodford Theatre, and then I am directing Out of Order at Studio Players, which goes up in May.

"Vizzini is a criminal mastermind from Sicily who is hired to kidnap the princess bride, leading a small gang of dunderheaded thugs.  Unfortunately, Vizzini isn’t quite as smart as he thinks he is.  He is one of the primary antagonists of the story."

"The biggest challenge for me is that I am playing a character who was conceived in a film, and the original actor’s portrayal (Wallace Shawn) is a well-known and much-loved performance.  The director, rightly, wants us to give not an imitation of the performances, but she wants to see similar performances on stage- no wildly different interpretations or anything like that (also rightly).  So my job is to take the essence of Shawn’s performance and to do justice to the most important aspects- lines, moments, etc- of his performance.  Shawn has a very distinctive style of speech, and some very well-known lines, so I’ve needed (and continue to need) to study his interpretation to give the audiences what they’ve come to see.  It’s a great cast and a great director- people have been nailing it from the very first read through!  I am certain it will be a very enjoyable and satisfying production, both for those who know and love the movie, as well as those who haven’t yet seen it."

Hull has worked with most of the cast and the director before in various shows- Courtney Waltermire, Caitlyn Waltermire, Greg Waltermire, Tom Phillips, Walter Tunis, Chris Rose, Darius Fatemi, Ross Carter… "The people I haven’t technically acted with yet are also already doing absolutely terrific- it’s just a wonderful cast!"

"I was born and raised in Lexington, and attended Bryan Station High School (where my mom also taught).  I went to Georgetown College and majored in a bunch of different things, then transferred to Western Kentucky University as a Theatre major.  I then went to the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, where I earned an MFA in Acting.  After doing some shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to New York City to do the whole starving actor thing.  I was there for two years, did several plays, and after getting ground down and fed up, I joined the Army.  I served for six years, stationed in Maryland and Alaska, and deployed to Iraq (Mosul and Baghdad) for sixteen months.  After that, I moved back home to Lexington, where I have lived for the past several years.  I’ve been doing plays regularly here for a while, and love being a part of the theatre community in Lexington.  I have also taught as adjunct theatre faculty at Transylvania University, and currently at the University of Kentucky."

 I’m not sure if it qualifies as a “secret talent” exactly, but I consider myself to be a somewhat expert on actor Marlon Brando, or at least an aficionado.  I have seen all but a handful of his films multiple times, and have read 20 plus biographies, read numerous articles, watched myriad documentaries, etc, regarding him.  He is my favorite actor.

- Timothy Hull and Princess Bride director Courtney Waltermire backstage during “Of Mice and Men”
- Timothy Hull and Holly Hazelwood Brady in Woodford Theatre’s “Sense and Sensibility” at a Jane Austen event
- Timothy Hull as one of several Napoleans (all ACT classmates) for a screening party at Francis Ford Coppola’s vineyard (Francis was wild, and Danny Devito waved at me, lol)
- Marlon Brando at a party, wearing a funny hat

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