is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, June 3, 2013

BLAZING SABERS! Presented by Fantastical Theatricals Opens This Week! 859-229-2518

It's JUNE! Hooray! 

Summertime at last! 

Here's hoping for a great beginning to your week!

The cast of BLAZING SABERS is working hard in rehearsals and looking forward to this Friday June 7 when they open at the Chop House! 

They are playing two Friday evening performances, June 7 & 14 and two Saturday Matinees, June 8 & 15! 

Check out the You Tube video HERE

If you haven't already then remember to order your tickets soon, because they are going in clumps of 3, 5, 8 and more already! At this time, tickets are available for all Lexington performances, but please keep in mind that folks are buys tickets in clusters, so ticket availability for any date can change with no warning.

Fantastical Theatricals is encouraging sci-fi costumes for the event, any galaxy, not just Star Wars or Star trek, but ANY sci-fi! It's not necessary, but you are encouraged to come in costume if you are so minded. 

"We want to make The Chop House look like The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" says Fantastical Theatrical's drama mama, Kathy Hobbs.
Friday Evenings 
June 7 & 14 & July 12
Saturday Luncheon Matinees
June 8 & 15 & July 13

*** Special Performance***
Blue Licks Battlefield
State Resort Park
Wednesday & Thursday evenings
July 17 & 18
CLICK HERE for information about the Blue Licks shows ONLY

Kathy Hobbs, Founder and Producer of
Fantastical Theatricals

By Alex Parrish

A Star Trek convention AND a Star Wars convention are booked in the same hotel room due to the manager not knowing there was a difference between the two. Inevitably, an argument breaks out between the groups and Han Solo- er, someone dressed as Han Solo lies on the floor- DEAD! It seems he was struck on the head with ...some kind of silver tube thingie...Add a couple of bank robbers, an undercover FBI agent and a genius geek girl and you've got: BLAZING SABERS!

Fantastical Theatricals is strong with the Force and is bringing this hysterical whodunit to The Chop House! You can check out their dinner menu HERE, and their lunch menuHERE but please remember to contact Fantastical Theatricals for tickets to the show.

Admission $15.00 plus menu ordering.

Your seats are reserved for 6:30PM for the evening shows and at 11:30 AM for the luncheon matinees.

At that time, we will show you to your seats and your server will take your dinner order. You may see some familiar characters in the dining room before the show begins.

An hour and a half after seating starts, the play will begin around you, right there in the dining room and the audience will have the opportunity to help solve the murder as well as become part of the show! (That is, IF you want to, we won't make you!)

About halfway through the play, we'll take a break so that your servers can make sure you have everything you need! (A reasonable server's gratuity will be added to your check for your convenience.)

For more information or to order tickets call 859-229-2518


Regrettably, due to very limited seating, admission is non-refundable.

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