is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, July 18, 2011

SummerFest Transitions From Frankenstein to Frank-N-Furter

Want to interact with the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen?  
Go to the Kentucky Theatre. 

Want to sing along with the Glee-ified Rocky Horror Show?  
Catch a rerun. 

Want to experience a modern, gothic glam Rocky Horror Show under the stars?  
Patrons are already shivering with antici...pation for the July 20th opening of SummerFest's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at the UK Arboretum.  Director Wes Nelson and choreographer Jenny Fitzpatrick have taken this cult classic and created a whole new monster.  But never fear!  That monster still wears fishnets! 

With music by The Johnson Brothers Band and amazing choreography by Jenny Fitzpatrick, this high energy version of The Rocky Horror Show hits The Arboretum stage and ROCKS!
Long time followers of Dr. Frank-N-Furter may not get what they're expecting at this visit.  Interim General Manager, Martha Bernier Campbell says, "While we are not banning audience participation, this is a different kind of Rocky."  Audience members may still dress up and shout lines back to the actors, but there is one thing of which SummerFest has no uncertainty.  "There will be no throwing of rice.  For the safety of our Arboretum bird friends, audience members are being asked to leave the rice at home."

The only other things you may want to think twice about bringing with your picnic basket and bottle of wine are the kids.  Director Wes Nelson describes the show as "dark, uninhibited, senusual and unabashed."  And he means it!  From simulated drug use to suggestive situations to mild language, audiences will get a little bit of everything.  For this reason, SummerFest is advising its patrons in advance that this is probably not a night for the kids.  G.M. Campbell explains, "We're not going to be checking IDs at the gate.  We can recommend to our patrons that no one under 16 attends this production, but it is ultimately up to the parents to decide what they want or don't want their children to see.  We take the care of our patrons very seriously, and want to make sure we are up front with them about what they will be seeing beforethey purchase their tickets.   That way, they can make the decision that is best for them." 
But regardless of whether you bring the whole family or not, one thing is assured.  This will be a night out you'll remember for a very long time!  In the words of Dr. Frank-N-Furter himself, "So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab."  Or, in this case, the stage. 


costumes by his batter-half,  Bats diva, MISSY JOHNSTON
(oh and btw: Natalie Cummins, right,
is props princess/stage manager exemplar - this year she
managed RICHARD III for SummerFest)

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?!?! Join us for a new and monsterous spin on this cult classic! SummerFest closes its 2011 Season with The Rocky Horror Show - July 20-24, directed by Wes Nelson with choreography by Jenny Fitzpatrick, new muscial arrangements by Meg Stohlmann & Judi Reynolds, and music by The Johnson Brothers!

For more info visit: http://www.summerfestlex.o​rg/

Frank-n-furter: Christopher Baker
Janet: Meaghan Sharrard
Brad: Wood Van Meter
Narrator/Eddie: Matt Seckman
Riff Raff: Jerome McIlvain
Magenta: Alicia Cox
Columbia: Cindy Head
Rocky: Whit Whitaker
Dr. Scott: Greg Jones

Phantoms: Jenny Fitzpatrick
Stephanie Valentino
Michael Baird, U/S Riff Raff
Katie Berger, U/S Columbia

Spirits: John Code, U/S Brad & Dr. Scott
Rebecca Keith, U/S Janet
Sharonda Lynn Piersall, U/S Magenta
Catherine Borland
Alex Hagan 


The suspense is terrible...I hope it lasts!
see you at the show,

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