is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why So Blue?

by Kim Thomas

Anyone who picked up this week's Ace Weekly saw the photo of Travis, the Jack Russell Terrier who was dyed blue for a photograph by his owner, Enzina Mastrippolito, aka Z of Photos by Z.

A lot of people asked about Travis, and how he got so blue. Z wants you to know that the dye was vegetable dye, and she had it thoroughly approved by veterinarians before dying Travis the color of the Big Blue Nation. This photograph has caught everyone's eye and caused a lot of talk about the issue we addressed in last week's Ace, and that is how does the University of Kentucky's Athletics department monetarily benefit the University?

(at left, Z and MaryJean Wall with Carson Kressley) Oh, and checkout -- she TOTALLY has the scoop on Thoroughbred racing, Derby parties, and she'll charm the chaps off ya. Love. Her.

Shortly after Ace Weekly addressed this issue, it seemed as if every reporter in the Bluegrass picked up on the story and ran with it. As the saying goes, though, just remember, you read here first! (You can still pick up a copy today, but tonight around 5:30 or so, there will be a new issue on stands, so grab one now, or go to and check it out!)

We want to extend our appreciation to Z for allowing us to use her photo of her beloved bluedog Travis on our cover. Thanks again, Z!

You can see more of Z's photography at -- that'll give you the flavor of the spirit that fills the air in Lexington every year in the week prior to the Kentucky Derby.

Nicanor, a full-brother to the horse that captured the heart of the entire world, Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro, who was perhaps the most prayed-for Thoroughbred in history is now working out at Keeneland. Nicanor may not be running in the Derby (he hasn't won enough money to qualify), but he's a handsome colt; you can see Z's photos of Nicanor on either or -- check it out and catch Derby fever!

If you have never been to Keeneland, you really must sometime so you can experience all the grandeur of Thoroughbred racing at a first class racetrack. The stone walls, the burgoo, the well manicured track are all truly something to see.
Also, if you don't want to fight the traffic and the crowd at the Churchill Downs on Derby Day, just get yourself out to Keeneland and enjoy a stressless day of Mint Juleps, beautiful people and the splendor that is Keeneland. (P.S. - the Dogwoods are in bloom ;-)
pray for peace, y'all,

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