is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

General Quarters Wins My Sentimental Vote

by Kim Thomas

There's no way I can ignore GENERAL QUARTERS. I had dreams that a gray horse would win the Kentucky Derby, and even though that didn't happen, I still have a gut feeling about GENERAL QUARTERS when it comes to the Preakness.


GENERAL QUARTERS only finished tenth in the Derby, but I still give him a chance today. After all, he came from behind to win the Grade I Bluegrass Stakes at Keeneland, and plus, my boss lady likes him.

Photo of General Quarters with trainer Tim McCarthy courtesy of Photos by Z

A previous stakes winner, he won the Grade I Bluegrass Stakes by surging past the wonderfully-named pacesetter Join in the Dance to surprise the Keeneland crowd back in April to take the winning money and subsequent honors.

GENERAL QUARTERS is a SKY MESA colt owned and trained by Tim McCarthy and will be ridden by Julien Leparoux. His mare, ECOLOGY, is a daughter of Grade I stakes winner UNBRIDLED'S SONG.

McCarthy’s st
ory will likely be one of those slow-mo video clip stories sure to tug at our heartstrings today. As a cancer survivor, a retired school principal, and an owner/trainer who hotwalks his own horses and is hands-on with every aspect of the colt’s handling, McCarthy is the kind of guy everyone loves.

The naval term "General Quarters." When the call to General Quarters (GQ) is made, the crew prepares the ship to join battle. Off-duty or sleeping crewmembers report to their stations and prepare for action. Watertight doors between bulkheads are shut and security is increased around sensitive areas such as the bridge and engineering rooms.

I love the Navy, I love gray horses, and I love it that Tim McCarthy has persevered through all his obstacles. If he wins today, I will be a happy gal, because Hope is a big deal. We all need Hope :)
pray for peace,

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