is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Derby Post Positions

Here are the post positions of the Derby entered in this year's Kentucky Derby as well as their odds.

You can print this off and cut out each entry, put them all in a hat and your Derby Draw Party can begin! (I recommend waiting until just before My Old Kentucky Home is played, because you never know when a horse will scratch! )

Be a part of the tradition and have a Derby Day with your family and friends - you'll have memories that will last a lifetime!

1.West Side Bernie, 30-to-1

2. Musket Man, 20-to-1

3. Mr. Hot Stuff, 30-to-1

4. Advice, 30-to-1

5. Hold Me Back, 15-to-1

6. Friesan Fire, 5-to-1

7. Papa Clem, 20-to-1

8. Mine That Bird, 50-to-1

9. Join in the Dance, 50-to-1

10. Regal Ransom, 30-to-1

11. Chocolate Candy, 20-to-1

12. General Quarters, 20-to-1

13. I Want Revenge, 3-to-1

14. Atomic Rain, 50-to-1

15. Dunkirk, 4-to-1

16. Pioneerof the Nile, 4-to-1

17. Summer Bird, 50-to-1

18. Nowhere to Hide, 50-to-1

19. Desert Party 15-1

20.Flying Private 50-1

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