is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wake and Bake with the Bats!

Happy Holidays, Batfans!

Wouldn’t it be nice if our holiday preparations were more like those Hallmark commercials where everyone is relaxed, happy to see each other, and feeling all warm and gooey inside?  The cookies are baked, the cards and packages are in the mail, you’ve had your mani-pedi, massage and acupuncture, and the children are nestled all snug in their beds?  Yeah, well, good luck with all that, chickens.   Here in the Bat Cave, we like to call those commercials bullsh*t.   Because we are, as usual, behind in our shopping, ahead in our drinking, full of cookie dough, and just generally stressed out.  Never mind that we can’t dispense the packing tape without getting it all wrapped up in itself!  Who gives a flying Rudolph if we’ve mangled the bows on Grandma’s gift box of Depends?!  And don’t talk to us about sausage balls!  We’ve had all the balls we can stomach for now, thank you very much.  Plus, Fido just swallowed an entire box of tinsel and we have to go to the vet, STAT.

So we’ll make this quick, humbugs.  There are at least 5 good reasons whyyou must not miss our upcoming gig at Natasha’s on December 30. They are:
1.     Susan Thomas will be there to sing with us!!
2.    It’s the CD Release Party for our new “Live at Natasha’s” recording!!
3.    You can bring a wrapped white elephant gift and exchange it for something someone else didn’t want!!  Reuse, recycle, regift!
4.    We’ve got a bunch of new songs!!
5.    It’s almost New Year’s Eve, but without all those crazy drunks on the road!!  (And you don’t have to dress up.)
6.    Reservations are easy to make at 859-259-2754.

Meanwhile, enjoy your designated holiday.  If that’s possible.  And get out from under that mistletoe, you old floozy.

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PS:  If you need our new CD for gift-giving before December 30, you can purchase it at Fred Moore Music, Joseph-Beth Booksellers,Decoratifs, and

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