is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sisters Provocateur Debut Thursday at Natasha's!

When I had my birthday party at the Grey Goose back in December, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by good friends and good food.  Two ladybugs who have always encouraged me and entertained me in various lovely ways were there - Donna Ison and Sunny Montgomery, along with my two Toms, my one Quis, Jupiter, even FarkDaddy Drew Curtis was there...sigh. It was a great birthday, but of course, as usual, I digress.

At any rate, I'd met Sunny at the Green Lantern a year before just after I wrote a cover story called Tweet What You Eat.  Sunnyt promptly referred to reading my article about twitter - which was the first piece in Lexington to my knowledge that addressed tweeting and all that takes wing therefrom...but yeah, it was nice to actually know that someone read my cover story, (despite the woeful editing) and who used my "you might be a Netneck joke" with great aplomb.  That's Sunny Montgomery, though, she's adorable, she's hilariously gorgeous, and better than all that, she's smart as a whip. 

Soon thereafter, I met Donna Ison, who absolutely floored me at Holler Poets Series with her reading from her new book, Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild.  Then as the year went by, I was blessed enough to drink and dance and dish with them about some of Lexington's great but ex-artistic directors, and all the drama and dogma therefrom.  I was honored to be asked to be a judge at Alltech's Poetry Slam late last summer, and the girls did me proud - they were the best! 

So I love those two ladybugs, and I was thrilled to learn at my birthday shindig that Donna -- who was the subject of one of my very first blogs, so was Sunny, come to think of it -- had a new project in the works, which she now unabashedly describes as "the always entertaining and occasionally offensive Sisters Provocateur."  Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of being around Donna knows that she is fearlessly irreverent, in the funniest and most festive ways. 

Donna and Sunny have joined with several other relentlessly witty ladies - Renee Rigdon and Kate Hadfield and Kirstin Preston - and the whole town is now a-twitter because their first show, Panty Raid, is about to get everyone's knickers in a twist when they perform their debut show at Natasha’s on August 12 beginning at 8:30pm - just two days away!

Taken at Donna Ison's birthday party, Grey Goose
During this show that deals with sex and sexuality, the Sisters will broach with humor and honesty some of the most taboo topics ever to take the stage. 

Setting: a slumber party. Characters: five real women who aren’t afraid to let it all hang out and an audience who... will be coerced through prizes to participate in the pandemonium. 

Sunny Montgomery and me - she's the BEST!

Elements: Poetry, Dance, Song, and Games. 

The result: A staged pajamarama of epic proportions.

MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW by calling 859-259-2754 or go online to

The Sisters Provocateur formed to promote the idea that poetry doesn’t have to be pretentious, sexy doesn’t have to be skinny, and brainy doesn’t have to be boring. The Sisters Provocateur is made up of local authors and performers such as: Donna Ison (The Miracle of Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild, Bourbonista Blog, and 2009 Gypsy Slam Poetry Winner), Renee Rigdon (The Anticraft: Knitting, Beading, and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister and feature Holler Poet), Sunny Montgomery (Holler Feature Poet and contributing writer to North of Center ), Kate Hadfield (Contemporary Dance Collective), and their Stage Mama, Kirstin Preston. 
Sunny Montgomery at my Grey Goose birthday

Their first show,  will also feature special guest sister, Jessi Fehrenbach. Kenn Minter will cameo as a very special guest of the male persuasion.

The Sisters Provocateur are funded in part through a Kentucky Foundation for Women Art Meets Activism grant.

Oh panoply, thy name is Provacateur! 
Sunny Montgomery and me - she's the BEST!

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