is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Second Sunday of Advent

After all my huffing and puffing, I did not go to hear my choir sing a new Magnificat! work today, music by Dr. Johnie Dean, a much beloved local composer who teaches at Midway and sings with UK's many choruses. I awoke with swollen glands, a fever, and a blechhy-blech feeling, so yes, I stayed at home and listened to worship on the radio.

I listened to the Chancel Choir perform a very lovely work, the Magnificat set to orchestral music, blended with gorgeous harmonies and very Rutter-esque in its style. The choir was fantastic, everything was balanced to perfection; I loved the woodwinds parts especially!

I have had another trying week, but my commitment to letting go of my political issues on facebook has helped me to see that it IS possible to restrain my tongue. It IS possible to let things go that bother me. It IS possible to forgive the little slights and slings and arrows.

Lately on my 'have-to' forgive list are my two former bosses, the guys who own the UPSTART CROW. They hired me because I am old-school, they said; then were thrilled with me on Saturday; and fired me on Tuesday, with the words, "it's just not a good fit; we are not what you want." They want me to work 50-60 hours a week. Well, no, and I told them that from the start, but no, that is not what they wanted.

I am thankful to say that people have come to my rescue this week; and I thank them for that. So many people say they are sending up thoughts and prayers, but really, are they? Do they pray? I wish people would. It would change THEM. It would help them help and not be judgmental.

At any rate, no more political statements on facebook for me, no re-posting of anything controversial. I do that on twitter, lol, not facebook, the kindergarten of social media.

Be at peace with whomever you have come to be, y'all.
love and harmony,

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