is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tim X Returns in David Mamet's RACE (Opens TONIGHT at Farrish Theatre Downtown!)

Tim X Davis Takes the Stage in Mamet's RACE

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Looking for a night at the theatre without the heavy ticket price and parking problems?

Head to the Lexington Central Library December 5 through 7 and see David Mamet's RACE, presented by BCTC and under the direction of Kathy Swango. BicTic's drama daddy, Tim X Davis talks about his program's accomplishments this year.

Professor Davis tells me, "We opened the season with "THE KATRINA PROJECT: HELL AND HIGH WATER by Michael Marks and Mackenzie Westmoreland, and in the Spring we'll be doing Chuck Pogue's adaptation of TARTUFFE. I'm really proud to do ALL of these shows (RACE included) as they are challenging and thought provoking, and they don't "take the easy way out."

Davis is also enthusiastic to be working both off- and on-stage with former students. When asked what's different with this play? "Well, for starters I'm in it; and joining me will be three alumni (Meredith, Eric Henninger AND...Jeremy Gillett) Also, my current students are doing design; it's the first time we've ever had a student scenic or lighting designer. We didn't hold auditions for THIS one, but of course did for KATRINA and will for all the others. As this was an alumni show, I hand picked the cast. BCTC faculty member, and frequent onstage participant, Kathy Swango is directing," he explains.

As always, Tim X chose the perfect play for his students to present. We need to explore the issue of racial prejudice and privilege. I hope we can embrace the actors and crew who study and rehearse these issues so understanding will be more commonplace. Get yourself downtown tonight and see this American masterpiece! Tickets at the door, $12 and $10 ;-)

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