is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Caitlyn Leonard IS the Princess Bride! (Feb 29 at Ky Theatre)

First of all, y'all KNOW that I absolutely adore the Waltermire family.  They are simply the nicest bunch of folks you'd ever want to know, plus being talented and gorgeous.  So when I found out Courtney Waltermire was directing The Princess Bride, I had to find out who was involved and then pick their brains to highlight them in KimmyVille. 
First up is THE princess, the FIRST Waltermire who let me adopt her as my perpendicular daughter in a parallel universe:  Caitlyn Waltermire Leonard.  I asked her about her role, and a few other questions, and she was prompt to reply, as always.  (LOVE THAT GIRL!)  Caitlyn says, "I know I've been out of the theatre scene too long when it's been this long since we've talked. I'm so glad you're blogging about Princess Bride! 
"I'm playing 'Buttercup.' My last role was as one of the Myerwalter Sisters in Ross Carter's new musical Madame Buttermilk. My sisters Courtney and Kaylee were also cast as Myerwalters. We fought over who got to sing the lowest part, which probably doesn't happen in musical theatre all the time. I hadn't helped debut a work before; there was a special energy in those rehearsals and shows. Ross is hilarious on page and off-- but you don't have to take MY word for it..." she laughs.
Caitlyn tells me that Buttercup is the title character. "She and Westley share the kind of love that keeps you alive through lightening sand and medieval torture. Power, revenge, and self-preservation are all motivators in the story, but action for love's sake leave Buttercup and Westley clean and secure in the happy fatalism Goldman created."
"While Buttercup is classically (comically) helpless in the Fire Swamp, she takes quite a beating from life and manages the 'not with a thousand swords' monologue to Humperdinck. She's faithful and strong."
"I started at Woodford Theatre and have since worked with Actors Guild, Georgetown Theatre, Balagula Theatre, Studio Players, Off Main Actors Group, as well as Proverb Films Company. I began with acting but gravitated to writing for stage since. I'm also a senior at UK, where I've majored in English. Statistics of Americans my age tell me I don't have to know my next step for another nine years." 
Caitlyn is happy to be working with some familiar faces.  "I worked with Tom Phillips in Fahrenheit 451, Tim Hull and Walter Tunis in Frankenstein, Ross Carter in Madame Buttermilk, and Kathy Jones in a couple of Fantastical Theatrical productions. I can't get enough of these guys and the rest of the cast. Especially the singer/Assistant Brute Caleb Leonard, but he has an unfair advantage," she jokes (Caleb is her husband '-) 
So, why should YOU go see this reading of The Princess Bride at the Kentucky Theatre on February 29?  Leonard answers, "If you can hear Peter Falk's 'Fencing. Fighting. Passion' monologue in your head right now, you should come see this production. Off Main Actors Group has a fresh-still-faithful cast and direction. It's packed with inside jokes. What a way to spend your Leap Evening!"
I asked Caitlyn if she had any secret talents.  "My talents are either public, dull, or both, so I'll give you a secret anti-talent. I can barely swim. The older I get, the more afraid I am of the ocean. Because of the swimming thing, but also the Kraken." 

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