is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cult Classic Rocky Horror Returns Again ... and Again!

Let's do the Time Warp again!  And one more time!

Rocky Horror Show is one of several
shows produced by BCTC in
collaboration with
Actors Guild of Lexington
Separate productions of The Rocky Horror Show will let audiences compare alternative staging, contrasting visions of the camp rock musical classic.

Fans of Brad, Janet and Frank-n-Furter who have never seen a LIVE performance of The Rocky Horror Show will have two chances to do the Time Warp in the months to come. Lexington theater groups are currently preparing two deliciously campy versions of the classical rock musical.

First up, the Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) theater program will bring Rocky Horror to the Downtown Arts Center for performances on Wednesday, March 30 thruogh Saturday April 2, including an additional Midnight show on Friday.

Later this summer, KCTC will showcase Rocky Horror as part of its annual Summerfest series at the UK Arboretum, with shows running Wednesday through Sunday, July 20 - 24.

According to BCTC instructor and Rocky Horror director, Tim X Davis, the twin productions will offer Lexington theatergoers a rare opportunity to peek "behind the curtain" and see how an individual director's vision influences the final look and feel of a stage production.  "While Rocky Horror is an iconic crowd favorite," says Davis, "there's still plenty of room for personal interpretation by the director and actors. In fact, no two productions are ever alike."

Musical maestro Jim Gleason & his magical modeling guitar

"Very true," adds Summerfest Managing Director Joe Ferrell, who notes that even the crowd helps shape each performance.  "Few musicals are as participatory in nature as Rocky Horros, and that's exactly what makes it such a favorite," he says.  "People could come to several performances of each production, and still see something new each time...and we hope they do!"

While the score and script are the same for both productions, one additional similarity involves the band -- Lexington's Johnson Brothers Band.  The BCTC show includes four of the band members, while the full six-piece group will support the Summerfest production.  No strangers to the world of rock musicals, the Johnson Brothers have served as the orchestra for local productions of Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Who's Tommy.
Meredith Crutcher, Zach Dearing & Manny Wright

Two "dueling" versions of a single show is pretty unusual, adds Davis.  "There's a lot more to see and compare with two separate productions, and fans will love arguing about which parts of both productions they like best."

"And with The Rocky Horror Show, there's no such thing as too much of anything!"

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Get into Rocky Horror and join BCTC and Summerfest this week and this summer for all the fun and excitement a rock musical can bring.  With Jim Gleason at the musical helm, the shows will rock and people will be dancing in the aisles!  I hope to see you there...

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