Здравствуйте, Batfans!

From the best Bat I know, Missy Johnston, comes this Bat-Alert:

"What with all the Sochi Olympic coverage, Putin’s pushiness, double Salchows, skeletons, giant slaloms (sorry, but that just sounds sexy) and our own snow and biggest icicles ever (no kidding, you should see the ones hanging off the Batcave gutters), we’re in a Russian state of mind.  I mean, we’re always rushin’, but this is different.  We’re moved by the moguls.  We’re feeling bad for Shaun White’s YOLO-less-ness, but happy for Kaitlyn Farrington’s smokin’ the halfpipe.  We’re in a spin over figure skating, worried about all those athletes trapped in their bathrooms and elevators, and thinking that Lindsey Vonn needs to get a hairdo, already. Can’t somebody on one of those curling teams help her out?  Lastly, we’re curious about the Nordic Combined.  Is that the same as a ménage a trois, only colder?  А сколько из участников должны быть Norweigan?

Well, anyhoo, all this Olympic fever will be over by the time our next gig rolls around.  Heck, it’ll almost be March Madness time, and we’ll be thinking about Cats, hoops, queso dip, dunks, and John Calapari’s cardiac risk profile. Солнце светит ярко в моем старом доме Кентукки, но только если Рискованные побеждают, right?  

Jim Gleason and Missy Johnston
Whew, all this sports talk wears us out.  Actually, everything does.  But we’ll rest up and gear up for Friday, March 7, when we’re back at Natasha’s Bistro and Bar for a  действительно большой сумасшедшая ночь глупости and lots of
напиток, сделанный с картофелем в России at 8:00." 

Reserve your большой стол, полный всех ваших друзей by calling 859-259-2754. We promise Marilyn will do her Olympic Torchsong.

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