is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sundays With Kelli

It's a great feeling to talk to my sister Kelli. From time to time we get upset with  each other, but for most all her 50 years, I've been her protector and advocate. She has been my muse and singing partner; and today she is my Life coach and self proclaimed blog adviser. 

I'm proud of that. I may not be a Doctor or Lawyer or Something Fancy, but I have garnered some treasured friendships and relationships in my 60 years here on this great Earth. I've cared enough to keep the important ones nourished and growing. Despite my efforts, I've unfortunately had to separate the weeds from the chaps, as it were. Ain't easy, but with sisters like Kelli, you have to try. And try again. It's worth it. 

When we celebrated her birthday last night, we had an impromptu gospel sing -- even Nick and Kenny joined in --and drank some fabulous beer called Oculto. [ It tastes like a late harvest reisling beer.  Lol.  Blue agave infused er sumpin.  I don't know but honeylambs, if you wanti a new beer that isn't sour or red, ya must try it.] I made marmalade glazed ham and sweet potato casserole -- mmm mmm!

We had brownies for cake and though there were no candles, we still sang Happy Birthdsy to her in three part harmony. 

Kelli is like all of us, she has a good heart and is a child of God. She brings her old sister Kimmy flowers with each visit. She helps the elderly and disabled. She's just a good gal and deserves the same birthday celebration as anyone else: Family shows up. Food is served up with lots of love and silly laughter. We made a fantastic memory for my baby sister's birthday last night, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful. 

Today is also brother Marshall's birthday. That's the next page in the long ass hot as hellbaleena July calendar. We will also pause to remember the good times we had with my wild brother as we watched him crack football helmets in peewee league, get holes in one and accomplish other great athletic feats. He was a golden boy for sure, had everything a young man could want. His three kids are his quite stunning legacy; all fine and gorgeous adults blessed with goodness. He died so painfully a few years ago, but he is healthy now, in Heaven, and hopefully he is staying out of trouble. 

Thanks for listening. 

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