is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WoodSongs to Feature Ukulele Artists!

As many of you likely know, I was given a ukulele for my birthday last winter, and soon thereafter, I became totally absorbed with all things uke.   I spent 20 hours a day on it for weeks, took it everywhere I could, babbled on and on to my dear friends about it, and when I was away from it, I was anxious, counting down the minutes until I could return home and pick it back up.  

The discovery of a wonderful website called that lists the chords for just about every song imaginable made my obsession complete...and so it is that every day, I go to chordie, look for another song to sing and play today.  It never fails to delight and amaze me that I can play songs I never dreamed of learning...stuff by Springsteen, Buffett and Kristofferson - to have a new vista of musical learning open up before me is fantastic! 

So why am I yammering on about all this?  I guess I want to say that if you  know someone who loves music but perhaps is a lil difficult to buy for, someone who has 'everything,' let me gently suggest you buy them (or anyone, young or old) a ukulele for their next birthday or gift-giving holiday.  They're inexpensive, they have a sweet sound, and there are only four strings to's the best gift anyone has ever given me, in fact.  I ended up giving Scarlet (yep, that was her name) to my sister when I found a Lanikai on sale for just $69.99 at DW Sound back in April.  The Lanikai sounds like a harp, the NyGut strings are easy on the ears, and the back is made of flame maple.  It is gorgeous...and plus, I had the chance to give my sister the gift of the ukulele! 

At any rate, imagine then, how delighted I was when I saw the line up for this Monday's WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour.  Check it out:

Monday, August 2nd - please be seated by 6:45PM

Brittni PaivaBRITTNI PAIVA  is the preeminent female ukulele player from Hawaii. An award-winning multi-instrumentalist whose sound is influenced by jazz, rock, flamenco, classical, Brazil, Japan, and elsewhere. 
Victoria VoxVICTORIA VOX returns to WoodSongs with her ukulele and a brand new CD. The award-winning vocalist ans songwriter lives in Baltimore and performs 130+ shows a year - Paris to Honolulu.
So, thanks, Mr. Michael Johnathon and thanks to all my WoodSongs lambchops as they bring a special show to the Kentucky Theatre on Monday. If you haven't been to WoodSongs yet, you're really missing out!

WoodSongs tapes Monday's at 6:45 pm (EST) at the historic Kentucky Theatre, 
214 Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky .  
Kids are welcome.  
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