is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, May 31, 2010

America, the Beautiful: Remembering Our Veterans

December 19, 1944

Dearest Mom,

Well, it's only 6 days to Xmas.  I guess you've mailed all your letters to Santa by now.  You know they could kid me all they want to, but for once I want to come home to Momma and gee I'd tie myself onto your apron strings and never turn loose.  

Got your letter of December 3rd yesterday and it makes me feel good to think that you enjoyed so nice a birthday.  No matter how big or how small our gifts may be you can rest assured that they come with all of our hearts.  You're just "Tops," Mom in our books.

My morale was upped 150% when I heard about the Youlin Wedding.  If I ever get that you'll see me in the headlines "Thomas takes Berlin," Houzat?

Glad to hear about Lawson & June, knew that would happen. Don't worry about her Man Elmer, he'll be good for another 50 years yet.  That guy is "rugged" as we say over here.  Guess that's all for today.

Your loving son,

I have only one of many V-mails my Dad sent to Grandma Tommy
when he served in the infantry in World War II. I just happened 
to pick it up and read it again today, and wow, it was 
dated December 19, 1944!

I figured that was a pretty good sign that this should
be included in my blog for today.  

Pops' message is a good reminder that we have men and women

serving in foreign countries today  who appreciate every note, card and 
letter - we need to let them know how much we treasure them - 
they are paying a precious
price for our freedom! 


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