is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Kathy Hobbs Talks About TEN Years of Theatre - "Putting Laughter Into Manslaughter!"

As I told y'all last week, Fantastical Theatricals is celebrating their TENTH year in dinner-murder-theatre show biz in September!  Founder, director, and actor Kathy Hobbs tells me their first show was all about something near and dear to most Kentuckians -- bourbon! 

Hobbs says, "Our first show was named Bitter Bourbon Blues, which was about young new bourbon CEO, wanting to come up with 'The Next Big Thing' in Bourbon. It was written for the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven Kentucky. The cast included, Greg and Kathy Jones, Tamara Bentley Caudill, Rich Foley and Kathy Hobbs."

Covering theatre by shadowing rehearsals the last seven years or so for Ace Weekly and Hamburg Journal has given me a dollop of insight into show productions. To me, the most fascinating part is about the enormous task of getting all the lines learned must be followed by at least six weeks of rehearsal.  These folks are dedicated! 

I asked Hobbs to tell me more about the unusual happenstances in the page-to-stage process. "The funniest thing ever to happen in any rehearsal process had to come during 'The Altos,' which is a parody of The Sopranos. I cannot tell you this day what happened to crack up us, but we laugh a lot in rehearsals anyway. During this particular rehearsal, something got Bill Barto tickled and he couldn't stop laughing. I mean he couldn't stop at all. Finally I had to continue with the rehearsal and he had to speak his lines in a falsetto squeak for about half a scene."  Anyone who has ever talked to Barto knows he is never at a loss for words; no wonder everyone got the giggles! 

Apparently, the actors themselves provide most of the hilarity in rehearsals. "Whether it's from a completely over the top but still entirely appropriate delivery or from getting the timing down on a particular piece of comedy, they make me laugh, long after rehearsal is over," Hobbs adds.

Fantastical Theatricals performs at dinner venues like The Chop House and Natasha's (which is where I saw one of her plays and it was a fabulous stage for her particular brand of theatre.  She also recognizes how important it is to give back to the community you entertain.  Hobbs is a mentor and friend to most everyone who has walked onstage in the Lexington area -- some of my very favorites have been guided by Hobbs' direction and encouragement. "Every time we are a part of a successful fundraiser, that is a proud moment for us. When one of the shows I have written myself proves to be particularly funny, I'm often proud of that. But on a personal level, on two separate occasions, young ladies (who shall remain nameless) who had graduated from SCAPA for different arts confided to me, "This is where I became an actress." And that completely blew me away."
Kathy Hobbs has mentored some of the finest young actors in Lexington!

The only drawback? "When you do as many parodies as I do, it may be a while before you can use a favorite actor again, but there are very few actors who would not be welcomed back to Fantastical Theatricals under the right circumstances and for the right role."

Hear that, Lexington Theatre Community?  Get thee to the Chop House to see Hobbs' crew's next show, "Murder On The Oriental Rug."  To read more about Hobbs and her murderous casts of killers (and to see one of the young ladies she refers to above), clicky-click here at this linky-link:

Got that?  Any more questions, just go to

Show Dates:

September 4, 5, 18 & 19 and October 3, 9 & 14

Admission: $15.00 plus menu ordering

Seating for dinner service begins at 6:30pm
Tickets available online at
For more information call 859-229-2518

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