is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heart In the Right Place

I have to admit, sometimes when my neighbor knocks on my door, it's not always at the best of times.  She's a nice young lady, though, and truthfully, her heart's in the right place.  Tonight she knocked right as I watching -- against my better judgment -- the season finale of Dancing With the Stars, and although I didn't want to talk, was not feeling all that well, and was short of patience, I opened the door and asked her in.

After all, she's a reasonably strong person and not one to get emotional, but she was obviously in quite a bit of distress tonight. A situation had come up and it didn't take me long to realize she could not contain the knowledge she had within herself.  There were a few tense moments as I put up my defenses, re-lived my week of triumph and joy and disappointment and tears, not really wanting to hear her story, but eventually I shut the hell up and let her say what was on her heart.  I listened and didn't judge. I reflected without minimizing her concern.  I let her share her troubles and in doing so, shared her burden.  I cried. I am still crying over the details she related to me, details I cannot share here due to confidentiality and many, many other reasons, but even though there is hurt hanging in the air here in my little apartment like a thick foggy boggy pall, I know she is a bit relieved and perhaps not quite so distraught.  It is my hope and prayer that is the case...

I talk a lot about doing the right thing. I blab on and on here about taking the time to be good to our neighbors, yet I am not always the best at doing so.   I'm self centered, prone to self pity and get so wrapped up in my own troubles that sometimes I don't hear opportunity knocking because moments like these will weigh on my mind far beyond the past hour, but they do serve a Higher Purpose.  It is a Gift, even though I don't always see the Hand of God at the time, when someone's spirit is perhaps more peaceful by my opening the door of my heart and letting the love that is God, the love that is not complacent or boastful humble me once again.  

Yes, I know this post is a vague and you have no idea who or what I'm yammering on about, but I thank you for reading this far and for listening to me.  I guess what I've re-learned this evening is that sometimes I need to be reminded that other folks have things they need to say, too.

pray for peace,


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