is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Veterans Find Home at St. James Place

How do you know when progress happens? When something significant is accomplished?

At St. James Place, we know it when a resident says "This place has saved my life."

At St. James Place Apartments, 169 Deweese Street in Lexington, Kentucky, 138 working, formerly homeless persons and recovering veterans have found a clean, warm, safe place to call home. And with that home, they have begun the climb back to a healthy life where they gain pride in their work, comfort in a safe place and confidence that they can make it each day.

In 1994, the Foundation for Affordable Housing, with the help of many benefactors, completed the 100 unit Single Room Occupancy apartment building just half a block from Central Christian Church.

In 2006, the Foundation completed construction and certification of an additional 38 unit Single Room Occupancy wing for Veterans recovering from substance abuse or other problems like Post traumatic stress disorder. The residents pay rent.

They must qualify for their apartment and pass a drug test before they can be placed. Residents at St. James Place live in a clean, furnished room and have use of a community kitchen, laundry and private shower on each floor. They have a place to call home and it is theirs.

Central Christian Church and its members are proud of their support of St. James Place be it financial, individual or personal service on the Board of Directors.

Like all nonprofit organizations, St. James Place requires financial support to continue its mission. Join us in this important cause by contributing what you can to the Foundation for Affordable and St. James place.

Your donation will help 138 opportunities for life miracle happen every day. For more information go to

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