is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sing. Sing a Song...or Read a Poem

by Kim Thomas

Tomorrow night, the magical musical Once On This Island begins at the Arboretum.

SummerFest's third and final show starts around 8:45, but get there early to get a good blanket space; gates open at 7:30. My recommendation is to also bring a picnic basket full of cheese, crackers, and wine with a backup of a little bit of soda or water. You will need a little Skin-so-Soft or some other sort of bug-away-juice so the chiggers don't get what the mosquitos leave behind. It's an arboretum, after all, and Nature will take her course!
(photos of Once On This Island rehearsals courtesy of Tom Eisenhauer)

Margo Buchanan directs this musical that has been carefully choreographed and rehearsed down to the last sixteenth-note. The songs are so beautiful, you will be singing them long after the last morsel of your picnic is gone and the message will last a lifetime. SummerFest organizers have done a tremendous job this year of bringing three very diverse but equally entertaining shows to Lexington's outdoor drama venue.

If you do choose to go to SummerFest, the magnificent sunset, the appreciative audience, and the Caribbean feel of the award-winning musical that will unfold before you will definitely make it worth your effort.
Bring the whole family and enjoy what SummerFest has to offer. This is its final week for 2009, and my hope is that scores and scores of people will be there to show Joe Cannon Artz, Sheila Ferrell, Trish Clark, and all the many volunteers, directors, actors, crew members, and sponsors how much we appreciate their time and energy. SummerFest is an ongoing venture, designed to nurture the creative process in area youth through education and experience. It's more than a show, it's a festival of art!
Note: If you go to, you can read my entire article about SummerFest by clicking on Archives!

If you cannot make it to SummerFest, you might want to check out the other happening event on tomorrow night's Bluegrass area bill: Holler Poets Series 15, at Al's Bar & Grill, 6th and Limestone. Free admission. Open Mic starts at 8:00 p.m.

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