is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Strike When The Iron Is Cold" good advice when disciplining kids

For the last year, since my brother Tom died, I have had a series of panic attacks that prevent me from doing a lot of the things I enjoy.  I cannot sit in a crowd for very long. I cannot sit with my lovely choir and sing on Sunday mornings. I can from time to time enjoy these things when I am calm and stress is not a daily part of my life.

Since my last living brother came to Lexington in August, I have tried to find ways to help him go from being homeless to bring to having a place to call home and having a domicile of his own. That is my prayer anyway.  He's had jobs but nothing permanent. He has PTSD and simply cannot focus and that keeps him not working.   So I worry about him.

The past few months have been filled with many blessings and hurdles in that regard but to make. a long story even longer ... I've raised one son and four husbands. I'm tired. I am, grateful, however that we can listen to worship every Sunday morning, and every Sunday morning there is a message that speaks to both me and my brother. Today it was about discipline and love -- that to discipline a child and to love them at the same time must be balanced; you can't have one without the other.

"Strike when the iron is cold," means to take a while before you punish her children especially if your iron is hot. Cooldown let them think about it before you cut punishment. That is so smart, so wise, so Christian.

We laughed, and it was a remembrance time tempered with the humor of the ridiculousness of the situation because one thing Addison and I agree upon is that we were over disciplined as children. Switches. Tomato stakes. Hot wheels tracks.

I am so grateful for radio ministry. Thank you for reading all this, praise the Lord and pass the coffee pot, because it's going to be a long day. Enjoy the sunset!

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