is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Turn On Cawood!

Remember when Cawood Ledford was the radio announcer for UK sports?  He died more than ten years ago, but I still want to hear his voice. 

I still think if the Cats are not doing so well, I can simply turn on the radio, and Cawood's calming voice will coax the team into making its free throws and avoid fouling.  I thought I was the only one, foolish me.  I've discovered that this a common thread that further binds the Big Blue Nation (#BBN) together.  My sister used to have an array of sox, UK memorabilia and a pork chop bone (!) she displayed on top of the television to bring home the victories.

The ladies in my senior living complex all shout "miss it!" whenever the opposing team shoots a free throw...they yell it at the TV, knowing it's not going to be heard.  If someone moves around during the game, the community room goes wild with objections if the Cats are ahead, and, do not even THINK of moving around if they're in a tight battle. Your Fritos will be taken away, and you shall have no more of the crowd's community pizza.  
A little Easter humor '=)

My friend Daniel (remember him?) asked me to watch the game with him this past Saturday afternoon.  I'd forgotten about the 'last' game we 'watched' together.  He is too nervous and cannot stand to watch OR listen to the game if the score gets tied up. If UK isn't ahead by 15, he has to turn it all off and go shopping somewhere. He claims that if he listens or watches, they may lose. (Coz, that's worked all season, hasn't it?)  God love his heart, I had to ask him to take me home after we shopped at Sqecial Media and got a $1 ice cream cone at MacDonalds near the UK campus.  lol

The Cats are undefeated at 36-0.  They are going to the Sweet Sixteen and play West Virginia tomorrow night.  I am NOT going to 'watch' the game with Daniel. I am going to the CCA Community Room early in the game, sneak in a bladder of wine and some cheese to get me through.  I know many other of the #BBN will be doing the same or similar thing.

I just hope my sis still has that pork chop bone...

Go Cats!
Love and peace and mint juleps,
I want this on MY sidewalk ... except I'd draw longer arms on Willie lol.

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