is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spencer Christensen on SummerFest's Frankenstein

When Spencer Christensen steps out on stage tonight for the first of the final two performances of Frankenstein, he'll be nursing an injury while he's doctoring up his character's creation.
Missy Johnston and husband
Jim Gleason, whose band
The Johnson Brothers will be
backing up the ROCKY HORROR cast
in next week's SummerFest closer

Thanks to costume designer (and fabulous singer/actress/ladybug) Missy Johnston, he won't have to worry about working in his mad scientist wardrobe getting in the way of his performance.  He's grateful for Johnston's contribution to the show, and "my thanks goes out to her as she had to adjust my costume when I tore my mcl almost two weeks ago today. I am wearing a large leg brace that holds my knee in place and she had to split a pant leg to cover that! She is so great and I absolutely love working with her."
The stunt-fest farce known as
was adapted and written by Christensen,
who also directed the entertaining play.
Spencer Christensen

He also tells me, "working with everyone in this cast has been so smooth. I have worked with (director) Joe Ferrell many times and he always helms a quality production. I really appreciate having the opportunity to be in this show as the characters of Victor Frankenstein and the creature, or 'monster' are iconic and epic in a way. I love having the opportunity to play it."

Spencer is delighted to be working with his fellow cast and crew as well. "Nick Vannoy (who plays the Creature) has been a real treat. I feel very good on stage with him and I trust him. I worked with him when he was a student at Dunbar and he was apart of the early years of the Lexington Shakespeare Institute - as was Jesse Hungerford - and both were in the production of The Impersonation of Being Earnest
. I simply am floored by the growth of both of them. I absolutely loved working on that project with them and was very happy that we all ended up in Frankenstein. I want them to do theater with them every time I venture into a project."
"And that brings me to (fight choreographer/pyrotechnic pro) Henry Layton --- he is amazing at what he does. We have worked together in the past and reunited with Earnest

Bo List adapted FRANKENSTEIN
for the SummerFest stage
. What he can bring to the type of theater I like to do is unparalleled."

"I also have gotten to finally act in a scene with Carmen Geraci who is so fun to play on stage with - I have been in shows with him - but we have never played a scene together. I also am sharing the stage with Paul Thomas again and enjoy that as well. On the other hand I have gotten to play for the first time with people I didn't know or didn't know well and have a such a good time getting to work with everyone in the production."

After Summerfest closes, Christensen will be looking at returning to the writing side of theater. "I am going to pick up my adaptation of Earnest and take a look at getting it published. I also want to revive it as it needs to have another life. We are pondering options. I am so happy Trish Clark asked me to take a look at the script to help adapt it...and so thankful for that wonderful cast and crew who worked on it. More to come with all of that."

As for Frankenstin, he adds, I hope everyone enjoys the story we have to tell this week! So excited to have an audience!"

SummerFest continues tonight at the Arboretum.  Gates opened at starts at 8:45.  It's a nice evening to watch the full-ish moon rise as the sun sets over the hill of the UK Campus. Just grab some wine and snacks and get thee to the funnery...see you there!

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