is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Secret Garden a Long Time Family Favorite

Two of my greatest heroes are my first hero, my sister Karen, and a more recent champion, her daughter, Jessica French.   

Both are uber-talented musical workhorses, Karen never finding a piece of music she could not sight read for the piano or organ, and 

Jessica can sing like Rosemary Clooney (according to Dr. Everett McCorvey) and turn around and do a totally spot-on impression of Celine Dion that brings me to my knees because it's just that ridiculously fun to hear.  

They are both performing in Woodford Theatre's production of The Secret Garden which runs through next weekend.  Jessica's character is Lily, to whom the Garden is dedicated. 

Jessica glowingly speaks of the experience, and the entire cast's performance is excellent.  One minute into the show and the audience knows this presentation has been prepared under meticulous musical direction. 

Read Tedrin Blair Lindsay's review here: where he says, "As the ghostly gardener Lily, Jessica French is the soul of the show. Her beautiful voice and detailed acting rivet the audience's attention whenever she is on the stage. Her emanation of love is so strong that her influence seems more like that of a powerful guardian angel than of a wondrous woman haunting everyone's memories."

Read more here: 

My new man friend and I went to see The Secret Garden on Saturday and although I wept every time Jessica sang, somehow I survived to see the ending.  This show has all you need.  I would love to see my friend Ali's version of the Garden, though.  She has a vision for greenery and flowers, her family tree is full of flowers ;-)

The music and set are terrific, but that's the one thing I'd add -- a spectacular and wondrous garden.  Without the foliage, the production still gives the theatre goer goosebumps and the cast deserves every standing ovation they are given.  Congratulations to Trish Clark and her entire staff - and check out next year's menu of dramatic offerings...Nine to Five, what?  Yeah...they're producing Dolly Parton's classic.  We all must see it, no? 
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