is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Advent Calendars

To be honest, I never heard of an Advent calendar until I married Tim, whose mother gave him a chocolate filled one every year. After that, I always treasured Advent as a time to prepare for Chridt to enter into my heart.
Grandsons (August 24)

This year, I have decided that beginning 1st of December, I will read the entire Book of Luke. It has 24 chapters, so the task is perfect! Beginning with John the Baptist's birth, and concluding with Jesus' ascension, Luke tells the narrative of Jesus' life, ministry and crucifixion in the tone of a doctor, someone who has excellent command of language and detail. I love his writing! 🌲

At Holiday time, I listen to Christmas carols on the radio, I sing the music my choir has been working on since August with the use of an alto CD for rehearsal. So, the next few weeks are gonna be in my key and like buttah! Yay 🌲
Einstein was a musician, too!

Christmas is the most beautiful Holiday, in my mind, and the fact that my son & his family don't visit doesn't torture me anymore. I have given that sorrow up to Jesus, to accept as His gift from me for this Christmas.🌲

Truly, my grandchildren are kind, smart and Christian, and I can only be grateful for each one of them!🌲
Melody, Kasey, Shelby,
Travis, Sammy & Cooper

I recently was fortunate enough to spend two weekends in their company, and every child made an effort to help me feel better. Good kids, all of them. 🌲
Coop, MawMaw Kimmy & Sammy
I am so grateful to celebrate the most righteous Lord of all & thank Him for all my blessings, for every good thing, thank you my Lord. 🌲
Peace, ✌

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