is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Up, Three Back! Whens and Whats and Whos.

My sister worked at Dutch Pantry when she was in high school.  One of the waitresses -- a long-time server, a "lifer" as they're called, I think her name was Vivian --  had the big ol' high hairdid that was always in place, always teased into the perfect beehive and ready for all the action serving apple fritters and coffee requires.  When someone would ask how she rolled her hair to create such a configuration, she simply said, "Two up; three back."

For some reason, we thought that was hilarious.  She did not feel the need to explain, and her simple instructions - in reply to a rather taunting question -  launched a 40 year span of using the term, "3 up; 2 back." 

With many of the couplings and triangular relationships of which I have played the willig cornerstone of late, if someone asks about my love life, I simply say, "two up; three back." 

Oh, and rolling your hair two up, three back is a great way to style a number of gorgeous (and ostentatious if need be) hair-dids. 

So why am I yammering on about all this, anyway? I guess to point out that, as I see a summer full of plays, concerts, ukulele gigs, taking part in FAMILY INK, a project by the wonderful and lovely Sunny Montgomery to connect penpals with elderly nursing home residents. 

Also, I'll be teaching and playing ukulele on Tuesday nights at Blue Agave's balcony where the sound is glorious, soaring up into the atrium.  I'd encourage you to stop in after 7pm, listen from the atrium of Victorian Square, or march yourself right in and start singing along!  I'll bring an extra ukulele, and if you don't want to play, you can just singalong. I've received so much encouragement from the community about spreading the ukulele love, I shall simply continue lighting the candle of hope and rest assured that love for ukulele can only grow; it never really fades away if you 'get' it.  (psst...most people 'get' it ;-)

Otherwise, I'm gonna enjoy all that summer has to offer: parades, celebrations, visit friends, family, and enjoy all the artistic efforts that summer always breezes in with, like SummerFest, Studio Players, Fantastical Theatricals, BCTC, Actors Guild, Bluegrass Mystery Theatre - and oh, so many more.  Thursday night live is going to always be fun -- even if the lady with the Shetland pony shows up again -- it's fun!

Once again we are approaching July, when downtown will be filled with the big Independence Day parade.  There you will see marchers, politicians, community leaders, all kinds of great bands like the MMMB and the bagpipers, boy scouts, all sorts of television and radio folk celebrating the birthday of our Nation, the big ol' U.S.A. 

Our Main Street will be done up in red, white and blue; lotsa beer and hot dogs, the occasional skanky tattoo.  I will learn two more songs and watch three more plays nearly every week.  I will find old friends and  make new ones.  I will attend my high school reunion, and I swear as God is my witness, I will use the torture machine known as the abCircle Pro until I lose at least one pound before summer's end.

Two up; three back.

As we are all living it up and waiting for fireworks, there will be hundreds of our friends in the artistic community who will be building sets, stages, costumes, writing, rehearsing and polishing music...and much of this work will be -- and is being -- done in the heat of the summer, who toil in the sun rays yet they will perform when the Arboretum's sky lingers in dusk and awaits the opening of three classics this year:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
by William Shakespeare

A Streetcar
Named Desire
by Tennessee Williams

Legally Blonde – The Musical, 
music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, and book by Heather Hach

I will be talking to artists involved in all three plays, the directors, the choreographers, and give you a behind the scenes look at all our theatre lambchops and their toils.

I'll be getting the scoop on concerts, recitals, opera, charity events, art exhibits, and I'll write here as often as I can to keep you updated.  I have a wonderful writing project going that embraces each individual of a group with which I am proud to be associated.  I will be giving uke lessons from my side porch.

and I will sing Rosemary Clooney songs
every day until I learn them by heart <3

Two up,
Three back.

see you at the show,

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