is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Art For Healing a Heart

This year, I have learned, oh so much.  For instance, I've been silent when I wanted to be loud.  I have learned to be at peace when anger is at the front of my mind.  Further, I learned my grief can bring comfort to those in need.

My experience of grief manifested itself in a multitude of ways this year.  I lost my sister in January when she had a stroke and forbid me to see her.  I lost my good neighbor Phyllis, with whom I tried hot fudge sundaes and olive nut sandwiches all while plotting our next escapade to the Lexington Cemetery. She let me teach her how to TEXT, for God's sake.  Loved her so much!  She was almost 90, and had the best  sense of humor. She trusted me; it was a mutual thang that kept getting better throughout the past year.  She went to be with her beloved Joe in November, and though it was tough to say goodbye, I knew she was ready.  But yeeouch, that really hurt my heart. 

At Christmastime, my baby sister got mad at me, again, which she does every year at Christmas.  Sigh.  Grief.  Oy.

Grief for the passing of so many great musical artists has been abundant this year, starting with Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard, George Michael just to name a fraction of those whose legacy is all that is left for the multitudes to enjoy. albeit forevermore. 

Many of my friends lost their spouses, mothers and fathers, too many to mention.  As my friend Mayme used to say, after the first death, there is no other.  You keep reliving them over and over when others die.  Yipes, this has been a tough year for grief, but hallelujia.  I have survived it, my grandkids love me, and two of them are actually in touch with me, and most importantly I am using art to heal my heart.

I am reading, writing a play about the family, painting, drawing, and having fun exploring just how bad my skills are at doing so. 

After reading GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING by Tracey Chevalier, I started trying to draw said girl with a pearl.  That has been hilarious, and my birthday twin, brother Addison, is attempting to do it as well.  It has been a Joy to fill my time with painting and drawing, even if I am poor at it, the level of Happy is beyond explanation. To share it with Ad has been truly inspirational.

The second book to inspire has been my birthday gift of THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan.  It is a totally different piece, a graphic novel!  I still don't understand its meaning, but I am getting there via the artwork which is fantastical and striking ... on a boat ... :)

Happy New Year to all who have stuck in with this blog so far today. It really has no meaning, but to wish y'all a lovely holiday and to let you know I survived 2016.  With God, all things are possible!

Love love love and love,

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