is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Learn to Play Ukulele -- TODAY!

I can play &sing nearly any song with my uke, it's so fun!  Try it :)

And now...a shameless plug:


First lesson free,
$10 per hourly lesson thereafter.

Beginner?  You will be playing Beatles and Elvis tunes 
within one hour - guaranteed! 

Free lessons taught every Tuesday at 7pm, coming to a cafe near you soon.

A lifetime of piano and voice
training and an unquenchable
thirst for playing the ukulele!

No matter what your level of skill, you will 
find happiness when 
you discover the ukulele! 
It's easy :)

Music taught in an 
inclusive environment...
no electric instruments, please,
and keep your kazoos to yourself.

Learn to love the ukulele :)

Contact me, the Mayor of KimmyVille at
for more details. 


UpdateVille: For those who visit KimmyVille regularly, I appreciate your patience and your readership! Sorry about my absence of late but alas, google will not allow me to post a blog with a mere's just another brick in the blog-wall, ya know?  

It's comfort to look back at my blog over the past few years, I see a lady battling certain forces that affected my health and welfare. I am glad to see I fought with mighty God-given confidence whilst promoting those who put so much time and effort into bringing Art to us. I also realize that hell yeah, I am fierce and will not stop playing music, singing with my choir and fighting mountaintop coal removal. I will not stop having a personal life simply because I'm getting up in years. I will not stop doing justice and loving kindness.  I am resolved to be an even better Kimmy than ever before!  After looking through this overly efficient diary we call a blog, I'm proud of the writings, I'm happy I've lifted some spirits, and I think I may have finally found some semblance of Love, or Love has found me. 

Hope springs eternal, Lambchops!

"Arise.  Shine. For your Light has come."

Join me at Ol Hookers, where
"You're sure to catch something!"
Tuesdays at 7pm - free lessons

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