is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tommy: The Encore to Open Moondance Ampitheatre

What better way could there be to open a new theatre than with a smash hit? 

Tommy: The Encore will take the stage at the new Moondance ampitheater on Sunday, August 8 - and what's even better news is that all the players will be back to reprise their roles, so I decided to check in with some of them to see where they've been...and where they're going next.

Actors Guild of Lexington's Eric Seale explains, "One night only to help crack the champagne bottle on Lextown's newest venue." 

"We had a lot of calls for a remount so we've knuckled down to make that happen. Everybody is back, that was priority one to do the show."

So, does Seale have a secret talent? "Ummm...I'm a decent (kinda) archer, not a big secret, though because lots of theatre people have seen me break out my recurve bow. I'm a fearsome Simpsons trivia encyclopedia. At trivia, I've made a few people who thought they were fans hang their heads in shame.  ... Anything else is unpublishable."

Kathy Hobbs, who killed with her version of the Acid Queen at Buster's last month is back with a vengeance.  When I asked her if she was returning for the encore, she let me know in no uncertain terms that she's definitely in for the command performance of the year. "Do you think I'm gonna let anyone ELSE be the ACID QUEEN? I am SO gonna be there! My hip is getting better, slowly. I'm doing exercises and using a device called TrueBack that's helping me get over my injury and I was rehearsing my song earlier today."

"We're supposed to rehearse at the Amphitheater on the 7th, I can't wait to get in there, what a thrill to be in the opening performance of a spankin' new venue."

"I've just selected a new venue here in Lexington for Fantastical Theatricals to perform regularly and that should begin within the next 6 weeks, I still have to nail down details with the owner but I'm really looking forward to this venue, I was sure I was going to like the space, and the food was wonderful -- just got home with a few bites of tiramisu left from dinner.... I love it for breakfast, lol!"

"Fantastical Theatricals is working on its fall season which will include performances at Boone Tavern in Berea in addition to two of our favorite fundraisers - Murder For a Cause in Corbin which is an annual fundraising event we've been doing for Corbin's United Effort for the last five years... Also in October we'll be performing at Hospice of Hope's annual fundraiser in Maysville, returning for the second time."

Hobbs is also excited about her other traveling show ventures. "September begins my sixth year with Fantastical Theatricals and fall is already packing up with travel dates to several state parks. We are adding a musical cabaret to our offerings comprised of some of FT's most faithful and talented regulars as an alternate form of entertainment to offer for events.

"There MAY be a chance for me even with all this to STILL be part of another AGL production and I certainly hope it works out that way, but that will be up to the director, of course. I have high hopes though to add another role of notoriety to my resume before the year is out. My fingers are definitely crossed for that!"

Kathy Hobbs' secret talent? "I brag about myself too much to have any secret talents. Really I do. I am beginning to work on another interactive mystery script, this one is a spoof of a popular NBC show, but I'm gonna have to really work at it... the comedy is very sharp, and if I don't think it's working out I'll scrap it, but I'm going to give it a try... Murder With a View is the name of FT's most popular original script and I am very proud of the work that went into it, we'll be taking that one to the State Parks this year and I know it'll go over GREAT! It never fails!"

Like so many of us, Hobbs has struggled to make ends meet lately, applying for jobs, going through the beauty pageant walk (that's what I call it), and then being turned down for positions for which she was overly qualified, but she is one sweet lambchop, and accordingly, she has hope. "Yes, I get down, really really down, but once I can admit I'm that bad off, I start to get better. If I can just make it to the Fall everything's gonna be okay... and I believe I am really gonna make it! WHEW! ... I think I have a tiramisu buzz...."

Last, but never least, is Tim X. Davis, whose family is thrilled to be returning to the Tommy fold. "Yep - Joy, Logan and I are back! Looking forward to christening the new Moondance Amphitheatre."

What's coming up for X? "Next up at BCTC is a production of Much Ado (probably in mid November), but don't be surprised if we have another production this semester as well."

So has his beard grown out from his clean-shaven look for A Few Good Men? "I'm back to my Tommy goatee."

It's no surprise that he, too has a hidden gift. "My secret talent??? Well, I do pretty good Hanna Barbera cartoon voices. I was actually bummed they didn't ask me to be in the new Yogi Bear movie!" he laughs.

I'm shocked, too, Tim...but I'm also stoked that you, Joy and Logan are coming back to make Tommy: The Encore complete.

AGL and The Johnson Brothers are bringing back last June's live staged concert of TOMMY. If you missed this show back at Buster's now is your chance to see it one last time. August 8th (one-night only) TOMMY-The ENCORE will help to launch the newly constructed Moondance amphitheater at Beaumont Centre.

This "singers' concert," produced in collaboration with the Johnson Brothers Band, Lexington's one and only "rock n' roll repertory orchestra," is a one-of-a-kind theatrical extravaganza. See The Who's iconic double album brought to the stage by a talented cast of Lexington stage veterans as we break ground at Lexington's newest performing arts venue.

Tickets are $18 for Adults; $15 for Students

The show is August 8, at the Moondance Ampitheatre in Beaumont Centre. Gates open at 6pm, show starts at 7:30. Please feel free to bring blankets, chairs, and food to enjoy during the show.

Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted at the door.

Photos courtesy of 
Tom Eisenhauer 
Hilary Brown.  

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