is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fantastical Theatricals Presents: Sam Club, The Case of the Malted Falcon

If you had the pleasure of seeing Actors Guild of Lexington's spectacular presentation of Tommy: The Concert (most recently known as Tommy: The Encore), you  most certainly will remember the Acid Queen, played and sung masterfully by Kathy Hobbs.  When Hobbs is on stage, everyone sits up and listens, not only because of her wonderful voice, but she's also gorgeous and has a stage presence that is impossible to ignore.  When she performed last Sunday at the new Moon Dance ampitheater, she left the audience wanting more and everyone was wondering, what's next for this great performer, when and where can we all see her on stage again?

Good news, my lambchops!  Kathy Hobbs has this great mystery theatre company called Fantastical Theatricals, and they have an upcoming spoof on the Sam Spade series in a show that sounds hilariously intriguing.  

It's called Sam Club, Private Eye in: The Case of the Malted Falcon, An Interactive Murder Mystery by Tony and MaryLou Schwartz.  It will be presented at Sutton's Restaurant on Thursday, September 9th; seating begins at 7:00, and the show starts at 8, with ticket prices only $15 plus menu ordering. 

Hobbs' description of the play will give you an idea of what's in store: "Private Eye Sam Club is in hot chocolate - er - hot water when the priceless edible sculpture he's guarding is stolen while it's being transported by train to the Gallery of Amazingly Great Art (GAGA) in New York City."

"Is the thief Velma Vavoomski, Sam's ditsy secretary? Bird Activist Abigail Nightingale? Or one of the other wacky characters? Can you help Sam Club and amatuer sleuth Miss Marples find the thief? Wait a minute, THIEF? Isn't this a murder mystery? It certainly is, and Sam's looking at you, sweetheart!"

Fantastical Theatricals is pleased to present this hilarious spoof of Sam Spade at Sutton's Restaurant, where everything possible is Kentucky PROUD!

Call 859.229-2518 for more information.


Fantastical Theatricals is a touring, interactive theater company based in Central Kentucky. We travel throughout the state with customized musical comedy entertainment - specializing in the interactive murder mystery. Most often, our performances are done amongst the audience in a dinner theater environment, but virtually any venue or need can be accommodated - for both public and private events. What can Fantastical Theatricals offer you?

• a show that actively engages every audience
• an experienced, professional and quality cast
• a delightfully memorable experience for all involved
We are an interactive company, so we not only perform musical theater for our guests, but also engage them in the action. This is far less scary than it may sound to some. In our shows, individual audience members get involved in brief dialog or action, before the scripted action continues merrily along its way.. Audiences have so much fun doing this! Where else are you invited to co-create for an evening? There is no comparable medium... We bring you something truly unlike any other type of theater!

Oh, and one more thing about Kathy Hobbs...she is one of the nicest and most thoughtful people you would ever want to meet.  That just makes watching her perform that much sweeter.  I hope you'll support  Fantastical Theatricals and perhaps even see what mystery they can bring to your organization's event.  
See you at the show...
peace, y'all,

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