is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, March 16, 2015

On A Winning Streak

I know you've heard it a million times, but you really have to let 'bad' things go in order to let the 'good' stuff into your life.

I finally gave up on all the men in my life, except Tom Bragg, who is the only friend who showed up for me on my 60th birthday.  Tom turned 50 this past weekend; I was invited AT THE LAST MINUTE to a party a longtime mutual friend was throwing for him, but I wisely decided to stay home -- ran his framed Pug with Water Lilies over & dropped it off -- after all, an invitation two hours before the shindig kinda sucks, now, doesn't it? 

So back to that whole idea about giving up the bad and keeping only the good.  My sisters have turned their backs on me, so I am feng shui-ing them right on down the stream to better pastures. 

(Same goes for my 'good friends' who left me out of the birthday party plans.)  

at least Daniel plays with snakes and not my heart :(
My sisters for some reason think it is ridiculous for me to love my nephew, who through no fault of his own, was lost from us for 18 years.  They for some reason think it is foolish for me to cling to the love of a child whose family -- MY family -- more or less abandoned him for most of his life.  They would rather concentrate on trying to 'reform' my brother Addison, who suffers from PTSD among other ailments, has undergone chemotherapy, is struggling physically and emotionally and cannot possibly suddenly become what they want him to become.  They've kicked Addison out on the street, he is now homeless.

Expectations lambchops.  Expectations can cause all sorts of problems.  

I did not expect it, but I had some pleasant surprises last week: a job offer from a fine law firm, a bonus from a friend, an unexpected "thank you" from someone near and dear, and having jam sessions with my brother who is a veteran, now another homeless veteran.  I try to feed him and care for him as much as I can, but it is not easy.  We are all getting older and are less and less resourceful every day.  

Another great event this past weekend (apart from the CATS WINNING THE SEC TOURNAMENT AND GOING UNDEFEATED!) was seeing The Great Gatsby at the Opera House with Erin, a sweet gal at my current job who is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known.  Feng shui, indeed.

It is time to move ahead, for all of us. If my sisters are going to continue their bullying, well, I am not going to be a part of it.  I resign.  I am no longer sister to anyone who excludes someone else in the family, whether they're too fat, too thin, too mean, too kind, or too kin to someone we don't like -- too bad!  Family is family, whether you like em or not.

So I'm proceeding with my law firm 'career,' and meanwhile, I am not answering any texts having to do with 'wanna hang' or other such silly offerings.

thanks for reading all that.
love and peace,

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