is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Art by Flag Fork Herb Farm's Mike Creech Sold At Farmers Market to Benefit Fund

I was at the Market today, it being Saturday and all, and on my out, stopped at my favorite (and only) geode stand.  As I looked at the ancient rocks and fossils, I saw some prints on the other side of the table.

They were created by Mike Creech, and there was even one of a scene depicting Exile, my favorite Kentucky homeboys, as the marquee attraction at the Dog in Richmond!  I loved it...almost bought it but hope it will be there next week.  

Creech is in a wheelchair due to an accident that left him immobilized from the waist down.

Mike and Carrie Creech were the owners of the Flag Fork Herb Farm and The Garden Cafe in Lexington.  If you enjoyed the food there, you were eating Mike's creations as the head chef!

Over three years ago, he was in a tragic accident while fishing near Cave Run Lake.  That day, his world would change dramatically when he broke his neck and became paralyzed from the chest down.

Through this challenging journey, spending months in rehabilitation at Cardinal Hill, he has shown great character and strength!  With determination, faith in God, great surgeons and the help of family and friends, Mike is improving.  Feeling and reponse are slowly returning to his body.  

Hats off to Mike and Carrie, his dedicated wife!  Currently in a wheelchair, in great spirits, he is able to communicate clearly.  He has participated in many research studies and outpatient therapy at Cardinal Hill.  However from his waist down...he is still immobile.  From his waist up he is quite limited and dependent on 24 hour help from others.  Movement in his arms and hands is the focus of daily therapy also aimed at keeping his upper body strong enough to balance while sitting.  He is able to operate the controls on his motorized wheelchair, feed himself, and even started back to his art work with the help of a care giver.

I encourage you to go to this link and give whatever you can to help his family raise the funds to purchase needed therapy equipment:


Shiloh Center [a 5013(c) non-profit organization]
800 Compton Rd #37A
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231


Call Dan Jackson with any questions: 513.522.5766


Do it my way, and go to the Farmers Market stand on Short Street (on Saturdays) where the geodes are will not be sorry you visited their kiosk!  Buy a print; all proceeds go directly to Mike!



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