is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bats n Belfries

I love Bat Signals from Missy Johnston. Below is her latest enticing Batifesto:


Hey! Batfans!


Have you noticed how, in texts and on Facebook, everybody uses so many exclamation points?!  We have to admit, we do it, too!  LOL!  And we’re gonna do it a lot in this email, because we have exciting (!) news about our gig atNatasha’s on August 1!   Guess who’s coming to dinner!  Bat emerita Susan Thomas, that’s who!!  And not just to dinner…she’s gonna be joining us onstage for some old and new favorites, wow!!   She’ll yodel!  She’ll sing!  She’ll rant!  It’s gonna be one heck of a good time!


Plus, Kim’s new songwill be ready for us to do, IF we get to rehearse it enough!  It involves quarterbacks (think Tom Brady), stock brokers, buckets, and George Clooney...what’s not to like?!?  You gotta be there for the debut!


So, get off your cutie patootie and call Natasha’s at 859-259-2754 for your reservations to the party!  Showtime is8:00, and the cover is a measly $10.

OMG, you can’t do a movie with fake butter-soaked popcorn for that kind of money!  We mean, really!!!  The Bats give you a ton of bang for your buck, for reals!


Come see us August 1, or you’ll have to wait until October 10to catch yourself some Bats!  That’s, like, a super long time to wait, yo.


Flying under and over our own radar,


On Facebook:  The Bats KY


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