is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm Still Free

Yep.  The Democrats took a tumble in the mid-term elections.  It doesn't make me happy, but it also doesn't upset me all that much.  After all, it is a part of life, this whole "losing" thing.  We have to accept when it happens, much as it does suck that Mitch McConnell will be the new majority leader in the Senate and has voted 17 times against raising the minimum wage.

However, I do have faith in America. I had faith in George W. Bush when he was President.  Despite him sending our youth into to a war that served no purpose, I still believed that if America elected him, that by golly, he was the POTUS and I had to respect that. 

No, my Conservative friends do not hide their hatred of President Obama, but I cannot be like them, I cannot turn my heart into stone and bitterness.  That's not Kimmy.  It just isn't. 

These past few months have been terribly exhausting for me. I have worked in several jobs where my basic rights were totally ignored. I have been ostracized by my older siste by embracing a child who had been kept from us for most of his life, due to no fault of his or mine. 

In the past month, I have lost 16 pounds, literally due to blood, sweat and tears...and poverty.  I have been to a dentist who hates Obamacare and would not give me any novacaine, but drilled on an old wisdom tooth until I swear he hit Jed Clampett's oil.

So you see, lambsies, the election results are nothing more than a chigger bite under my otherwise shingles-ravaged skin.  I can take it.  There are much, much worse things than being on the unpopular side of the election results.  

Now, go out and have yourself some Happy Holidays. 

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