is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boogie Men

I'm a big girl. I am not easily frightened. Sometimes, though, scary things happen to me, and these events ought not be dismissed lightly.  

Even though we live in the midst of crime, we never think that crimes might be committed upon our own persons.  Lose your wallet, you might find it, albeit empty and with all the cash taken.  Lose your personal privacy, have it invaded, and you may never find your sense of security, of well being, ever again.   
Last night I had to call the police; I had to report an intruder; someone looking in on me in the shadows...ew...creep!  Gave me the willies, coz it was sickening to know that my private space had been violated, that someone was lurking in the shadows outside my door and looking in on me. 

So what was the first thing I did?  I called my neighbors (the ones who live in my hallway, like a dormitory situation, the ones who are CONSTANTLY in my face) and they more or less ignored my pleas until the cops arrived...and even then, they shut their doors tight and were of absolutely no help to me.

The smartest thing I did was post it on facebook, in my status update, that I had caught a peeper outside my window. I immediately got a bunch of kind and concerned comments - at midnight and beyond, mind you - from my besties, phone calls from my sisters, and finally, my goodguy friend Tom Phillips called to comfort me from afar.  Even though he's in L.A., the sound of his voice, and his advice was a soothing balm for my raw nerves.  Tom always comes through for me, always, Tom does. He doesn't waste time, he addresses the issue right then, right now...he is that friend who is indeed your friend in need.  At any rate, I sure was glad to hear from him at such a late hour and with my mind being in a terrified state...I truly appreciate that about him.

He also gave me some good news, but I'll share that with you when the time comes. Just suffice it to say that Lexington's pool of leading actors that has  been mayhap a bit scarce of late is fixing to improve...hopefully just in time for SummerFest :)

More good rumors I've heard concern SummerFest as well! I think my sister's going to be part of the SummerFest production of RENT.  Karen's got chops ...  piano ... musical ... singing chops...and I'm so proud of her! Good on her and good on SummerFest for asking her to help.  Tracey Bonner, you go girl!

If I can just get past this crazy full wolf moon shadow crappy crap, I think 2010 is coming up roses for me and for you! I need someone to hug me and tell me things are gonna be alright. Tonight, it's my ukulele and David Letterman :)

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