is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Well, that was a hell of a holiday season, wasn't it? Did you get everything you asked Santa to bring you? Did you have a stocking?  Did you have a tree?

niece Susi n me :)

I ask these questions, because every advent, when I hesitate to put the wreath on the door, string up the lights & wrap gifts, I wonder if it is really worth all the fuss?

After all just what is this Christmas, that it insinuates its gaudy self upon us every year -- starting in July, it seems?

Who was this Jesus guy, who did he think he was being born over the Christmas holiday? Did he know about Black Friday? Would it not have been better if he had been born before Thanksgiving?

As you can see, I'm full of unruly questions today. Of

Of course, I know Jesus came to teach me how to forgive, how to love, how to walk in the light. I know all this, but still, there is cause for my confusion. In the past week, my sister Karen suffered a mini or pin stroke, and is in an undisclosed Lexington hospital. I say undisclosed because I am not privy to any information regarding her condition. It is sad that my nieces have decided to take this burden upon themselves, and will not share any of their care and comfort with Karen sisters, neither me nor Kelli. We have both offered to help...but no response  :(

It hurts, but I have learned to accept that even when you allow someone back into your life, someone who has hurt you, that does not guarantee that they will not hurt you again. We must forgive, but God does nit want us to stay in abusive relationships.

Case in point: I recently allowed an old friend back into my life, knowing she is a lousy drunk and prone to violence.

Last Saturday, she unexpectedly began to hit me with a hairbrush until I wrestled her off me, landed on my elbow and nearly broke my arm. THIS is why I've kept her at arm's length for decades...oy. [Note to self: stay away from drunks!]

One minute I was combing Peri's cat, the next minute she was hitting me.  Sheesh! Don't ever make the error of thinking that approaching somone with the same love, care and understanding as you have for the last 40 years will prevent them from showing their ass. It will happen. It is how you react to them being an ass that marks you as a good or bad person.

Finally, I will say something about sisters. No matter what happens, I love my sisters. My sisters are precious and dear to me. Karen taught me how to harmonize. She taught me how to spell, read and pray. Those are gifts nobody can take away.  My gratitude never dies.

Pray for peace!

Pray for peacs

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