is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who is the Emily Post of Social Media?

I don't know of any particular person who is the world's greatest expert on social media. Maybe one of you know of a resource to which I may defer if this jot of the day reveals my own flaws in handling facebook faux pax.  Why? Coz we all need a source to cite when arguing with the anal passive aggressive control freaks we call friends feel the need to correct us.

For example:  I just used the term faux pax, and immediately I know I have to save this post and go to the wiki to see if a faux pax is spelled that way or not and if it is indeed appropriate to use in a remark that I am placing in my journal called KimmyVille.  

I am a spelling bee girl, so yes, I do care about spelling and proper use and such; but there are folks in my world who immediately -- IMMEDIATELY -- will call me or text me and let me know that I misspelled or misused a word.  Or tell me to take their name out of the blog about their next show...even though they have not yet read the blog, or they want to know why I said I would "maybe" attend an event and then I didn't show up...or they watch who I 'friend' or 'follow' and then ask me WHY I would follow so-and-so, and there are relatives who refuse to come to holiday dinners because I didn't invite them on facebook.  There are guys who ask me who that guy I was with in the picture on my 'cover' and why don't I ever post pictures of him or his friends on my cover.  WHAT?

First of all, I will follow whoever I love to follow. Those who follow my boyfriends just to be trolling are gonna piss me off, that's for sure. It's just creepy to go behind a girl or guy's back and do that.  

Secondly, when someone publicly and constantly contradicts me, offends me, fills up my chat box with ire-filled words, I shall put them on a time out, the length of time to be determined by my level of pissed offed-ness.

So don't you see, lambchops, I need to make up my own rules or I am going to go crazy, lose my entire family to misunderstandings, and end up in Farmville planting taters...oy.  

We are not equipped with the social tools it takes to use this information highway, are we?  I know I am not.  I noticed a very close pal was 'friending' all my boy crushes -- out of nowhere -- and then when I confront her about it, she more or less forbid me to friend any of her friends.

How do you win?  I like the use of social media, but wow, it just is unimaginable that the urge to control is always so prevalent, no matter at work or play, those characteristics always show themselves, don't they?

On the other side of that coin, there are the friends who hell yes, you want to be their friend, but they leave strange comments on your comments ... and then one of us looks like a real goober.  The Election of course was a burning furnace of anger and misinformation and I hid so many of my FB friends that I really only see a few of them any more -- out of over 500.  I can't put up with so and so's f-bombs, use of the word "retard" or birther.  So I hide them and hope to never see anything they write again.  Any time a bigoted remark comes onto my Wall, I delete it.  I also usually 'hide' that person so I cannot see what they say.  Sometimes I use this sort of 'filtering' as a way of having a time out with someone.  There are folks I really love a lot and don't want to 'end' a relationship just because of facebook or twitter...but I can be their friend without being their faux friend on facebook or twitter.

I guess I say all that to say this.   I try to keep in mind that facebook and twitter are uber-efficient day to day journals that can lead to our peril if we do not watch what we say.  I do not like to be told I cannot be friends with somebody, that is so infantile.  However, I do expect my adult friends to remain my adult friends and respect the boundaries we honor in face-to-face relationships.  

I can dream, can't I?  
 I'll hush now, I guess.  Thanks for listening.

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