is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Statistics show that every 5.7 minutes, a child is reported as being abused or neglected to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. In 2008, abuse or neglect of 88,292 children was reported to the organization; of those, 30 were fatalities and 44 near fatalities.

As a result of the brutal rape, assault and consequent murder of three-year-old Katelynn Stinnett, motorcycle communities all across the United States are organizing benefit rides within their respective communities to raise awareness of the staggering epidemic of child abuse.

In November of 2008, Brian Matthew Crabtree, an 18-year-old Kentucky man was charged with the rape and assault of Katelynn Stinnett after he allegedly admited to police that he attacked, raped and dropped her several feet onto the floor. Crabtree has since been charged with the murder of Katelynn, and is scheduled to appear in court in May where he plans to plead insanity.

Initially, a memorial ride for the toddler was organized in Lexington by a group of lady cyclists who after hearing of the incident, stood honor guard at the child's visitation and raised funds to cover the costs for her funeral, burial and headstone. With the assistance of the internet site Biker or Not, Lexington ride coordinator, Crickett Lanham of Greenup, KY was able to recruit bikers from almost all 48 states to participate in the nationwide rally which will be held on June 13th. Each participating state will have different formats to their rides in an effort to raise funds to support a child abuse prevention organization in their city.
An overwhelming outpour of interest in the rally sparked ride coordinators to call on local area businesses to aid in donations for the benefit. The group heading up the ride in Pennsylvania is holding a raffle to give away a 2009 Harley Davidson. In Georgia, Atlanta Motor Speedway has offered their facilites for the day of the ride and in Mississippi, bikers will ride over 500 miles across the state collecting donations.
Sirius Satellite Radio will be conducting an interview with the coordinator from California. In Lexington, Man 'O War Harley Davidson is the last stop on the ride and will have music, food and vendors; Sleep Inn will be the host hotel, offering discounted rates to volunteers and riders as well as hosting an after party at their location.
For further information on how to participate in benefit ride or to make a donation, please contact Crickett Lanham at 304-395-6001. All proceeds from the Lexington rally will go to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky.

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