is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, May 17, 2013

What to do this weekend?

Well, first of all, I know what I SHOULD do this weekend.  I should plant those wildflower seeds, find a sunny spot for the palm tree to recover from this past week's near-freeze, and get rid of more clothing I haven't worn since mullets were all the rage.  However, what I will do this weekend will more likely be a to-maybe-do list of the following:

  • Go to Farmers Market just to see everyone and pet some dogs, listen to the two old fellers who play and sing mountain songs...oh, and look for baby asparagus!
  • Find out where the best music is playing, and hope the locales are within routes of the Colt Trolley a/k/a The Drunk Bus.  That means CCI, Lynaughs, Green Lantern, Cheapside or Henry Clay Pub ... coz quite frankly, I really don't want to have to break in any new bartenders or servers.  I'm lazy that way. 
  • Learn at least five new songs on the ukulele until I can play and sing it all the way through without looking at the music...or "off-book" as the theatre crowd calls it.  I have to build my repertoire until I can play at least one song by just about any good artist.  People might want to hear White Lightning but will settle for He Stopped Loving Her Today.  They want Elvis Presley but they also like a lil Costello, for shore, dinah.
  • I'm exploring the Ukulele Wedding Singer facet of my life at this point.  This weekend will be a good time to put together a plan, an act, mayhaps a songlist for goodness' sake.  Weddings are so expensive, so if you're going to go cut-rate, why not go cheap with me at the musical helm?  Just don't ask for "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina."  Kthanks.
  • Agonize for all of five minutes while I choose my Spring pedicure color, and then bite my tongue as the torture is done on my faulty left Great Toe by the girl who nods when I tell her the problem, but she absolutely does not understand English not one itty-bitty-bit.  Why do I go back?  They have a great massage chair that doesn't do naughty things to my lower 40.  
  • Watch the Preakness tomorrow - I hope ORB wins again, he is poised for the Triple Crown, and I know we say that every year about the Derby winner (longshots and all) -- but ORB has the race record and the connections, pedigree, jockey ... all that and a bag of carrot chips to take him on to the Belmont.
    Tom Bragg, Kimmy and Betty b. deCecil
  • Put on my UK blue choir robe on Sunday morning, sit next to Betty Cecil and right by the Steinway played by Michael R and worship the Lord, who is good to me.  I will pray for my Aunt Jane and 10 cousins who lost Uncle David this week.  
  • As we say in our choir prayer, I will "evermore rejoice in singing" the praises of the Lord and all He has done that is good in our lives.  This attitude of gratitude has to be nurtured, and so I shall devote even more time to being grateful and not hateful.  
Okay, enough with the bullets. They're giving me a headache.  I feel like Lincoln sitting down in the balcony...
ORB goes for the second gem in the Triple Crown

So what are YOU doing this weekend?  
Just two days and Friday night to pack in all the rest and recreation you need to fuel your spirit for the next week full of work.  If you're not into my sort of 'wild' lifestyle, at least go see a show -- AGL and Studio Players, and Fantastical Theatricals all have plays going on right now.  More information may be found within KimmyVille or check out and see what the e-dition for this week tells you about performances and gigs.

By the way, don't forget SummerFest!  The casts and crews are taking formation, see if you can be a part of that phenomenal event --  or go to the Library and find a good book.  I recommend Bob Staake's new book, Bluebird.  It's a children's book, but the message is for us to see as well.  You will love the book.  Get it!  

peace, love and ukuleles,

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