is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bluegrass Boutique Theatre Presentations Are Stylish But Comfy

Sometimes art has to diversify in order to grow, me thinks.
When Dana Edison (right) & I finally got to meet Brian Hampton!

It pleases me to know there are small groups producing small productions adn charging small prices -- with plenty of small priced parking nearby!  

Knowing there will be plays above Shakespeare & Company on the corner of Broadway and Short is exciting.  

BCTC productions are always excellent; and easy on the wallet!
Hearing about the Much Ado performance within the stately architecture of the our downtown sentry, Central Christian Church last year was exhilarating; then being able to cover the Smoke On the Mountain production for ace weekly last month was a true honor. 

When I walked in the door of Heritage Baptist Church, I saw my article posted on a board above the 'ticket window!'  Plus I received Mother's Day cards from my sweet Waltermire girls...that was the best Mom's day I could've ever had.  

Jenny Christian, Lonesome Girl Productions
My friends Dana Edison (Bluegrass Mystery Theatre) and Kathy Hobbs (Fantastical Theatricals) bring mysteries written by local artists like Donna Ison, and 
David Senatore, and Hobbs herself! They cater -- literally at Columbia's and other fine steakhouses -- to people who like to eat and be entertained, with plots concerning Kentucky versus Louisville fans or Star Wars v Star Trek fans...they've become quite good at holding their finger on the pulse of the carotid arteries of many a theatregoer, even fans of Doctor Who!!

Jenny Christian is back in town and directing like the genius she is. It will be interesting to see what her Lonesome Girl Productions presents this year :)
Jenny Fitzpatrick's Blackbirdies open 6/4 at Woodford in CATS!!!  Check out the article in ace weekly, on stands this Wednesday '-)

So many opportunities are arising for the boutique artists involved in these projects. I say kudos to them for having the wherewithall to get the play from page to stage - schedules, rehearsal places, weather permitting, all sorts of dedication going on all around Lexington, we should be proud of those who bring us such productions as the Off Main Actors Group who performed at Heritage Baptist to resounding applause on Mother's Day, and to those who perform at every level of stage presentations.

Thanks to all who give me heads up to these fabulous folks' efforts so I can write about them!  Watch for my next ace weekly article about SEVENTY students working with a local choreographer performing a classic -- on stage!


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