is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, November 27, 2015

Meredith Crutcher Talks About Her Newest Role in David Mamet's RACE -- opens December 3 at Farrish!

You have seen her in a number of productions in Lexington. She's gorgeous and talented, comes from a family of actors, and when Meredith Crutcher appears onstage, you simply do not forget her performances. From characters in short play festivals to Magenta in Rocky Horror, when Meredith is in the presentation, you know it's going to be good. She has a stage presence that is believable, and there's never any doubt Meredith IS the role she's portraying.

She tells me her next show is one she's excited to perform. "The shows is called Race. It was written by David Mamet, it opens December 3rd-5th at the Farrish Theater located inside the Downtown Lexington Public Library."

"I am thrilled to be acting alongside my former teacher and director, Tim X Davis, and fellow BCTC alumni, Eric Henninger and Jeremy Gillette. We're guided by our awesome director, Kathy Swango, who is also a member of BCTC's faculty."

Crutcher believes a great reason to do this show "can be attributed to the compelling and evocative nature of the text. Mamet has a way of shining a harsh light on the uncomfortable reality of situations while keeping you invested in the development of the storyline and the characters."

She is playing the role of Susan, a new partner to the law firm. "She's eager to learn to the ropes of law under the wing of her mentor Jack Lawson, who heads the firm alongside his partner, Henry Brown. Throughout the show, Susan is seen exercising some of the legal tactics she's observed her fellow cohorts using while discovering that not every situation is textbook or cut and dried."

Asked to compare this role with her most recent, she describes the similarities and contrasts. "The last role I played was the role of Shar in What Would Jesus Pack by Ross Carter at Studio Players. I think Shar and Susan have many similarities, but their differences lie in where they are in their lives within the context of each show. Shar is a sassy, bright college student jumping through hoops to prove she has the chops to be a journalist, whereas Susan has already worked her way through undergrad and law school and has secured a job at the firm, making her goal to assert herself as a reputable lawyer. Susan is just as curious as she is assertive which makes her character so intriguing to me.

I asked her if she had a secret talent, and she replied with a charming mix of truth and mixology. "Lastly, my secret talent would probably be smiling in the midst of adversity...but if that's too clichè, I also mix a mean potion. The secret is to start with a good bourbon." ;)

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