is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Murder at the Shell Cafe presented by Fantastical Theatricals!

Call 859-229-2518 for tickets

Kathy Hobbs and her Fantastical Theatricals cast and crew have barely put away the remnants of the Golden Girls of yesteryear -- along, of course, with Gilligan, the Professor (and MaryAnn) -- yet they're all ready for another murderous excursion with  Murder at the Shell Cafe!  It starts Thursday at the Chop House.
Fantastical Theatricals' Founder Kathy Hobbs
The shows will be performed Thursdays, January 10 & 17 at The Chop House on Richmond Road in Lexington Kentucky.  Fantastical Theatricals is consistently producing entertaining nights of theatre all around town, keep your eye out for what they'll do next!  Lexington is lucky to have such a band of conspirators and killers, as well as the villains of the likes of Dana Edison's Bluegrass Mystery Theatre.  Even more spectacular is that oftentimes the Fantastical scripts are written by Ms. Hobbs, and on any given night with the Bluegrass Mystery troupe, you may catch a play written by ladybug gone lakelady, Donna Ison, everyone's favorite Bourbonista!  But I am off track, let's get back to the play at hand...Murder at the Shell Cafe!  Here is their invitation:

The year is 1940, and Orson Welles is on his way to Hearst Castle with a gun in his pocket, followed by his jealous lover, Dolores del Rio.  At the Shell CafĂ© in Pismo Beach, California, they encounter Marion Davies, Charlie Chaplin, and Louella Parsons.  
Two Hollywood scandals collide with hilarious and murderous results in this fictional blend of history, mystery and comedy.
Join Fantastical Theatricals at The Chop House for this clever whodunit that revolves around a real life decades-old unsolved mystery! 

Admission is $15.00 plus menu ordering.

Your seats are reserved for 6:30 pm. At that time ,we will show you to your seats and your server will take your dinner order. 
You may see some interesting characters in the dining room before the show begins.

An hour or so after seating starts, the play will begin around you, in the dining room and the audience will have the opportunity to help solve the murder!

About halfway through the play, we'll take a break so that your servers can make sure you have everything you need! 
(For the evening performances, a reasonable server's gratuity will be added to your check for your convenience.)

For more information or to order tickets call 859-229-2518


Regrettably, due to very limited seating, admission is non-refundable.

See you all at the cafe, 
erm...Chop House! 


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