is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manny Is Right for the Part and Ready to Rock in BCTC's Rocky Horror

Over the past few years as I have followed and covered Bluegrass Community & Technical College productions, I've had the distinct pleasure of watching some actors come into their own.  They may start out a bit tentative, but then they hit their stride, gain confidence under the tutelage of Theatre and Film Coordinator Tim X Davis, and once that happens, there's no stopping these students.  They seem to blossom right before my very eyes, and that's just plain ol' fun to watch.

One such student is Emanuel Wright.  Having seen "Manny" perform in other BicTic productions over the past few years, and a stint at the Midway Play Festival where he shared the stage with Dmetrius Conley, I knew he was capable of playing an array of characters, but I was intrigued to learn he had auditioned for the role of Frank-N-Furter for The Rocky Horror Show, which opens tonight at the Downtown Arts Center.  

Manny claims his secret talent
is that "I can read minds."  
Manny tells me why he wanted to go after the demanding role of the cheeky but sweet transvestite.  "After I saw Rocky Horror for the first time, the atmosphere and the crazy characters made me ecstatic about BCTC putting it on. I wanted to audition for this role because it is the most over the top role in the show I believe, but getting the part wasn't even half the battle because I quickly started to realize how much would be expected of me."
According to Wright, "the greatest challenge for me is to find my own twist on the character while staying true to its core."  When I dropped in on rehearsal a few weeks ago, it was obvious that he is thoroughly relishing this role, and has been fully prepared, off-book since day one of rehearsals, which is simply unheard of, even in professional productions.  That, in and of itself speaks to the devotion of Wright to making sure he portrays Frank-N-Furter with all the enthusiasm and pomp the role deserves.  
Manny Wright and Dmetrius Conley
performed together during the Midway Play Festival
this past fall.  Their characters were two men on
death row.

Manny Wright and Zach Dearing in BCTC's
Three Cheers for the Peanut Gallery

This is his fourth production with BCTC and Manny points out that he has thoroughly enjoyed the growth under the direction of Tim X Davis, "of not only myself, but the program itself. Tim is the X factor of the program, pun intended and I believe he will only take it further and further as the years stretch on."


BCTC presents The Rocky Horror Show in Collaboration with 
Actors Guild of Lexington


Book, Music and Lyrics by: Richard O' Brien

**This production is not for the faint of heart. It is intended for mature audiences only**

After becoming engaged, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss get stranded at the strange 
castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter after their car breaks down. 

They are then initiated into the strange world of the 
"Transsexual Transylvanians" and their customs.

Ticket Prices:
General Admission: $15
Students: $12
Tickets on sale NOW! 

Call the Lexarts box office at 225-0370 


My friends and I will be at the Downtown Arts Center tonight, ready to heckle, laugh, and do the Time Warp...again.  I hope to see you there!

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