is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre presents Donna Ison's MURDER ON THE ROCKS

What do Donna Ison, Bourbon, and murder all have in common?  The answer is none other than Murder on the Rocks, Ison's hilarious play that is headed for two great local venues in just a few short weeks.

Those of you who visit often know I have made no secret of the fact that Donna is one of my favorite local writers.  In fact, I blogged about her in one of my very first posts here in KimmyVille.  So imagine my delight when I met Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's founder, Dana Edison while doing some work at UK recently, and she let me know she was working on a play by the one, the only Donna Ison. 

Dana tells me she and the rest of the cast will perform Murder on the Rocks on a stage high above the city on August 28 at Bakers 360, but first they will take the show on the road to Equus Run in Midway (August 20).

Edison, who founded the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre company a few years ago is looking forward to the production at both venues. "This is the first time we are performing at Bakers 360 and I'm so excited! I was looking for a new downtown location, and I thought of them. I've already had so many phone calls from people saying they love Bakers or they've always wanted to go and now they will, etc.  We are also performing at Equus Run in Midway. We perform there regularly and I just love it. The space is fabulous, the food is delicious and everyone always has a great time, plus they are really good to work with. They are wonderful to me and the rest of the actors."

Edison explains she is playing the part of Charlotte Wolfe, Bad Boy's business manager. "I like that she is no nonsense and a little on the bitchy side. To be honest there isn't anything I don't like about her."

She started Bluegrass Mystery Theatre in February of 2008 and set their first show in May, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel downtown.  "I had done murder mysteries in Chicago and Cincinnati, and I really wanted to do them again. I took a class on starting your own business, filed the papers, got together some actors and away we went....I have several people that I use over and over but I always try to use at least one or two new actors in each show."

Dana explains that one of her favorite parts of each new production is taking promotional pictures of the cast. "It's a lot of fun to pick a location and come up with the shots. My photographer, Paul Atkinson/Rockledge Photography is really good at getting what I'm going for -- I always have a vision of how I want each shot to look. The shots for Murder On The Rocks are fabulous. We did them at the Beaumont Liquor Barn. My other favorite thing is to look for props for each show. I find lots of cool stuff at Party City, Halloween Express, etc., and my favorite prop so far is the coffin I bought off a guy at Meijer. It was in bad shape and it was Dad cleaned it up, put hinges on it so the door would close and painted it black with a red RIP on the front. I keep it in my apartment!" she laughs.

Show dates are:
Equus Run-August 20th at 7:30, ticket price is $45 (plus tax & gratuity)
Bakers 360-August 28th at 7pm, ticket price is $47.50 (that includes everything but alcohol)

Chris Floyd
Dana Edison
Gil Thurman
Michele Faught
Michele Breeze
Tanner Gray

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Murder On The Rocks
You are invited to the launch party for Bad Boy Ripes(Chris Floyd) new bourbon "Gansta Grizzly Bad Boy Bourbon". His entourage will be there including Melvin Schultz(Tanner Gray) his personal assistant & childhood friend and Charlotte Wolfe(Dana L. Edison) his manager. Pappy Carson(Gil Thurman)owner of Carson Creek Distillery and maker of rival bourbon Carson Creek and his very young wife(Michele Breeze) will be there along with... his #1 fan Debbie Fannon(Michele Faught). Not everyone is pleased with his new plans, and before the evening is over someone will die in this hysterical comedy by Donna Ison. Ticket price of $47.50 includes a delicious 3 course dinner, fabulous show & tip. There will be a cash bar. For more information or to purchase tickets call (859)494-2877 or go to

Photos provided by Paul Atkinson/Rockledge Photography

Photo location provided by Liquor Barn


World Equestrian Games 

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre also will be performing a show called "Horsin Around With Murder"  by Paula Hilton exclusively at Equus Run during the Alltech games.  Edison is understandably very excited about this show "because  they are endorsing will be promoted on their website and in their printed materials. How awesome is that!!!! Nobody contacted me, I met one of the girls in the promotion department at the 4th of July festivities downtown and told her about the shows and asked if there could be some kind of promotion tie in between BMT, Equus Run & Alltech. She said she'd email me the following week. She did and said they'd  decided to promote my show in their materials....I am psyched!!!"

Awesome, indeed, Dana. Just like you ;-)

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