is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twats and Technology

I don't think it's cute for women to not know things on purpose.  For example, just learn how to smash that bug in your house, change your own oil, tires and door hinges.  When you are single mom, you have to know the ways to maneuver the obstacles in life.  Even if you don't know how to do those major life tasks, please, if you're getting a gadget, learn how to use it!  It's not cute...

I am not a big do it yourselfer, scrap-booker, housecleaner or anything that even sounds domestic, but sheesh...if you buy an iPhone or another smartass phone, LEARN HOW TO USE IT!

Lordy, I borrowed my neighbor's phone to quench my social media update thirst last week, and this morning she came to my door, hotter than a two-peckered puppy, and was telling me how pissed off she was that I "put something like that" on her phone! 

I was amused; I sat on the sofa with her and tried to calm her down but she kept hollering and telling me how boring my Facebook page was, and how in the hell could I possibly think that was funny? lollylaugh --  I relayed to her that I didn't blame her for being upset; however she couldn't get OUT of my Facebook because the chick had never read the instruction booklet or even figured out how to "google" something.  She considers me using the term "google" is condescending.  Oh lollylordy.  She is 77.  She is artistic and fun and smart as a whip; but she does not know how to sign out of Facebook, even though I swear I signed out of it when I used her phone last week -- and apart from all that, she was enraged about me messing up her phone (she used the eff word but I don't feel like typin it right now).  Welp, I FINALLY got her out of my Facebook, and told her I would never ask to borrow her phone again; she huffed out the door, still saying how pissed she was at me. 

Lovely way to start the morning, and it was while DANIEL BOONE WAS ON!  How dare she?  lol

There really is no point to this blog except to release a few emotions before I put on my headphones and hit the electronic keyboard with songs from the 1970s, like You Light Up My Life and such.  Hehehe. I know people who cringe at just that title.  (She is probably reading this right now, so no worries, Flossie; I won't ever make you endure me performing that song '-)

It is time for Advent music to be presented to my choir - this year it is being written by Johnie Dean, who has written two Easter pieces for the Chancel cherubs already. 

I hope to make it to many rehearsals and soak up the joy of his composition, even if I have to work that Sunday. 

After being fitted with a boot yesterday and being told to stay off my heel for six weeks, I am ready to make a pilgrimage once a week two blocks over to my church to learn the music and enjoy worship. 
Paula has a birthday today - hope it's as fun as she is!

Glad to find out the MRI revealed no cat-o-nine-tails and there will be no surgery!  In six weeks, I should be better and ready to return to part-time work.  Happy about that.  Happy the weather is turning more pleasant; so is my attitude.

I am on a lifelong quest to bring back the semi-colon; can't ya tell?


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