is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blooming Miracles

I think a flower pictorial is a good way to remember how
grateful I am for all the goodness in my life.  This hydrangea
grows on the street where I live ♣
As Sunday's sun is joining hands with the moonlight, I have to say that my gratitude has grown by leaps and bounds this past week.  

On Monday, I received a call from a placement agency, telling me they'd seen my resum√© online and wanted to know if I was interested in a legal position at an established law firm in downtown Lexington. Tuesday, I took their test, what I like to call the "Mini-Bar Exam," which did very well in completing somehow.  I had not studied because I didn't know I'd be taking the test, and actually think that worked out in my favor. I would never have gotten any sleep if I'd known I was going to be taking a legal  quiz! Then I interviewed Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday evening, I was offered the job!  On Thursday, I settled in to my new office, learned a bit of the software, and went to town typing away and cranking out the documents.  Friday followed with its good attitude and extensive workload, but that's what I'm there to do, and I was glad to do all the tasks placed before me.  
This is the lucky horseshoe I found for a dollar at Goodwill
on Tuesday, the day my luck began to change for the better.
Yes, I know it's upside down in the photo,
but it's mounted upright now ;-)  

The best news of the week, however, was from my friend, Diana, who has a rare form of blood cancer -- her thyroid biopsy was benign. 
My neighbor had these on her table yesterday and I
couldn't help preserving the image, since everything
seems to be coming up roses (for me and for you)

Diana is one of the bravest people I know, and she is exceedingly generous and kindhearted.  Her news began the chain of good events on Tuesday that gladdened my heart, and thus began an ember of hope that continued to grow throughout the day.

After two days at work, I was already looking forward to the weekend, of course.  Lucky me again, I had a ticket to see Grand Night for Singing, where I had the pleasure of watching my niece, Jessica Pearl French, dance and sing beautifully well.  I chose to go to the Sunday afternoon performance, so today was the day.  I arrived early, took a photo of the stage before the crowd arrived, and sat back and watched some of the best entertainment a ladybug like me could ever want to see.  Several UK students who sing in my choir were also in this musical spectacular, and I was so proud to see them perform.  The orchestra, the lighting, the dancing, the singing - all were superbly presented and the crowd came to its feet at the conclusion with a roar and heartfelt applause.  What a a meaningful way to cap off a terrific week!
Not long after  this moment, the seats were full and
the crowd was pleased, giving a standing ovation to the
cast & crew of  Grand Night for Singing
at the Singletary Center for the Arts

I also enjoyed singing in worship this morning, Pentecost Sunday.  The choir wore red and white, the anthem was a ringing spiritual called Send It On Down, and the church was full of children and parents excited to see what the kids had learned in Bible School this past week.  It was a wonderful Sunday morning, and although the weekend is almost over, I am happy to have experienced a restful time after the excitement of last week.  

I hope your week and your Sunday were meaningful, too, Lambchop.  Thanks for reading what my heart has to say, and please know I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as the days go by and we are faced with life's challenges as well as good surprises. 

Here is a prayer we shared:

Holy God,
you spoke the world into being.
Pour your Spirit to the ends of the earth,
that your children may return from exile
as citizens of your commonwealth,
and our divisions may be healed
by your word of love and righteousness. 

As I was leaving church this morning, I saw the young Mimosa tree that stands sentry in our parking lot was blossoming.  I cannot imagine anything more sweet and precious in nature as the blooms that adorn the plants God provided for us...and again, I'm reminded how lovely life can be...and my heart is grateful.

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