is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Arboretum Time -- Dmetrius Conley returns to SummerFest!

This year, SummerFest brings you a delightful trio of familiar works by the masters.  

Below you will find cast lists for A Midsummer Night's Dream and Legally Blonde: The Musical. The cast list for A Streetcar Named Desire will be available soon.  After a record turnout for auditions, the decisions were tough to make, but choices were made, and here are the casts, those who along with the crew have been toiling in the hottest sun of the hottest summer we've seen in a long time (and last year was such a hottie) to bring a smile, a frown, a tear, a laugh, and applause to your theatre experience.

I'll be back in KimmyVille with interviews from folks working to bring you quality outdoor theatre, but in case you're curious, here are some names to go along with the titles, beginning with my friend, Dmetrius Conley-Williams at the top of the list, as the Harvard graduate returns to bring his distinguished Shakespearean style to the Arboretum stage:

A Midsummer Night's Dream:
Theseus: Dmetrius Conley-Williams
Hippolyta: Sarah Humble
Lysander: Chris Floyd
Hermia: Kim Dixon
Egeus: Tim Soulis
Demetrius: William Drane
Helena: Meredith Crutcher
Philostrate: Mark Smith
Quince: Jacob Karnes
Bottom: Eric Seale
Flute: Cameron Taylor
Snug: John Stith
Snout: Clayton Winstead
Starveling: Gareth Evans
Oberon: Matt Seckman
Titania: Bianca Spriggs
Puck: Joe Fields-Elswick
Boy: Jackson Becker
Harper Toney
Tynesea Watts
Mariah Mowbray
Sarah Webb
Alex Francke
Beza Chavez
Brianna Mayo
Jonah Robinson

A Streetcar Named Desire
Stanley Kowalski: Evan Bergman
Stella Kowalski: Ellie Clark
Blanche DuBois: Bess Morgan
Negro Woman/Mexican Woman: Sharonda Lynn Piersall
Eunice Hubbell: Susan Wigglesworth
Steve Hubbell: Darius Fatemi
Harold Mitchell (Mitch): Timothy Hull
Young Collector: Rob Schrader
Doctor: Jeff Sherr
Nurse: Angela Williams

Legally Blonde: The Musical
ELLE - Ellie Todd
MARGOT - Stephanie Valentino
SERENA - Meghan Sharrard
PILAR - Sarah Smith
EMMETT - Miles Sullivan
PAULETTE - Vanessa Becker
CALLAHAN - Tom Gibbs
WARNER - Matt Elmore
VIVIENNE - Kayla Bryan
BROOKE - Alicia Cox
ENID - Rebecca Keith
AARON - Colton Ryan
ELLE’S DAD - Whit Whitaker
WINTHROP - Chris Baker
PFORZHEIMER - Will Bradley
LOWELL- Forrest Loueffler
McKenna Slone
Fiona Mowbray
Emma Becker

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"Assemble 45 actors, 40 technicians, 25 staff members, a stage newly built each summer, three compelling plays, wonderful sponsors, 12,000 enthusiastic audience members, and you will have an idea of the magnitude and degree of pure fun that invades the University of Kentucky’s Arboretum for three weeks each July. This wonderful creature is SUMMERFEST."

SummerFest is Lexington’s vital and compelling Summer Theatre experience. It began about twenty-eight years ago as The Lexington Shakespeare Festival, and in 2007, under a new Board of Directors and staff, became Summerfest, one of the region’s oldest continually operating Summer Theatre experiences. It is an experience that has our audience eagerly anticipating each new season, often stopping and asking staff and actors on the street what the new season will bring and when will tickets go on sale. We have seen two and three generations of many families out under the stars, enjoying a picnic basket, perhaps a little wine, and some of the best theatre that this area has to offer.

Over the years SummerFest has presented many of William Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, and tragedies. We have mounted more modern classics such as TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD, THE MIRACLE WORKER, FRANKENSTEIN, CYRANO de BERGERAC, THE CRUCIBLE, LORD OF THE FLIES, and INHERIT THE WIND. Beginning about ten or so years ago, SummerFest also became a presenter of musicals. RENT, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, to name a few, have all shared their special worlds with our audiences. We believe that each summer we present a variety of shows that will surely please all tastes, and the quality is such that our audiences will discover that they cannot stay away.

It must also be said that SummerFest works every summer to incorporate many of the young people who are participating in the Kentucky Conservatory Theatre’s summer intensive theatre workshop experience. In fact, it must be said that KCT and SummerFest are very much joined at the hip in terms of providing performing and technical opportunities for both experienced actors and the young members of the conservatory. We are, so to speak, “paying forward” the training and performing experiences of those who have or will have participated in the conservatory. We can now say that many of the young actors who worked as interns or played small roles-and, yes, some big roles-have gone out into the world of theatre and do return to grace SummerFest’s stage. It is a wonderful thing to see how a young actor played Juliet here one summer and has just earned a recurring role on the BBC’s Downton Abbey!

We at SummerFest know that all of you will thrill to this compelling outdoor, live theatre experience and will surely want to mark your calendars so as not to miss next year’s SummerFest. Please enjoy the summer with us!

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